L'Arc~en~Ciel World Tour Concert in Indonesia

May 06, 2012

Blogging this from my Iphone because most of the pictures are there since the promotor said that cameras are not allowed on the concert. So may as well blog completely using my phone haha. And because I am in a good mood about this event, I edit a few photos using a lot of stamps haha

The day before the concert I still had meeting and stuffs to do. Super exhausted, I wonder when was the last time I could really do nothing and just watch tv or read books all day. So I used Talika Eye Therapy Patch to help minimize my eyebag

I hardly could sleep, because my bad habit is to always wake up in the morning if I have something important on that day. I woke up at 5 and couldn't sleep though I forced it, so I ended up cooking rice and remembering the songs lyrics instead, while browsing around internet to kill time. I also drank coffee to make sure that I didn't get sleepy before the concert started -_-

At 11a.m I went to Sari's place to get my make up done, as you guys can read HERE

The make up was done in 1 hour, and I quickly ran to the venue because my friend Ai, was telling me to come early as VIP Seats got numbered. So I ran with my heels, almost fell down because of rocks as well, and screamed to get taxi as fast as I could. I usually go for Express Taxi as it's cheaper, coz I am poor -_- but if I waited I would be late so just got Blue Bird. Then I also told him to go with tol also to save time, don't care about the money la as long as I can get early number

Arrived there I met Lippay, who accompanied me to exchange the ticket and got my VIP Number. I also got VIP Package that concludes merchandises special for us. But I had to throw away the box because it's too big, and shove the merchandises inside my bag there. Then I also met Hacchan, Yabie, Kana, Dea, and the others. They were my friends ever since I was 12-13 years old, we became close because we loved Japanese, and yes we knew each other through internet lol

Then I also met Ai but had no time to take pic together, she came from surabaya specially just to watch L'Arc! But she went to Plasa Senayan with her friends while waiting for the gate opened, and I chose to wait on the venue. I got VIP no 154! Not bad!

Then I also met Mbak Daisy there who would be watching it together with me as well! She's a blogger for livingdaisy :D

Picture with Anggy, my beloved friend

In fact, she and some friends of mine had watched L'Arc in Bangkok because they didnt expect L'Arc would come to Indo haha

I didnt take many photos with the others because I was afraid the battery would be not enough :( Gotta save the power so can take picture of the concert right? lol

My VIP Ticket and VIP Card! The Card is one of the merchandise :D

What I wore at that day! Just some ordinary gold bling-bling loose top, with short denim, and wedges with quite high heels ( ;_; )

I wanted to go with black outfit but I was sure it would be so hot and I had to wait about 7 hours before the concert started, so I chose to avoid black

The crazy amount of people who were waiting for the gate to be opened

I couldn't reach Gate 1 T___T So hot, can melt and die there. I was also separated with Dea, she was nowhere. I was with Anggy and other others instead, we moved inch by inch to move closer to the gate wtf

Heard there was also a robbery there -_-; shameful act by a fan of L'Arc!

After got into Gate 1, we were supposed to have some foods first before Gate 2, but then this was the problem happened. Many people have queued already and the fans who came late, were mad because they didn't know about the numbers thingy so they kinda forced to get it invalid, that's what I heard. So after calling Dea, Dea said she managed to come to the frontest row so I just came to her directly without eating and waiting there while her and other fans who got VIP numbers talked to the staffs about it

The angry one are fans who didn't get the numbers, so it's become really complicated, i didn't understand because it's my first time watching concert and I just followed Dea la. So I waited there instead with her and the others. She told me that in Bangkok and other countries, the valid one was the number thingy. So she insisted and I dunno la, I dont understand. But, Turned out that I got the front row instead because of her wtf lol

Though I think, if the number had been invalid, I shouldn't have ran to the venue, and tried my best to do there as soon as possible. There were some who have waited since 9 a.m too, so I think it's really fair to be numbered. Besides, it would be more neat

I just wish the company would think about it better, as foreign concerts could do well, why not in Indo?

But I was so exhausted so I even sat on the floor, my heels were about 12 cm and I hurt my ankle T_T so hot and hungry, but if I went eating, I wouldn't be able to get to the front seat. I was separated with Dea and the others though when we entered the concert venue, I dont even know why. But I got the first row, the frontest one, on the center, near HYDE! *__*

When I saw them, I quickly waved to give sign where I was. I told Dea to come to my place instead but she showed sign that she wanted to be on Tetsu's side. So I just watched with Mbak Dessy, who was behind me! 8D I also had bought Glow Stick for this concert!

The concert started at 8p.m, it's almost delayed because it was about to rain, but fortunately it's not! Then they began the concert by showing us a video first!

which ended up with the video HYDE opened his eyes, and then the members started playing Ibara no Namida :heart:

then they moved to Chase, Good Luck My Way, Honey, and the others! All the audience sang fluently with them while jumping and waving their own sticks! I was still in awe because I couldn't believe they were here for real!! I saw Tetsu and HYDE walked in front of me just less than 2 meters, and there was nothing between us, only blank space T_____T

I screamed their own name a lot to show my hysteria, and sang till I couldn't hear my voice anymore. It's so crowded, and the audience was crazy for them, so was I :heart:

The lighting was superb, and the graphic was awesome. They played so nicely and enthusiastically, making all the fans more excited than ever! Best of all is of course, they didn't do lip sync, that's the real concert lol

I could even listen to the real tetsu's bass and HYDE's voice because they're so close to me!!

HYDE was very energetic at that day, he kept moving from one section of the stage to another, to greet and please his fans. Meanwhile, Ken moved forward to fill the center stage to show off his guitar skill which made us go crazy!

One of the most memorable moment must be HYDE's cries when he was singing Forbidden Lover. I didn't notice at first but someone said "Look at the big screen!" that showed HYDE's face zoom out. And he was crying for a while, while keeps singing. His voice didn't change at all and still perfect

People said that he was really touched by Indonesian fans so he showed us his tears which he never did on other countries in this tour

His tears was beautiful . . .

Then after played some ballad songs, they moved to more energetic songs that made people jumping again!

there were some MC done by HYDE, Ken, and Tetsu as well. They were speaking in Bahasa and it was so funny and lighten up our mood

I couldn't record it but I think it's going around youtube, but here's basically some funny things they mentioned on the concert

Red font is in Indonesia, orange one is the translation in english.




1. "Kalian senang ketemu aku? Aku? *nunjuk diri sendiri* Aku juga~~"

"Are you happy to meet me? Me? *points out himself* Me too~~"


2. "Terima kasih! *blows a kiss* Kamu senang? kamu senang? Aku jugaa~ Kami datang ke Indonesia lagi"

"Thank you! *blows a kiss* Are you happy? Are you HAPPY?? Me too~ We will be coming to Indonesia again!"


And he also spoke a lot of Terima kasih and CMON JAKARTA at that day! T_T

Tetsu :

1. " Suaranya maryaa~~" <-- maksudnya mana lol

"Where's the voice???"


2. "Apakah kamu mau pisang gua~? Atau jilat lolipop gua?"

"Do you want my banana? Or lick my lollipop ?"

LOL So pervert Tetsu!!!


3. "Masih mau diteruskan? Masih mau ditururuskan? Masih mau dirururujasjkdhakjsd?" <-- kepeleset lidah lol

"Do you still want more? "


4. "Gue SUJU dari Korea"

"I am Super Junior from Korea"

I was like WTF LOL people were BOO-ing him and said NO NO NOOOOOO LOL; OMG Hillarious

It's because Super Junior held concert a few days before them, and I knew that there was some article that mentioned L'Arc~en~Ciel was boyband from KOREA =___= so I guess tetsu made the joke about that



Ken :

He did speak with slang language that made everyone went LOL

1. "Gua kemarin lusa, foto di kota tua loh. Foto-fotonya keren banget!"

"2 days ago, I took picture on Kota Tua and it turned out to be super cool!"


2. "Jakarta tuh panas gila yah! Makanya gua kemarin berenang, pengennya sih sama cewek-cewek bikini. Emang nasib, adanya cuman gua sama temen gua. Hari ini ada yang pake bikini gak?"

"Jakarta is very hot. That's why I saw yesterday. Although I want to be accompanied by girls with bikini, sadly it's only me and my friend. Is there anyone wearing bikini today??"


3. "Gua kemarin makan nasi goreng, mi goreng, sama sate. Nasi gorengnya GOKIL!"

"Yesterday I ate fried rice, fried noodle, and satay. The fried rice was crazy!"


4. "Gua kemarin beliin Haido oleh-oleh di Pasaraya. Ada wayang, gamelan, ganjelan pintu, dll. By the way busway, si Haido pasti sekarang gak ngerti gua ngomong apa"

"Yesterday I bought merchandise for HYDE at Pasaraya. There are wayang, gamelan, door stopper, and so on. By the way busway [Indo's pun], right now HYDE must have no idea what I am talking about"


and after this there was cute act scene of HYDE trying to play all those stuffs, but he had no idea how to play it. When he was trying to play the flute, he couldn't get the tune right so he tossed away that stuff!!! LOL he was major cute!!! :heart:


5. "Abis ini gua bakalan suruh si Haido mainin tuh suling dan gamelan"

"After this I would be asking HYDE to play that flute and gamelan"


Also best word from Ken at that day, he was trying to say that Indonesia was "really cool" in Bahasa, and he's using the word "MANTAP" [read : man-tap]. But he found difficulty so he just said the MAN repeatedly, and the audience helped him finishing the word by screaming "TAP" !

So I think he got the wrong idea afterwards because he kept screaming "MAN!!!" and people would go "TAP!!"

Shouted back and forth lol

But then he would go crazy by "MAN MAN MAN MAN" and all of us went "TAP TAP TAP TAP!" and so on!!! LOL New word Ken, nice job <3 LOL

They rocked that night by playing their HITS singles that even a newbie Cielers know, Such as Seventh Heaven, Stay Away, Ready Steady Go, etc.

Then there was a break after that, which was supposed to be 15-20 minutes

But then the rain poured down, though it's light. Then the audience started singing Anata repeatedly. 5 minutes after HYDE came back to the stage, I heard it's because he didn't want to let the fans got rained down alone, so he sang ANATA whole heartedly. And when he stopped singing ANATA, the rain stopped as well and fans became so emotional afterwards and some cried T_____T

and I was so happy because they played my favorite song! The 4th Avenue Cafe! I've already requested that song when the team mailed me what songs I would like to listen on the concert, but the hope was almost vanished because i saw the song list and there was no 4th Avenue Cafe ;_;

BUT THEY PLAYED IT!!!! OMG!! :heart:

Then they finished the song with LINK and Niji. When it's about to end, there were feathers everywhere flying to make the stage more beautiful and I felt like I was in heaven T__T :heart:

It's so beautiful and amazing!

Oh and the most important one!!!! I told you all already that I was separated with my friends right, and people around me at that time weren't loud like me, some even didn't jump and sang thorough the songs lol They were really, calm, I was the excited one

So when HYDE was about to leave the stage, he waved to people who called him. He waved to the back, to the left, to the right. And I was desperate because I thought he wouldn't notice me so I screamed with all my might


And he was startled, I could see it, and he looked at me directly while waving, but his wave was different. When he waved to the others, he waved like Miss Universe. But towards me he waved like "hai hai, I heard you so calm down" LOLOL

OMG I feel so bad and embarrassed lol;

ah whatever laaaa... at least I got his personal wave #confidence LOL




I reached home around 12 a.m and just noticed how bad my injury was. But first of course must saw exactly what the merchandise was for VIP Class. I was quite disappointed because it's just a syal with cheap materials, and it's made in Indonesia though the design was from L'Arc. It's not like I am not proud of Indonesian made, but they sold merchandises on the concert and all are made in Japan, with ridiculous price. It seems that the promotor in Indo wanted to reduce the cost as much as possible

But still okay than not getting anything :x

And here's how my knee looked like 8D; Even if I tried to move it, it was so painful until couldn't walk properly. I wonder how come I just noticed the pain after I got home. After all I jumped for hours on the concert and felt nothing! The power of L'Arc~en~Ciel I guess haha

I also got some fingers bleed and hurt wtf. Already bandaged them though

As for other bodies, there were no visible injuries, but the day after I couldn't walk , and moved my body felt so painful T_T

It's a happiness pain T___T #lebay

Also if I touched my arms, or thighs, or back, it was super painful! Dea complained that she got bruises to me but after she saw my condition she was surprised and even said "kok lo lebih bonyok dari gua yah" LOL I dont know. I guess I was just too excited, and I got the frontest row where I had to face with the real steel fence . And people pushed me to the front while I was jumping. I dont know, not even care haha

It's perfectly fine now though, there are still some scars and bruises but not hurt anymore if I touch it :D

Left to Right : Nenek, Me, Anggy, Hacchan, Dea - after concert

Though I was exhausted and had pain all over my body, I still considered it as one of the best day in my life. It's a 10 years hope, and finally it could come true. I still remembered the day when I listened to their song on my TV while I was watching Rurouni Kenshin on SCTV lol I felt that their song was different than the others so I began searching it through my cousins and the others. Became fully addicted after I could play internet on my own while I was 11-12 years old lol

Sadly couldn't take photos with all my friends who came at that time too. I had a lot of group friends there but we were separated, told them I felt sorry, but they were okay because we knew that the point of that day was to see L'Arc haha

3 groups were in VIP, 2 groups were in Premium, and 1 group was in Regular. I only could meet with the VIP's though I miss the others T__T

In the end, it was a blast and I regretted nothing! Hunger, Pain, Sweat, Money, all are paid with those 2 hours with L'Arc. After this I had to work hard again to save money that are used to pay my L'Arc's ticket LOL



Anyway, here's the song list what they played at that night

1. Ibara no namida

2. Chase

3. Good Luck My Way

4. Honey

5. Drink It Down

6. Revelation

7. Hitomi no juunin

8. XXX (English version)

9. Fate

10. Forbidden Lover

11. My Heart Draws A Dream

12. Seventh Heaven

13. Driver’s High

14. Stay Away 1

5. Ready Steady Go

16. Anata

17. The Fourth Avenue Cafe

18. Link

19. Niji



I wished they would come to Indonesia again :) After all they have promised to us in the concert *demanding* LOL after this GACKT and Ayumi Hamasaki have to come to throw a concert in here!! Then I can die in peace XDDD

some pictures are taken by my phone, while some are from my friends :D dont steal! lol

I hope some would enjoy reading this fanatic fans post, if not, well at least I enjoy writing it XD

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  1. lol... why tetsu become soooo pervert, can not say that's cute or bad... bad boy :kissing:

    concertnya keren parah! l'arc nya gokil!!
    NYESEEEEEEL kemaren ga ikutan nonton :cry:

    ya ampun stella, sampe lebam-lebab gitu. get well soon ya :rotfl:

  2. emang keren ya konser nya. gw juga ud nge-fans sama mereka dari 13 tahun yang lalu. Tapi lagu yang pertama bikin gw naksir sama mereka itu yang judul nya Pieces. Abis itu gw tanya temen gw yang demen lagu jepang & dia racunin gw dengan lagu laruku yang lain nya >.<

    moga2 taun depan mereka datang lagi :)

  3. tel uda liat list2 di DVD live twenity nya larek belom?

  4. tetsu has always been pervert LOL but it's the good point nee, so it wont be boring ROFL
    haha hayo nyesel kannnn... next time smoga klo larc dateng bisa ikutan ntn juga yaaa :D

    konsernya itu keren banget T_____T aku terhipnotis huhu
    iya ampe bonyok wkwkwk, udah mendingan sii tinggal bekasnya aja XD

  5. udah liatttttt D:
    kirain itu kompliasi konser 20th anniv world tour? ternyata malah potongan2 klip????? :(

  6. ah a lot of people love pieces :D lagu pertama larc yang aku dengerin itu 4th avenue cafe, jadinya itu memorable buatku :) but most of their songs are great!!! sayang pieces gak dimainin
    hahaha ayo sini aku juga siap meracunimu XD
    iya smoga datang secepetnya :D

  7. @asta : itu kan DVD kumpulan tour selama 20 tahun ini, bukan DVD yang world tour ini kok, kayaknya kalo DVD yang world tour ini baru bakalan ada akhir taun ini deh..:)

  8. did i tell u, u look even better with your new hair color :):) . pretty lady.

    Aww, enjoyed too much at the concert? nice writeup here :)

  9. Not yet! ahahahaha! Thank you loh isaac for the compliment, you're always so sweet
    yeap enjoyed it to the max! T_T i wish they would come again

  10. oh gitu yah? thank you for the info yaaa

  11. gosh!!! i can't believe I missed this entry!! and did they really talk in indonesian??? seems like very fun and interesting!! arggg knew it, I should have come... *superregret*

  12. How come you miss it hah! *slaps you* XDDDDD

    Hahahaha They promised they would come again, hopefully they keep the promise XP
    It's really fun! Go ask everyone who came and I bet nobody's upset! It's a really really great concert!

  13. *gotslapped* *holdingmycheekwithtearyeyes* arghgh dunno, my connection sucks these days.. i bet it is! but, honestly, must watching a concert be very complicated like that? like tickets got numbered and such. how very unprofessional of them not informing the customer. I mean, we pay like 2 mios for the ticket right??
    btw LOVE the suju joke! can't stand those boys. they only dance half-heartedly and still dared to lip-sync!

  14. *gotslapped* *holdingmycheekwithtearyeyes* arghgh dunno, my connection sucks these days.. i bet it is! but, honestly, must watching a concert be very complicated like that? like tickets got numbered and such. how very unprofessional of them not informing the customer. I mean, we pay like 2 mios for the ticket right??
    btw LOVE the suju joke! can't stand those boys. they only dance halfheartedly and still dared to lip-sync!

  15. wtf why you cry *kicks* D8

    hahaha probably it's because of the rain? jakarta had rains a lot these days, how about your place?

    idk la, i never watched any before, so I just follow my friends. They took care everything for me and I just stood still behind them wtf lol
    Hahaha I dont hate them, I used to like them years ago before they're popular like now, but I have to say although they're probably one of the most well known boybands in the world, they can't beat L'Arc~en~Ciel as L'Arc is a legend!

  16. stella! i saw you!!! but i didn't have any confidence to ask you to take a picture with me... :shame: you bump into my friends while we're busy taking picture's in front of the gate. :-D i smiled and you asked us where is the ticket's stand... so happy to meet you in person. Kamu cantik banget!!! hehehe...

    i was in Premium anyway... and from what i've heard from my friends the merchandise was not really good either. My friend had a huge crush in the Yellow towel with capuchon but decided not to buy because it is waaaay tooo expensive... :-P

    And I tottaly agree with you... the concert was AH-MAH-ZING... :inlove:

  17. OMG!!! DID I APOLOGIZE PROPERLY TO YOU ALL???! IM SORRY I BUMPED YOUR FRIENDS!!!! I was really in rush and afraid couldnt get the number for vip! T__T
    Why you have no confidence you think I am an celeb or what! Hahahaha! Next time dont be shy!! Would love to take pic with you la!

    dafuq! I ain't pretty ahahaha! people say I look different in real life too, how come so many can notice me, I PS myself a lot on pics wtf lol
    But thanks!!

    Ah yes, the merchandise was so-so, but since it's free it's ok la.. I dont buy any merchandises there, it's too expensive, im not rich T_T my friends bought a lot though ahahaha

  18. eh buset, ken indonya bawel banget yak hwhwhw XD I reaaaaaallllyy enjoy cielers tweets and blog entry for that day, you guys have the best of bestest moment in life ever! <3

  19. iya si om girang ahahah <3
    YEAH I WISH I COULD REWIND IT AGAIN! I still cant get enough of it T__T

  20. yup... some of my friends still talk about the concert till now... :-P they still writing "mengenang H+... konser laruku..." we all feel like "ababil" because of the concert. :rotfl:

    btw mw lil sister loves make up too. just like you... while i am always too lazy to wear any make up coz i spent to much time choosing outfit + jilbab + masang contactlens... haha... :laugh: *masih amatir soalnya* so my most important make up tool is eyeliner + compact powder + lip gloss only...

    OMG they are so awesome to the max, best band ever T___T <3
    Oh really?? I dont really put attention on my outfit because most of it are in monochrome hahaha
    Dont worry la if you're still a beginner, everyone always has their own first time. sooner or later will become better!

  22. jaman SMP dulu aq suka banget ma laruku paling suka ma lagunya yang READY STEADY GO, itu lagu sampe sekarang aq masih sukaa...suka ma Hyde juga (><)

  23. ah ready steady goooo~~ "are you f*ckin readyyyy~~" jengjengjengjeng XDDD
    emang tuh lagu fenomenal, kalo dengerin itu rasanya bersemangat banget! salah satu lagu favoritku 8D

  24. doing some blogrunning and accidentally saw your post here hahaha, jadi yang waktu itu dikenalin sama dea di depan gate terakhir itu elo tooh, pas lo dateng kedepan gara2 dipanggil sama dea, terus kenalan sama gue dan dea bilang ke lo "ga sekalian promosi blog?" lolll nice to see you anyway :D

  25. lol hello.. iya si dea lebay ah, blog gua biasa aja ngapain dipromosiin ahahaha
    nice to see you too!!! ^^