When My Blog Was on Its Edge . .

May 18, 2012

So yes, I APOLOGIZE for the down of this blog!

I do have so many complaints about it, from Twitter, Mails, Facebook, to BBM. And seriously, I do notice the demand and I feel so touched because it's the time I know that a lot of people put attention on my blog T.T Even some miss it, those readers whom I don't know T__T

So this is the boring story,

Right after I uploaded a blog post, some couldn't access it, some of you probably have seen 508 thingy when you tried to access my blog That's when my server was busy and couldn't handle the demand, So if you happen to experience it again in the future, please do refresh it again on the next few more minutes

But at that time, it reached its peak, my blog was completely shut down by the hosting server!!!

I couldn't even access the admin panel, so I mailed the hosting server about this matter and they told me that my blog had excessive server load, which means, it has too many traffic and views, so many accesses it, and the server is not enough to handle all those things. The hosting server I use, mochahost, also serve other websites, and if they keep my blog like this, it will affect other websites so they have to shut my blog down for a while!!



I was asked whether I'd like to upgrade my blog, although my blog is unlimited, but the server has its limit for each server. The good point is, my blog is flooded by so many readers till the server even almost exploded wtf, but the bad thing is they said that I had to upgrade, and even pay more dollars, and it's even really expensive for me T____T

So for several days, I kept working on my blog, and finally finished the major problem

I could access the blog, but I couldn't visit the site. The host staff told me that I had to install an application again, but I had no idea so I told them to do it for me, but they refused and said to me that I could do it by myself through some kind of application on my admin panel, just go click some stuffs la

But this is when the problem peaks up

When I installed it, EVERYTHING WAS GONE!

And seriously, if you visited my blog yesterday, you could see that all the posts are gone, and it's like a new blog and I was super horrified and my face was even worse and more shocked than a SCREAM GHOST, my heart almost popped out from my mouth, and yes I was stupid enough as I DIDNT BACKUP!!! T____T


So I asked the server whether they could restore it, but they said they didnt have backup either and what's left is that my data is lost forever and I was like FFFUUUU????!!!!!!!!!! JJKAHDUAHSUDTUT

I probably almost cried and I couldn't sleep last night because I kept working on it, and thanks to some friends of mine who were a big help, especially my Thailand IT Blogger Brother, Kafaak, who are very patient and informative, led me to talk to the staffs to restore my data

I was like, why I was so unlucky?

I know that I'm somehow so lucky, but there are times when I have so many unlucky things in life that prob most of you cant think about. One of them is probably having all my homeworks flied from my balcony, and I lived at 16th floor, and you asked why it could happen? I dunno either -_-;

So probably I am the only blogger in Indonesia who faced this kind of experience, and I blame nobody but myself only, because I was careless enough to not back up all my datas

Even yesterday I got my HDD died out of nowhere, again, and I did NOT back up it too ;_; and also my internet was down for about 2 days, and I grumbled how unlucky I was, then a reader told me "probably after this your electricity would die also" and YES IT DIED! WTF!


So after all, I still have my luck

I dunno why although the wordpress told me that all my data had been overwritten completely, the memory on my admin panel was still like before, so my friend said that IF I was lucky, probably there could be a chance where the data was still saved, so I got helps a lot to try restore it again

After hours, the staff told me they could restore it because I found the lost data


I also dunno how come it still can be there although it's supposed to lose forever! See! I can become lucky on unexpected things!

SO YES! My blog is back! And lesson for me is to BACK UP ALL THE DATAS every 2 weeks! So please guys help me remembering that too because I am so careless T_T so this kind of accident wont occur again

after all, I almost gave up and told some friends of mine, if my blog's dead, I would announce I quit blogging because I have no heart to face a new one again. But God is nice, He still showed me some way and that's why I will still be blogging!

Sorry to disappoint you HATERS, I won't go anywhere!

And thank you for your support READERS! I am really touched that a lot of people mention that they miss reading it! 2 years ago if my blog went like this I would probably go "ah whatever", but now it's become a big part of my life, my life's changed because of blogging, so if it's dead, I dont think I will ever live the same way I used to be

So yes, other posts coming soon! ;D I love you my blogggg *kisses it*

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