Too Many Events, Too Many Things To Do

May 22, 2012

To be honest, I have attended so many events until I forget what event I have attended if it's not because of my photos. But another accident occured and my HDD is broken, AGAIN, So I think I lost my data for the past few months, AGAIN... Till this point I dont know whether to cry or laugh anymore. Though i promised to backup my HDD but I didnt *slap myself* that's why I havent blogged properly for a week or so. Sorryyyy T___T

Coz I lost all my photos, I asked my fellow bloggers whether I could grab some photos from them. And they're kind enough to allow me~

So here are some events that I attended *or I remember I attend* for the last month

photos by Silke

I attended Talika Launching Event Party! Talika is a beauty company that sells unique beauty products! Say like their lipocils product which I have tried, sleeping eye mask, bust treatment, hand treatment, and so on. We're allowed to play at their counter, given knowledge about each product, and not forget to go home with goody bag from them to try~



Then I attended SK II first beauty blogger event! They asked me to bring my fellow bloggers so I invited some of them who are free at that time! The schedule is to try their facial at Ritz Carlton Hotel :-o and then they also gave us product knowledge. I must say that their facial is so AWESOME TO THE MAX! and the products are so high quality! I felt my skin was really supple, smooth, and bright after the 45 mins treatment by them! OMG I love SK II and want to try more! :-o

photos by Gabby

I looked so awful at that time, because no make up, and hair was such a mess coz after got treatment. But after that I went to Shinjuku Salon to do my hair and it's awesome after that! :-D Got product to try too from SK II, I almost finished it so I will write a review about it later!



photos by Gabby

We also held the first Indonesian Beauty Blogger Gathering! Located at coffee cabin, it's nice to meet up with new people, and chat with old friends. Though many were not able to come, but it's still a fun one! I hope next gathering could be better! With more bloggers for sure! I hope I could bring this community to a good future LOL ugh, responsibility  . . .

I am happy that it has reached over 350 members already all over Indonesia. I wish it would be better and bigger, so we could compete with other foreign bloggers as well! Thanks for supports from all the staffs who make this happened!



photos by Stephanie

Givenchy also held their first beauty blogger event! I'm glad many companies have noticed us already! :D I knew their most well know product is the mascara, for it's unique wand! Sadly I didn't try it because Endi didn't allow me to as it's unhygienic for him to try the tester without clean it first lol besides, it's dry already ahahaha. Probably later I will have chance

We also got skin consultation and play at their counter, given knowledge about their prodiducts, and they also mentioned about their newly launched product which is vax'in for youth, which is an anti aging product and helps banishes wrinkles. The product that catches my attention the most is their loose powder. Consists of 4 colors at one product,then blended all the colors together to create a really nice finish :-o

Given goody bag of some products of them to try it out at home hahaha



photos by Gabby

Then I also attended L'Oreal event, Dian Sastro, one of my fav actress in Indonesia is going to represent South East Asia in Cannes Film Festival! Unfortunately me and Franky came late because the taxi driver fooled us -_- so when we're there, the event's over already >_____> uughh!!!

And when I really wanted to meet her in person ;__; scumbag taxi driver!!

Still, got goody bag, but I wanna meet Dian la! T__T Support Indonesian Beauty la! Dian is DESERVE to represent Indo because her beauty! Even if I was a guy, I would fall all over heels over her wtf



So yeah, that's a few events that I remembered I had attended, if some are missing I will probably blog about it later lol *bad blogger*

For a few events that I attended for the past few days, I still got the photos privately on my camera, it's safe, so I will make individual post about them. But for these, no help, I'm sorry T____T

Life has been so hectic, in a good and bad way. Outside of beauty events, I also had meetings with a few beauty companies for future projects, also mails about job keep coming to my inbox until I dunno whether I have replied or not, organizing a community isn't as that free as it seems. Too many things to handle, and hosting an event requires a lot of effort. But I am happy if I can do my job as the leader well . .

I'm also glad that I made so many friends through blogging! And I'm happy that my fellow blogger friends can have same chance with me to attend events and get acknowledged by companies as well. It used to be only a few of us, but now some new bloggers are invited to these events, say Endi, Silke, Gabby, Stephanie, Ai Ni, and so on. They're good bloggers but they weren't known by companies before this, through IBB I'm able to ask them to events and let them have some fun as well with us! Wish the family would grow bigger and better

I will try my best too . . .

I notice I neglect my blog because I am too busy organizing this community, I will be doing my best to improve my blog as well! Don't want to lose to them either! :D

Ok going now, I have homeworks to do. I just finished one, but there are others to finish T___T

stayed till dawn to finish it coz this morning have to give it to my friend so he can collect it and give it to the teachers

the theme is "contradiction" or so called "yin-yang"

Basically it's just an innocent looking children, who looks cant even harm an ant, but kills so many people with gun and katana wtf. So a devil within an angel body lol the moral is, " Don't Trust the Mount Kellett Wolf in Sheep's Clothing " In fact wanna draw a rocker with princess costume, so she's gonna play guitar and smoke, while staying at her princess bedroom, but as it's too cliche, I changed it

Ok la i'm going now, i think my friend is gonna come to finish our team project, so I will talk to you guys later! bye!

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  1. thanks to blogging, i experience many things, meeting many kind of people leh (^^)

    be sure to take care of your health stel :)

  2. do it more often la! dont be such a lazy one, ayo ayoooooo *tepok2 pantat vheii** ahahaha
    yea i will. i passed out on my bed after did homework with my friend today. I need sleep T____T

  3. so nice! I wanna be like you guys also ;__;

  4. work hard!! and improve your own site :heart:
    good things will come eventually

  5. wah cee.. enak bngt bs k acara beauty event yg keren" n bagus.. :'(
    tu yg ikut yg beauty bloggers doank ya? :D
    kpan" pgn ikut hehehe

  6. Ngeliatnya post2 tentang beauty event aja seru, apalagi ngehadirin yah :D
    Wah..banyak banget ternyata member IBB ampe udah lebih dari 350. Pengen banget gabung di grup, apalagi yang bikin iri pas ngeliat post gathering IBB di beberapa blog. Ngiri banget bisa ketemuan ama blogger-blogger cantik >.<
    Aku engga punya facebook T.T #nyontekiklankartuas

  7. haha iya cuman blogger yang kepilih aja yang ikutan :D

  8. iya udah banyak :D masih kalah dibandingin yang lain, tapi emang fenomena beauty blogger ini sndiri juga baru kan haha
    moga2 ke depannya lebih banyak dan lebih baik :D

    ayo buat aja lol
    klo gak send message aja ke temen blogger satu kota, ramah2 kok