Shop MAC Cook Has Been Launched in Indonesia

May 01, 2012

me [bare face wtf], Stevannie [my college friend], and Gabby from pururuworld!

a few weeks ago, JOY Magazine asked me to become a host for Shop MAC Cook launching party which was just released in Indonesia. I've already known about this line, and a month before my Thailand beauty blogger friend, Kirari, also blogged about it. I find that this collection is very cute and unique. So when I knew that I would become the host, I accepted the offer!

In fact I came to two events of MAC Launching haha, The first one was on 14th April, at Plaza Senayan and not so many beauty bloggers there, this one was hosted by Cleo Magazine

with the dolly handsome model wtf

met Belinda, MUA in training for MAC, She helped me to fix my make up

after touched up

 with other bloggers who came

Not many pictures because it's so crowded with customers so I was afraid would bother them if I took pics shamelessly :x coz it's not a blogger event

no need to doubt MAC Collection because all are highly pigmented and high quality. The colors are unique as well!


And the next week,21th April, was the same event located at Grand Indonesia. As the leader of Indonesian Beauty Blogger Community, I invited them on group. I also spread it on my facebook and twitter, though a lot of people can't make it :( but it's still a lot!

I came first because I wanted to get my make up done first, and as soon as I reached the counter, I met belinda whom I shamelessly asked her to do my make up, but she was so nice and helpful and we found so many similarities ahahaha.. My make up at that time is all by MAC

with Belinda, before make up!

So many bloggers came when I was doing my make up but I couldn't move TxT

So there was demo make up and I became the model, here belinda was talking about tips and trick about make up, she's showing how great MAC Cream blush is from their latest collection, SHOP MAC COOK, by swatching it on the back of my hand haha

She's also showing to the audience to get the fresh lips look

The pics are all taken by my friend, Stevannie, I didn't take much photos at that day sorry T_T

photo with my blogger friends! Some have met already quite a few times, some never met! I also met with Bella and Endi whom we also clicked right after [or is it just me? lol] im amazed that most of bloggers are friendly and easy to get along with. A week after we had gathering and Endi and I have become sister suddenly though we just talked like 1-2 days wtf lol and I feel Bella like my younger sister already coz she's so cute and lovable wtf

Other bloggers on the picture no need to mention you already know them la, I love them also !

Love this community

Of course after the event, most of us went to Ramen38 to have ramen together! we chatted and talked a lot to know each other better!





If you're interested to see and try the latest limited edition from MAC, you can always go to their counters and try them by yourself! :D

Thanks for JOY Magazine who believes in me to become the host of this event :) See you guys on my next post!

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