Going Ash Blonde with Shinjuku Salon!

April 29, 2012


I really want to have ash blonde hair, ever since long long time ago. I also have tried to do it by myself, and you can read it HERE which turned out to be, okay, but not like what I want. I know that most gyaru EGG Magazine models are into ashy tone, and I always think that it's so cool! I'm always skeptical about Indonesia salons because they never know what I want! So thanks to L'Oreal Professional, I got to try Shinjuku salon service last Tuesday! Ce Carnellin have tried their service before so she helped me to call the owner and arranged the schedule

I know many of you would love this post 8D *vain* but beware! It's really a long long post with so many pictures 8D hohoho!


Shinjuku Salon is located at Kuningan City, and just newly opened! Even from the name itself, we can tell that this salon is specialized in Japanese style, right? So I believe that this will be a great salon hahaha! Coz not so many Japanese salons in Jakarta, it can be counted by fingers!

The interior is really luxurious, elegant, yet comfortable!

But it can't be called a good salon if it doesn't offer great service, does it? ;)

So here's my super awful hair, which hadn't been done for about 2 months ;___; I'm serious, I feel really bad to my hair, and even I have the worse hair in Indonesia because of constant bleaching, curling, straightening, and such.


Ugly black roots EUUWWW


The color is uneven, I did it by myself before, so there are some parts that got bleached, and some not ;_; you say my hair is gorgeous? think twice!


Frizzy and split ends, yellow-ish hair, uneven hair color, tangled hair, duh what more I can say -_-; People who have seen me in real life must have known how damaged it is

In fact I was supposed to go to this at 1st May, but many people had complained about my ugly hair and they couldn't bear looking at it, so I urgently went there after a beauty event


The owner of Shinjuku Salon, Audid, did greet me kindly, then we talked about what kind of treatments I should receive to get a new look :D I said I didn't want to cut my long hair because I grow it for years T___T And he agreed that I look way better with longer hair. I thought I would only get my hair cut and dyed, but then he offered more options and I shamelessly said I would take every offers from him, and believed everything on his hands!

I know from the way he talks that he knows what I really want, and what my personality is! I feel like he understands me so I can rest assured T_T Never in my life I feel so calm at salon, usually I get angry after I go out from salon lol


So he began cutting my hair first, he cut my hair carefully and made sure that I looked great on every angles, he measured it perfectly and cut my hair according to my face shape


He feels that I have some rocker-ish feeling so he asked me whether I dared to shave a little hair below my ear or not, as it would look cool and punk if I tied up or braid my hair! :D I said, why not? I dare to do anything [as long as not cut it short], after you go blonde, you won't be afraid of having your hair done a little extreme hahaha

It still looks ugly because the color is still black! So let's move on to the bleaching!


So here's the bleaching! Not different than what I did at home I guess? hmmm.....~~~ I needed 4 times bleaching to get my current hair color, so I counted time and knew it was going to be long


So the staffs started bleaching my black root evenly


And used a cool heater machine to make the bleaching process faster




Gabby was kind enough to accompany me at salon, and even blew wind for me because my head is so hot because of the bleaching T___T It's painful as well, bleaching is always like this TxT but why I still go for this pain every time? DUh, beauty is a pain


After 30 minutes, I rinsed it off and blew it dry





I underestimate the professional technique!

See my hair ends? It's 4 times bleaching! Yes I did it by myself, but DAFUQ? Professional hands are really different than commoner's hands like mine, they can get similr color with only bleaching it once T___T omg I'm satisfied! So no need to bleach it many times! Awesome!


Then another magic began! The staffs braided the top of my head, about 2 cm only



With Mas Audid, the owner of this salon, he's checking to make sure everything's under control :heart:


the braiding process took some time, but they did it so tight and pretty neat!

Guess what's that for!!!?


I was going to get the top of my head curled!

The staff's putting the medicine, and it's only 5 minutes to get it done! OMG So fast right!


Worry not! I won't look crazy!

This curling technique is to get the top off my head puffier as it creates more volume! This will do great for my hair, because my hair tends to get oily and lose it's volume easily, so that way my hair will still look perfect and puffy as if I've blew it dry with hair dryer 8D Awesome!


The staff was carefully removing the braid, my tangled hair made the process became tough, but the staff is very patient and did it really carefully! T_T


Must eat too!!!


That's the finishing look! The top of my head is much puffier! This way I wont have to back comb it again!! :D

In fact they recommended me to do the dyeing later, but I insisted to do it on the same day because I dont really think that I have time to come back again :x but I was rebel, so they had to follow my selfishness XD


The staff was shaking the hair dye as if he shook cocktail haha


Still remember, I want an ashy color? They mix this and that to get this color, I dont know how they do it, they're just, pro!


Me waiting in anxiety while waiting for my hair done, omg omg ASH


My hair looked black and I was a little worried that it would become black instead, and my mom would appear out of no where to say "no more blonde hair, you have to have black hair" and everyone played prank on me, but the idea was too ridiculous LOL


Blew it dry again, my face was quite tense, I was quite nervous to see the result


And this is the finishing color!

It looks dark-silver, but as the time goes by after a few washes, I will get the ash blonde that I want!

The staff says that I still need to recolor it a few times again to make sure that the ash stays still on my hair. He kept telling me "this is awesome and expensive hair color" coz it's really difficult to get this color on asian hair. And they even said my hair was strong enough to handle all the tortures so far, if it's other people, they would have gone bald already wtf


[L-R] = Before hair, after cut and bleached hair, after curled the inside top of my hair, after coloring


With the awesome staffs from Shinjuku Hair Salon!

The hair looked green but I knew it's correct because the last time I tried ash, it was green too at first!


The hair color kept changing according to the lighting, flash, and such!

After 2-3 times wash, it should look fine and become the color that I want! :D which is ash blonde. It will go lighter and lighter than my current hair, but the ash will stay still! can't wait! Feel like hard-boiled egg ready to be peeled off after cool or not! Hahaha


here is picture from my DSLR  =


pics from my Digital Camera =



here are some pics from my Iphone =

ASH ASH!!! T____T





see the ashy-tone???? :D





[im not allowed to wash it for 3 days :x]


Okay, you guys need camwhore photos the most right ? *Self-absorbed* so I give you a bunch of my camwhore photos with my new hair 8D :heart:


Curl my hair perfectly but the curl lost after 20 minutes wtf!








Soon will fade to lighter ash blonde, the color that I want *__*

I cant wait can't wait!

I think nobody in Jakarta owns this color mwahahahaha.. or at least nobody that I know in here LOL *feels so special*


I got my hair cut, curled, bleached, and colored! It's done fast, and they offer a really great service! From 10, I will give this salon 9,8!!

I love the service, I love the technique, I love the interior, I love the kind and helpful staff

What I dont like is that it's so far away from my home T_T



Shinjuku Premium Salon is located at Kuningan City Mall 1st Floor and you may try their service by reserving at 021-30480775. Right now they're offering 30% discount as they're newly launched. You can follow their twitter HERE and visit their website HERE for further info :D

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  1. love the new hair color, babe. you look great with it. <3

  2. thank you so much!! yeap it's awesomeeee :D

  3. lucu telll rambut barunya :inlove: ... ah kamu mah mau diwarnain warna apa aja emng dasarnya uda lucu...

  4. kereen rambutnya stell :inlove:

  5. makasih gabbb :DDD
    ayo kamu cat juga ahahaha

  6. makasih sayanggg :D
    ahahahaha, kalo gak mekapan juga aneh XDDD;

  7. ayo ce naomi dicat juga *tarik tarik* haha XDDD makasihh <333

  8. jadi kelihatan beda banget stell.. nice.. :)

  9. Oh Stella. IT LOOKS SO PERFECT. it suits u so welll. please continue this hairstyle

  10. Wow! It's so interesting to see the whole process! Love the new hair shade on you - its really suits you well!

  11. keyeeeeeeeeeeen...look so dolly!!
    bener de kyknya,,,warna nya unik bgt..mgkn cm kamu yg punya warna rambut kyk gini di jkrta...hwehehehehe
    salonnya bnr2 pro ya...*v*

  12. its look great on youuuu!!! gorgeous hair!!!

  13. keren...looks really good in you.
    cocok banget warnanya di kamu.

    btw, how you maintain your hair? always looks shiny.

  14. Yes I will!! thank you so much!! :heart:

  15. I'm really glad that you love it! And I'm really happy that everyone loves it too ;__; thank you! :heart:

  16. makasih sayaangg :heart:
    hahaha aku berharap gak ada lagi yang punya, biar aku aja ROFL *selfish* X) gak dinggg... XD
    iya salonnya bagus, kalo cat sendiri gak dapet TAT malah jadinya golden blonde T___T

  17. OMG thank you for your compliment Ditaaa :heart: T_T

  18. makasih keiiii :heart:
    ahahaha X) people always say that my hair looks healthy but in fact it's not, it's tangled.. Though, I tried my best to treat it
    Just, put conditioner everytime you wash your hair, put hair lotion every night to protect the hair, and once or twice a week do hair mask ^___^ it should help! :y:

  19. love your new hair! You look like a doll say :)
    Nice color!

  20. really?? Thought I want to get that rocker-ish feeling again hahaha XD but thank you!
    wont you dye your hair too?? :D

  21. gyaaa...keren banget stell, cucok ama kamu. cakeeep <3

  22. aiiissshh.... makasih nacchuuu :heart:
    semoga saya tidak bosan dengan warna ini XDDD

  23. jadi keren _:D
    justru aku naksir warna rambut mu yg blonde kuning gitu :D
    pengen coba tapi ga yakin bleachingnya :s
    kalo boleh tau kena biaya berapa coloring +bleach di salon ini? :D

  24. Have been following your blog for some months now. Inspired me I I trust your review. It helps me a lot dear. Only now I leave comment.. Cos u really looks georgeus with the new hair. A real gyaru look! Awesome awesome! Keep pretty!!

  25. haha masa, aku bosan sama warna itu, sudah agak pasaran juga sii disini

    kalo coloring starts from 350, rmbutku sepinggang kena 650
    coba aja kamu call mreka lagi untuk lebih lanjut, dan bilang "tau dari stella, lagi ada diskon2 apa gak gitu", hehe :)

  26. thank you for your comment! I am glad that you can trust my review and find it helpful ^___^

    Yes! thanks for the compliment! gyaru style is awesome, trying my best to be a better and better gyaru though it's difficult X)

  27. aww, it's reaaally cool, and i like it much better with your perfectly-curled-hair :-))
    i want to color my hair too, much like reddish tone, can i know how much you spend it there?
    was thinking to go to irwan team hair design but probably changed my mind because of your post, lol :laugh:

  28. I am still trying for a good hair spray to hold my curl ;_; it's a total disaster ;___;

    oh! go try copper red! it's sexy!
    It depends again on how long your hair is. My hair is around my hips, and it's 650.000 for coloring only. short hair is 350.000
    I know that they offer 30% discount for their opening but im still not sure whether it's still available or not
    try to call their salon, and tell them you know from stella lee and ask whether there's any promo available for my reader! lol

    irwan team is okay, but this salon is more into japanese style, and you know that japanese hair coloring is awesome, so i will recommend shinjuku instead!

  29. OMG where is that salon? That colour's so damn gorgeous + the contacts somehow matches too haha 8D I'm wondering If I wanna get like a caramel-y colour I should bleach too? Bleach until that blonde too? cos my hair is super pitch black like you =_='

  30. i've mentioned it on the blog lol Shinjuku Premium Salon is located at Kuningan City Mall 1st Floor and you may try their service by reserving at 021-30480775. Right now they’re offering 30% discount as they’re newly launched

    thank you for your compliment!! X)
    hmmm, it depends about how light you want it to be, but I suggest you to consult it with the stylist there too. book an appointment with mas audid, the owner, he's so talented! talk together about the color you want, and how to achieve it! :D i hope you do good! caramel is nice!

  31. waww stella you look so different now! XD But the color looks great on you! :D :yes:

  32. OMG!! i jaw drop couple of times!! your hair length, after bleaching and the result *___*
    it suites you more than blonde! look mature but younger at the same time *jaw drop again*
    huks huks, masih panen rambut aaah *rengek* *diusir*

  33. thank you for the compliment angel! I'm flattered :* :heart:

  34. LOL You're funny hahaha
    I got your point vhei, thank you for being so supportive! *hugs tight* :heart:
    I feel like just found a new me too hahahha! 8D

    mau panjangin rambut? ekstension aja biar cepetttttt

  35. congrats stel.. finally got the color that u want.. and it looks good, mau di lurusin ato di kriting,,,so pretty..
    and really like your gyaru style..

  36. haha thank you ce :D
    I prefer to be curled sih, needs to get a better hair curler i guess

  37. omg i really love ur hair colour :inlove: and i love how u posted the "step-by-step" procedure into ur ashy blonde colour..aaaa u inspired me :) keep up posting dolls..

  38. awwww thank you for your kind words! T_T I am inspirational in what, no la, not that good T__T
    yea I always love to tell the process in detail so hopefully everyone experiences it together with me!

  39. warna rambutnya baguuss bgd... warnanya pas sama warna kulit kamu, jadi bikin tambah glowing ya...

  40. makasih say ^_____^ skarang sii lebih ash lagi ^o^ abis re-dye

  41. Omg your hair is super cute!!! Love the look! :yes:

  42. Omg your hair is super cute!!! Love the look!

  43. your hair is mad good, really pretty, gorgeous.LOVE IT! :-))
    been reading your blog for a while and your post and reviews are very interesting. well done stella! :-)

  44. thank you so much for being my loyal reader! I hope you enjoy reading it in the future too! ^.^

  45. why can't i see the pics? :(

  46. CAN YOU HELP ME ? WHAT THIS COLOUR? http://japanstyleshow.blogspot.com/2012/11/the-first-colour-like-japan-soft-doll.html?spref=fb