Dolly Wink Eyebrow Powder in 01 Honey Brown Review

May 25, 2012

I am back with another review with probably one of the most loved Japanese brands by make up junkie, Dolly Wink! It has been around for a long time and I've owned it for quite a while. I heard from my friends that it's the best eyeshadow powder they've ever used so of course I am interested to try those babies!

I got myself in Honey Brown, the lightest color from the series. My sponsor, Mylovelysister gives me this product for this month. And If you're interested to read deeper about this product, click Read More for sure :D

Dolly Wink Eyebrow Powder is a brush on powder that darkens and enhances eyebrows for absolutely defined brows. This two-pan compact allows you to custom-blend a precise shade that works best to create naturally, beautiful eye brows. Use the different tones to complement the various tones in the hair for a more natural look.


Packaging :

Dolly Wink comes in a cute packaging box like always, and it's kinda bulky. But on the inside, the product itself is pretty tiny and looks, normal? And the material is from cheap plastic and I am disappointed. Also, Dolly Wink is famous for it's cute packaging, but the recent Dolly Wink is targeted for mature consumers so I guess it explains the changes of the packaging. Though, I wish they would offer a better material for the packaging

It comes in a black sleek plastic packaging, and it gets dirty easily! -_- so you have to clean it on regular basis if you want it to look polished and neat

Application :

I love the texture, they're smooth and blends easily, also they give almost no fallouts at all. Sadly I really dont like the angled brush that comes with it, it picks up the powder awfully and it's not stiff at all. So I prefer to use my own brush at home, and if I really have to touch up on the outside, then I will use the tiny brush.


Color :

Dolly Wink Eyeshadow Powder comes in 3 different shades, I got the lightest one which is the Honey Brown. And each powder comes in 2 colors to create a gradient on your eyebrows. Use the lightest one on the inner part of your eyebrows, then the darker color on the outer edge

For me ,the color is not that pigmented on the first swipe like any other eyebrow powders, which is a good thing. Because I prefer to get light layer then I can keep building up the intensity. Compared to get a heavy and pigmented eyebrow on the first draw, you will be surprised and it's much more difficult to handle. That's why, A less is always more . .

The lightest color has a little fine shimmer and I was quite surprised of it, but when it's applied, the shimmer is unnoticeable and it's become a little satin finish? While the darker color is matte.

Before & After

This is the before and after using Dolly Wink Eyebrow Powder in 01 Honey Brown. I create like soft strokes one by one but in the end it all blends with my real eyebrows. Although the color is pretty light and I was not bleaching my eyebrows at that time, it changes the color nicely, and blends beautifully, gives it a good natural finish

Though I know that it's better to finish it off with brow mascara that matches the color to make it look more natural


Where I Got This and Price :

I got this from MyLovelySister and you can purchase them as well from HERE . The price is Rp 189.000 and I must say that it's really expensive for just an eyebrow powder. Also because, the product itself is really in small quantity too. But you only need a little for an eyebrow so yeah




Final Opinion :

Pros :

  • Gives natural looking finish

  • Comes in 3 shades to choose from

  • Each powder contains 2 colors to mix and match on your own

  • Tiny packaging, easy to bring along

  • The powder blends easily

  • The texture is really soft and smooth

  • Gives light layer, and it's buildable

Cons :

  • Expensive

  • Cheap packaging and brush

 If you're a Dolly Wink lover, you ought to own this one because it's said as one of their best products. But as for me, you can always have a better option for eyebrow powder. This is not that impressive in fact, the powder is really fine, but the packaging and the brush really disappoint me

But I love how smooth, and natural it is!

Whether you'd like to own this one or not, it's back to you again :D As for me, hmmmm... I think I will still find other eyebrow powders to fulfill my desire ;D A better product with better packaging and brush. After all, the journey is not ended yet! Hahaha

Tell Me, What's your most loved product from Dolly Wink?

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  1. The eyebrow mascara is huge love <3 i love it more than the brow powder hhaha

  2. I'm planning to get one too! But right now I change my hair color into ash so Im still contemplating which shade suits me best lol

  3. why do you care about the packaging so much?

  4. because it's really a cheap one, while the price for this product is crazy! :(

  5. aku juga pake ini. this is one of my favorites dolly wink products as well hihi

  6. Their favorite product for me is their liquid eyeliner! 8D