Sunday, May 6, 2012

Make Over by Sari Liem for L'Arc~en~Ciel Concert


Soooo.... you guys must have known that I went for L'Arc~en~Ciel Concert last Wednesday and a friend of mine, Sari, was happy to help me doing the make up for that big day!

I have been waiting for that day for 10 years so of course it's important, Probably could expect that HYDE would see and fall in love with me wtf lol but I would be staying outdoor for about 8-10 hours, and I had no confidence that my make up would stay still!

After all there would be a lot of jumping and dancing, not to mention the humid weather in Indonesia. So I put my trust and believe my face on a pro's hand!

I came to Sari's place at noon, and when I arrived I received call from Ai [my friend], whom came to watch the concert too that VIP ticket had to be numbered so gotta go there ASAP! I was so shocked so I told Sari that she had to do it less than 1 hour! Make up and hair do! wtf!!!

So this is super quick make up but she did her job mad great loh wtf

the photos in this post are free from photoshop! See my ugly face here, and if you're willing to read more, beware!!! 8D

So Sari Liem is a pro MUA, and she uses all branded make up such as BEN NYE, MAKE UP FOREVER, OCC, and other great products

I was amazed to see her studio, but not time to camwhore coz I was really out of time and even made her panic haha but she still did her job pretty well loh!


okay so this is my bare face wtf, i had a lot of red acne scars on my jaw and forehead, and some new pimples on forehead as well wtf so disgusting cant bear to see it T___T who says my skin is perfect lor, i just put a lot of foundations wtf. I tried to get rid of it but it's really difficult coz when I finish healing a pimple, a new pimple comes out arghh

And it looks worse coz it's taken by High Quality DSLR. Not even a single pore can run T__T

So she did my make up first to make the whole application easier, so the fall out eyeshadow wont ruin the foundation. She did smokey eye look for me at that time :D

and this is just after she finished neutralizing my redness. She used primer to correct my acne scar so it wouldn't be as red as before, I haven't used foundation or anything loh! CRAZY! I need to learn about correcting redness now from her

And this is after foundation!


FLAWLESS RIGHT!!!! O___O :heart:

I tell you guys truth once again, NO PHOTOSHOP! And it's all taken by CANON DSLR so the quality is superb loh wtf!

a finished loo! Close up!

She did this in less than one hour including hair! Mad crazy and pro!!

Another shot!


Okay jaw drops now!

I can't reveal how she does it because it's secret mwahahaha 8D her technique is too awesome lah, anyone feel like can beat her?

I can't camwhore that much because I ran out of time, after finished I quickly ran to find taxi and watch L'Arc's concert [post soon!!! *___* ] She will be doing my mom's make up on my cousin's wedding which I will be writing about too, I can't wait to see the result because my mom always rejects me to do her make up because she thinks im not that skilful enough LOL

And anyway, the make up stays still all night long! Sure I need to touch up once on my T-Zone, but other than that it stay stills!! o_o

If you want to book her to do you or your mother or anyone's make up, you can call her at 0819-0412-9000 or email her , you can also support her FB Fanpage if you think her work is amazing HERE


dhea said...

she did awesome job..

stella u look gergeous !!!!

i think i should learn more about makeup from her... heheheh ^_^

Stella Lee said...

I still feel strange my face though, not used to get my make up done by professional, but my skin looks flawless *___*
yeap i should haha!! if you need her to do your make up for special ocassion, can contact her XD

Rillaz said...

lucuuu tel.. ^,^

aichan said...

Maap, gara2 gue rusuh blg penomoran yg akhirnya ga kepake щ(゚Д゚щ)

Stella Lee said...

masa hahaha.. berusaha sexy loh LOL

Stella Lee said...

iya smua salah lo ai haha.. ya sudahlah, toh terdepan juga 8D

Gabby said...

Her make up skill works like magic!!!! D: *amazed*

Stella Lee said...

yeahhhh... you wanna try too? LOL

Flow said...

Gorjeshhhhh! LOOOL XD
I saw pricilla's mom makeover, totally perfect!
I might just hire her for my wedding, which... not in a near time.
Hahahahahaha XDD

ephong said...

waaaw flawless stell..
aniway, boleh tau ga sih corector sama foundie yang dipake merk apaan?
thanks.. :)

Xiao Vee said...

stel, sayang loh fotonya jd penyet2 karena space utk body tulisannya kurang lebar >__<
mungkin krn faktor stres, krg tidur & krg air putih kah, stel? jdnya pimples muncul smua.. @_@ get better soon utk skin mu ya stel.. :)

Stella Lee said...

Ahahahaha!!! you're funny!!!
When I get married I will hire her too I guess LOL
My mom will be made over too on 20th! ^_^ <3 please wait!

Beatrix said...

OMG OMG OMG OMG that is so cool!! And damn i would pay anything lah to be do a make over by her. And the result, omg miss stella you look so beautiful!

Stella Lee said...

ah IDK whether I can reveal or not because it's her secret :x but I will ask for her permission first ok :)

Stella Lee said...

oh ya? dirimu pake browser apa say? D:

Iya diriku itu stres dan kurang tidur klo lagi kuliah, tugas banyak, belum job, dan ngeblog T3T harus sosialisasi sama temen2 pula T3T
it's flawless kalo lagi liburan doang T___T
makasih yaaa :heart:

Stella Lee said...

aiya I look beautiful just because of the make up la! hahaha, but thanks!
She is a pro make up artist so of course you can call her to get your make up done by her for your special events!!! :D
her technique is awesome!! :)

shasha said...

Wow you look super flawless after using foundation o_O
Sari liem does a good job~~ You look pretty too stella ^^

Stella Lee said...

in fact it looks perfectly fine after she corrected my redness that is caused by acne scar
but the foundation makes my whole face smoother and more flawless!

I really need to learn from her! hahaha
Thank you for your compliment sha! ^__^ :heart:

dwiyana tohara said...

absolutely perfect make over

I can't believe that you have pimples just like me stella?...
he he,... bcz you always looks like a perfect barbie doll
on your photos

like this,
pengen bisa make over dg hasil kaya giniyy
he he :-))

Stella Lee said...

I'm human also, can get pimples la, mostly a week before and during my monthly guest #ifyouknowwhatimean
That's why I always mention to everyone that I am not perfect, my skin is bad like most of us, and my hair is super tangled but why nobody trust me lol
i look flawless on the photos because I put foundation haha
And I never try to hide it either xD;

and most redness are from my acne scar, the big pimples are a few on my forehead T__T

sari liem said...

dear stella! thank you for your bravery by showing your bare face to the world. i really appreciates it! you still look beautiful n cute with or without the foundation. thank you for taking the time to write the review on the make-over! cant wait to do more makeover later for your mom or you. :p great job on the review, i am truly glad n felt honoured that i had the opportunity to do a make-over for you! i did wanted to give you some goodies bag for a review but you left in such a hurry and i wasnt aure you wanted to keep holding your goodies bag during laruku concert, so ill just mail it to you later on. lol. also, to everybody who made a comment here, i deeply thank you for the compliment! you guys made my day all smiles!!! to anyone who wants a makeover or trust me enough for their big day do contact me anytime. :) thanks again peeps! God bless you all! and stella, a super huge thanks and huggies!! i am glad you enjoy your concert and hyde is missing out a lot for not inviting you backstage! LOL.... xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Stella Lee said...

hey there, she used all MUFE HD range :D from corrector to foundation :D

Stella Lee said...

Hello ce sari! wow you're super excited!
Why you are the happy one and say thank you to me while in fact I am the one who should say thank you to you for making me gorgeous at that day!! *huggies*

LOL yeah i show up my bare skin for you so you gotta buy me LV bag ok XDDD kiddinggg~
but I don't mind, I never hide the truth that I also have acne scars and some pimples, but i never think that it looks really obvious and worse on your HD Camera lol

and yes, if someone needs pro MUA, can just contact sari la XDDD *promotes*

ah you just dont know that hyde called me after the concert's finished to his hotel because I was pretty at that time ROFL CAN SOMEBODY MAKE THIS AS GOSSIP ON NEWSPAPER PLEASEEEEE XDDD

Vheii said...

setelah shok liat postnya ce pricilla skrg shok liat disini O_O
oh gosh, Sari should open a workshop when IBB have a gath la! :o

Stella Lee said...

she should! she opens make up class loh, if you want to learn make up with her, can just give her a call
im planning to too! lol

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