Visited Shinjuku Premium Salon Again + Price info

May 02, 2012

Okay so this is the 3rd time I visited Shinjuku Salon, my favorite salon in Jakarta! 1st time was to get my hair done, which received so many compliments HERE and 2nd time was accompanying Endi to get his hair done, he loves my hair so he wants to get the same color, which you can read HERE

And guess, when I visited it again, our photos have been featured in front of the salon haha! SPOT US!

Okay no photoshop on the picture of me, so if you want to see my unphotoshopped picture can just zoom it or visit the salon directly LOL

Pictures are from my Iphone sorry T___T Because my mom has brought my digicam to her Europe trip

I came yesterday because today I will watch
my husband L'Arc~en~Ciel concert, and although I won't be seen by them but at least I wanna look good! So after meeting for future blogging project with a company, I went there directly to say goodbye to Mr.Audid as he's about to leave for Surabaya again, but he will be back later for sure

Then I also had hair treatment so my hair will look shiny and smooth today!

At first they diagnosed my hair type first to make sure that they use the right product! All the products used in this salon are provided by L'OREAL Professional. I got Hair Spa treatment!

The salon itself is really comfortable and not noisy at all, so it's perfect to relax yourself after a hectic schedule or release stress. The staff massages my scalp and hair carefully, I totally enjoy the treatment here. Can't describe by words wtf but his massage technique is pretty damn good and the staffs are so friendly, we talked a lot, but if you want to sleep while you get treatment, it's your choice too!

I also got foot massage there! I disliked foot massage and rejected it at first because it's so painful, but the staff told me that it's good for my blood circulation, yet because I will stand for hours today. So okay challenge accepted

But then it's perfectly fine! My foot feel so smooth! And relaxed! Love love!

While getting my foot massaged, my hair was heated so the hair spa would be absorbed better onto my hair :D

and this is the result after I got my hair spa, not even blew dry properly because I don't want to as it's pretty late already, and was about to sleep afterwards too, just make sure that it's not wet

But you can clearly see that my hair looks shinier and healthier than previous post right?

It's so smooth and shiny!!!! ^____^

No more tangled hair! Now I can comb my hair!!! XDDD

Before going home, still amazed by how straight and smooth my hair is. It's so healthy now!!

Okay, I totally forgot to do this, but this it the price for Shinjuku Premium Salon!

So many people asked me for it because they want to try Shinjuku service. I highly recommend this salon, I am not even paid to promote this loh haha, I just truly love it so I rave a lot haha

They also served cool beverages, not just mineral water haha. I used to order cappucino, and they even served some light snacks as well. Amazing!

If you visit their salon, don't forget that you know them from STELLA LEE because here I will share the awesome deals if you visit their salon now =

  • 30% Discount

so you can check the right price instead of the left one, which I find quite fair because of the products and the service

  • Buy 1 Get 1 FREE

What's that?

You will be able to enjoy another treatment for free with same / lower price! Probably get your hair colored, or cut!

  • Additional Free Treatment

probably hair spa or cut, it depends on the salon again




So it's so cheap la!!!!!!!!!!! I jaw drop and even asked them "are you serious? it's so cheap with so many benefits!" even salon near my home doesn't offer cheaper price with better products. Don't you even dare to say it's expensive because if I owned the salon, I wouldn't dare to make this kind of promotion la! Would go bankrupt

You can visit the salon with your friends, your mom, or your lover lol

Shinjuku Premium Salon is located at Kuningan City Mall 1st Floor and you may try their service by reserving at 021-30480775.  You can follow their twitter HERE and visit their website HERE for further info


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  1. Wow your hair looks amazing! It looks so soft and healthy! And the color looks beautiful!

  2. the color on my last blog post is much clearer! you can see the ashy tone better there!!!
    now my hair still feels smooth and easy to manage ^_^

  3. You totally rock the blonde look!

    Btw I give you a Blogger Appreciation Award!

  4. Great hair color....
    Btw, have u ever tried Shunji Matsuo Salon or One Piece (sister salon) ? The stylists are Japanese.
    I'm not promoting, but I colored my hair there recently and the service was great and fast too...
    Hehehe..just FYI..maybe someday u can go there & write a review about it..^__^
    All the best. Cheers!

    ps: The stylists are good looking lho (Sugai & Yuta)..hahahaha

  5. No I haven't, and I have heard about them before too
    I hope I would have chance to try their service next time haha :)

  6. Thank you for the compliment and the award!

  7. Hi Stella, the 30% discount and buy 1 get 1 promo for your readers only? I checked with the salon today and they told me I have to choose either to get the 30% discount or the buy 1 get 1 treatment...

  8. Hello Vivi, I asked the staff before and yes, you can tell me that you know from me to get both. But the free treatment's price has to be lower than your main treatment

  9. promonya sampai kapan tuh? i need to fix my poor hair :( :( :(

  10. Probably until june, you can give them a call to make sure of it, as well as book for reservation

  11. I called shinjuku premium, and the staff didn't know about u and the promo.. ???? but after i tell her that i saw your picture with mr audid, she said she's going to make sure first and will call me later.. Huhuuhu i already excited to try this salon with that awesome deals..
    Later, the staff called me and said that the deal is only on for 50% disc.. So sadd because i want to try many treatment from sp...

  12. Hello, I've been there today and I've asked about it
    You can enjoy buy 1 get 1 free promotion! Please contact the salon and book appointment with mr.audid! he's available until 29th june! ^.^
    Also 70% discount for cutting during weekdays as well!

  13. Thank youuuu.. Gonna :drool:

  14. masih berlaku ga ya promo nya? :)

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