Geo Xtra Amor Ribbon Circle Lens Review in Blue

May 14, 2012

Back with another circle lenses review! And this time with another series from Geo! Wtf I have like dozens of circle lenses and I rarely use it on daily basis, feel such a waste :x I will try to wear my collections more often from now on T_T I got this from Tomato Online Shop and if you want to buy from them, just mention "Stella Lee" and you'll receive 10% discount + free lens case

I told them whatever is fine, but I wanna have blue lenses again, I'm in love again with blue ;D

So they sent me a pair of Geo Xtra Amor Ribbon in Blue!

Diameter 15.0 mm

Water content 38-42%

Base curve 8.70

The pattern is really gorgeous, cute and unique, but not too scary-looking! You can see that there are some ribbons on the lenses! Hardly noticeable though after you put it on your eyes

If you are looking for blue contact lenses that are not just blue lenses but also wonderful beauty accessories then these GEO AMOR RIBBON WT-B92 BLUE are exactly what you need and they can be yours now, so enjoy this new product as soon as you can.

This is how it looks like on my eyes! The blue color does show up, creates an illusion of dolly-eye effect. The enlarging effect is quite awesome although its diameter is only 15mm! :-o

As for the comfort, I think it's really ok, I wore it for 6 hours and my eyes were still ok, but still, I always dont recommend you all to wear it over 8 hours! But minus point is it's not really watery, so I had a difficult time to pinch it out from my eyes -___-)\

I love how it gives a dolly blue eyes finish, but still looking decent for everyday use! Compared to the latest EOS I have tried, this one is more wearable for everyday us because the color is more into dark blue, but people can clearly see the color and the pattern without you end  up looking scary :D

This is how it looks like on me!

Do you guys love it or not? :D

Not force you, but if you plan to buy circle lens, give Tomato Online Shop  a try. Now they have buy 1 get 1 free promo! Also the price is really affordable even for poor students like me! Just mention "Stella Lee" and you'll receive 10% discount + free lens case also!

I'll talk to you guys on my next post! Have a great day!

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  1. Bagus warnanya, Stel~ Really suits your as blonde hair. ^____^ Matamu buesaaar~ ._O

  2. Warnanya biruny lucu tel! Jadi pengen cobain :D

  3. hahaha ayo gih sana coba, lo kan softlens junkie XDDD

  4. kenapa ce iri yah iri yaaaa *beloin mata di depan cece* fufufufufu 8D
    asli loh kelopak matanya fufufuffu 8D *ditabok*

  5. keren bgt soplennya...:D
    eh, klo soplen abu2 yg lumayan nampak tanpa look scary (msh natural) kira2 apa ya..
    any suggest?
    ur lips so neon..<3

  6. very pretty stell, the ribbon pattern doesn't quite visible when you wear it on your eyes. and very pretty lip color, you are wearing. what is that??

  7. jujurr aku suka bngt ma smua foto cece :D
    keren ny to the max..!!
    apalg yg ni.. cce pke lipgloss pa apa tu? :D
    skali" make up tutorial cee.. :D

  8. Warna bibirnya bagus bgt >.< pakai lipstick apa stel? :3
    Baru tahu jg ada seri geo yg ada ribbonnyaa ♥

  9. stella, km jadi kayak barbie ^^ hehehe kayaknya ada yg model hello kitty juga ya

  10. Grey??? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm........... Why not try vivian lens? they're probably one of the most natural and comfortable i've ever owned! the color shows up quite well too! :D
    Yea Im trying out new lipstick!! 8D

  11. Yep! The ribbon is only visible when you look up closer! 8D So it's like surprise right! Like you tell "hey hey i get ribbon on my eyes" LOL
    it's etude house lip-stalk which I will review soon! 8D

  12. Masa sii ahahaha, aku pengen image cool sexy gitu tapi keknya gak bisa yah 8D; mukanya tidak mendukung haha
    itu cuman pake lipstick 8D

    Bentar lagi ada make up tutorial, ditunggu yaaa :D

  13. I'm trying an inspired barbie make up look 8D Will do a make up tutorial about it soon!! ^___^
    Oiya??? Kayak apa tuh yah XDDD

  14. Pake etude house lip-stalk 8D Review soon!!!! please wait for it ^___^
    Iya aku juga baru tahu haha, lucu banget sih, cuman emang agak susah pas dicopot

  15. Huwaaawww... Warna Lipsticknya bagus!!! Cepet-Cepet di Review doonngg Lipstick Etude-nya :) padahal tadi abis dari Etude House TA tapi nggak liat :-((

  16. yesss!!! the best and sexiest pair i've ever seen you wore.

    love them hun bun

  17. Really? Glad that you think it matches me!!! ^_____^ Thank you so much for the compliment! <3

  18. not sure if it's sold in Indo already coz I got it from Etude House Korea!
    The review will be up this week! I make it as video review ! :D please anticipate!!! <3

  19. jadi penasaran tutorial barbienya :p hampir sama ama yg ribbon cuma diganti jd kepala hello kitty aja ^^. Hore blognya uda beres XD mau hijrah ke blogspot??

  20. tutorial barbienya sudah diupload!! :D
    Nggak jadi pindah hehe soalnya udah beres XDDD
    kalo dipake matanya jadi ada hello kitty gak?

  21. haduh haduh post nya racun banget loh stel, bikin mau beli softlens biru juga huaaa. anyway you look like barbie doll, i envy you!!!! lol

  22. Aahahaha I prefer yang EOS blue sii! go check my old posts :D warna birunya lebih keluar daripada ini!
    Why envy me! you can also look like this la! just put make up! lol

  23. after watching your video, i love ths make up more,, idk but you look fresh in this make up :3
    and those etude house was made me drooling

  24. Hahaha probably because I use the highlighter!!
    You HAVE TO try it by yourself la! I love the nymph aura volumer in 3 the most! :D

  25. lovely!!

    what is your lipstick on that picture?

  26. Hello,

    Do you have any review of shop ?

    As I know that they give free lenses ?

    Thank you.

  27. ayo dicoba juga XD pasti bagus di kamu :heart:

  28. it's etude house dear my blooming lip-stalk in PK 004 :D Reviewed it on my youtube channel!

  29. No I have never tried them, nor I am interested to mail them just for free lenses LOL if they want to send me some, and I am not busy to review, probably will :)

  30. yay! Thank you stella XD
    Great! jadi pada demam GEO Amor Ribbon nya XD

  31. Aduuuh aku liat review ini jadi pengen banget geo ribbon paling ga tahan kalo liat review lens deh, tapi baru beli princess mimi green apple :'(
    Ini harganya brp ce?

  32. Aku lupa harganya say, bisa tanya langsung ke tomato on shopnya ^.^

  33. do they have the lenses in minus? btw love your lips color :D

  34. yes, i got mine with 0.75 and 1.00 prescription ^.^
    thank you, it's etude house dear darling lip stalk :D

  35. great, i'll purchase it then :) :)
    do you have any lipstick that you recommend for nudy lip?
    i got candy doll lip concealer and lip gloss in strawberry milk,but u know that lip gloss doesn't long last :( so i think i should get myself a lipstick :3

  36. if you want it to last long, apply foundation and loose powder before you apply any lip products! ^_^
    hope it helps :)