Small Presents from Zatura Shop

May 13, 2012

Zatura Shop, an online shop that's based in Indonesia, sent me some products for me :heart: They import beauty items from China, Korea and USA, and all are authentic guarantee. So worry not if you're placing your order with them because their products are all genuine.

Like other online shops, they also have pre order and ready stock sections. You can place your order for Pre-Order, and the stuffs will arrive safely less than one month :D

And what I love is they come in a really secure package, they wrap each product with bubble wrap so it wont break when it arrives at your place :)

They also have global team that resides at China, Korea, and USA. So if you want to order anything from those countries, you can just give their staff a call and they will help you to process it further ^___^

As for me, I think USA drugstore products are more difficult to get, and the price is much cheaper than Indonesia retail too, so I'd suggest you to get those  because it's more economical :D Name L'Oreal HIP Eyeshadow, OPI Nail Polish, Ecotools, NYX, Wet & Wild, and so on.

So here are some products that they sent to me. What attracts my attention the most is the Lioele Quick Point Eraser! Because it's like a personal quick touch up for smudge eyeliner/mascara or clean your make up mistakes!!! :-o So just gently swipe it on area where you want it to be cleaned, and it will be removed instantly wtf!!! *_*

I usually have smudgy eyeliner and mascara because my eyes are very watery, and the lids are pretty oily. Also I laugh a lot so tears coming out often =_=) It's become a permanent resident in my make up pouch! :heart:


They've been doing this business since 2006 so they pretty much know how to handle this well, and very reliable and professional. Moreover sometimes they give free promotional products, like recently if you buy a BRTC BB cream, you'll get a free applicator machine ! And I miss it!!! T_T

T_________T I want thatttttt..........

So you can also visit their facebook fan page if you want to get updated about their promo T_T/

Oh oh, also Zatura Shop Staffs told me that if you guys wanted to buy from their shop, you will receive

6% Discount on Ready Stock Products if you mention "Stella Lee"

I hope you won't find any difficulty finding a good online shop to buy satisfy your lust buying beauty products after this 8D

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  1. Wow! Amazing... I wanna try to order it and also will mention your name :)

  2. I hope you'd have pleasant experience as well! :D

  3. OMGGG, i want the applicator too... its similar with the IPKN's that i really want to try out.... ah sayang promonyaaa udaah kelar T.T

  4. you should like their fb page to be notified about upcoming promo T___T I feel you T___T :cry:
    Or can ask them personally whether they still have stock lol

  5. whats that brand for that lip balm? so cute i likey! :-))

  6. it's etude house! very moisturizing and smooth! gives some flushy color on the lips as well! :D