Inspired Barbie Doll Make Up Tutorial

May 28, 2012

Okay here's as I promised, this is my Inspired Barbie Make Up Look, dunno if I can say that it's a tutorial because I don't think I am pro enough to mention it as a tutorial, this is just basically a video of me doing my make up -_-;

in case you want to look like something like this, then go ahead and watch the video lol I am no good in promoting so yeah, just go watch if you're free XD

I used pink and purple a lot because when I think of barbie, the first color pops up in my mind is PINK right o_O and this is my make up when I did video for Etude House May Review or some blog posts, a lot of you seem like it, and major point is probably because I use a pop of color, which is the hot pink lipstick :D And I am quite pleased because everyone seems to like it, so here's the video!

I dont know if I look barbie enough, my features are nowhere near her hahaha! I am nowhere good in make up, but I hope that it can help some of you, or at least show you the process of my transformation

Products used are listed on the video, and music is by Koda kumi - Love Me Back. Been really into that song since I watched Nazotoki wa Dinner! And if you have any critique or suggestions to have my next videos improved, please do tell me! D:

What do you want the next video to be? ^_^

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