Collect ALL the Angpao's!!

January 24, 2012

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Xin Nian Kuai Le, Da Jia!

As you guys know, I have chinese heritage therefore I cannot miss the most important day for Chinese people [in my opinion], which is Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year, Lunar New Year, is the day where all the chinese visit the elders and relatives, to celebrate New Year together. If you’re interested in learning more about Lunar New Year and Chinese culture, there are Chinese history classes available at
On the night before, usually all the family members gather to eat dinner together and have a good talk. I usually spent it with my father's family side, as in Chinese culture, women have to follow their husband's family after the marriage. So Yeah..

I had to be there at 4 so I just put super minimal make up, not even without lashes =_= but still managed to try wave hair as Sochii told me how to do that the night before. Kinda failed though, I still need more to learn! Mostly Chinese would go for cutting their hair but I don't want to, so I just dye my black roots instead. I want to grow it as long as my butt 8D :heart:

Anyway I intended to wear shorts but I accidentally fell down when I went out for Karaoke with my friends and it's still not recovered yet. Then 2 days after, I stupidly got my right thumb stuck between door and it's bleeding wtf. Then the day after, my left thumb got cut by razor and bleeding as well #pokerface

Bad things to start a new year ~

And this is my post using my Iphone! 8D All the photos are taken by my Iphone coz I get really tired bringing my big DSLR everywhere, everyone says I look so strong holding it with one hand, but I feel like training my muscles in a bad way urghh


I wore leopard top + jeans that I purchased on my latest haul. Sorry no outfit photos as I always forget to ><;

So I arrived there at 4.30 p.m but I did nothing after prayed for my grandpa's and greatgreatgrandparents and such :| Then me and my brother just waited outside the house because it's so hot inside because of all the pray stuffs wtf. And this time, my dog had accident!!! T___T

My father's family owns like GAZILLIONS dogs of pomeranians, therefore I also own one. But all the dogs there love my dogs because he's so pretty so whenever he comes, he is always being targeted as rape victim #pokerface

Of course my dog denied la! He's a man! So this time my dog fought with one of them and he ended up injured his ear! He's bleeding so hard until I almost cried!! The floors are full of his blood and I insisted so hard to bring him to doctor ASAP! But my aunties said it's not that bad, and gave my mom betadine instead. Me and my father tried to press the spot to stop the blood. After like 10 minutes + put betadine, it's stopped. I thought it injured the inside but luckily it's on the outside only.

My dog is so strong, he neither cries nor bark when he gets injured T_____T I dont want to bring him to there anymore! T____T

Now he's better T____T


It's super boring so I just sat outside the house, the dinner starts at 8.30 p.m wtf. Sochii said I looked like hipster. During the mean time, I called my friends to talk :\ You can see how bored I was! Hahaha

I ate a lot of porks until I thought I could vomit all of them. Unfortunately no picture of it. My father's family consists of about 30-40 people so not everyone can sit on the table, so I just grabbed some and sat silently on the sofa's corner #foreveralone


Today is the day and I am supposed to go at 9 a.m but I woke up late! 8 A.M!!! I almost screamed because I took the longest time to prepare! My dad can just get ready within 5 minutes but hair styling took so long! So I just did simple loose waves like yesterday, and did my make up on car >___O; Luckily that today I woke up with double eyelids [it changes constantly] so it's easier to put make up on

So I greeted all the elders, and the main point for all the youngsters who haven't got married yet, is the angpao - or hongpao - or red pocket. It's the tradition where all the people who have married give a red pocket to those who haven't as a good luck charm. Inside there's money, and the amount depends. Probably as I grow older, I don't really look forward for it. But since I need some extra cash, it's not bad. So Collect ALL the Angpao's! *insert meme here*


I sent this photo to a friend and he said that I looked so happy haha

Not that happy, but because I need this for Japan trip to meet him and other friends of mine! XDD Though the amount s not that much #okay

I visit a lot of houses of my family's and relatives until I feel I cannot walk anymore. It's so hot and my make up melts at noon T__T I don't want to live in Indonesia anymore, why the weather's so bad T____T if Indonesia had snow, I'd love it so f*ckin much! :heart: hahaha.. no la kidding. I still love tempe and Indomie

But afterall, thought it's tiring or troublesome, this is still a part of my culture which I should be proud of. So I will show off all the angpaos to make you jealous of me


U MAD BRO? #trollface

Hahahahaha...  KIDDING LA! I'm so tired now and everyone seems too ! Sorry if I can't reply your messages one by one if you sent it it me. It's really a tiring day. I ate a lot, I gain a lot. But all the foods are delicious and whenever I visit someone's house I end up eating their food shamelessly LOLOL

Just wish that I would not get fat this year

Happy ChineseNew Year! :) *hugs*

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  1. LOL !! :inlove:

    Wahh dapat banyak nee~ Berarti jadi nih nonton konser di jkrt tuh ??
    Hehheehe~~~ :evilgrin:

  2. Happy Chinese New Year! Glad that you got lots of angpaos ((:

    Dreamy Princess

  3. Give me some angpau la xD since u got so much~

  4. uwoo.. give me some..
    lol.. happy Chinese new year~

  5. more angpows .. more dresses n makeup...
    u seems so frustrated when u sit @ the road side..
    Cheer up ... it is CNY .. later the God of Fortune also run away...
    LOL.... ;-)

  6. happy chinese new year to you too!!! :D
    Hope this year would bring prosperity to you! :)

  7. hahaha, amin amin, smoga konsernya jadi :D

  8. will give you the angpao's, but not what inside LOL

  9. ahahahaha! correct!
    I should be more happy about this!
    Will do! LOL

    No no, the angpaos are for my japan trip XDDD

  10. xie xie a! gong xi fa cai to you too!

  11. happy chinese new year to you too!
    *gives you the empty angpao* LOLOLOL jk

  12. Gong Xi Fat Chai!
    Wow a lot of angapo ~~

  13. Gong Xi Fa Cai too!
    I don't think it's that many though hahahaha

  14. Happy Chinese New Year :-D
    waa asiik yaa dpt byk angpau

  15. minta angpao dong mi, kan dirimu sudah merit aahhahaha
    happy chinese new year to you too :heart:

  16. Happy Chinese New Year! Yes, angbao is the only thing I'm looking forward to on CNY. Hahaha. I love your blonde hair by the way ;)

  17. Happy Chinese new year to you too! :heart:
    lol everyone always look for it on this day haha
    thank you sweetheart =D

  18. Happy chinese new year! :D you look so pretty <3 I love your blonde hair :p

  19. Happy chinese new year, Ivy!
    Thank you for the compliment! I love my blonde hair too hahaha

  20. Happy Chinese New Year Stella! :D whoaa you got so much angpao.. xD

  21. hahaha but the inside is not that much la XDDD