Ecotools 6 Piece Eye Brush Set Review

April 14, 2012

I've always wanted to try Ecotools! It's probably the most famous drugstore brushes, best known for it's quality and cheap price! I finally got this 6 piece eye brush set along with another Ecotools Set that I will review afterwards! :D

Now let's see how this product works as nice as it sounds as so many rave it!

This EcoTools set is an eye makeover on-the-go! Each brush is designed for a variety of eye looks - watch our Smoky Eye tutorial to see how this set gives you the perfect night-out look!  Our brushes feature soft cruelty-free taklon bristles, recycled aluminum ferrules, and sleek bamboo handles.

Things to Highlight :

Handles made from Bamboo, gorgeous recycled aluminum and incredibly soft bristles. It's 100% Cruelty Free. The pouch is re-usable and it's from natural cotton. Conclusion is, it's really Earth Friendly!

Packaging :

It's made from bamboo wood and all natural eco-friendly stuffs, so it's a plus point although it doesn't look classy or expensive. The pouch also looks cheap, but it's travel friendly and can store the brush perfectly! Ecotools brand is printed on its handle, with the brush name as well

Application :

Although I wouldn't say that the bristles are gentle, but it's not that harsh either. It's just so-so. It picks up products nicely, but somehow can't transfer it as nice as high-end cosmetic brushes



 Brushes in This Set =

Large Eye Brush =

I usually use this to apply eyeshadow all over my eyelid

Eye Shading Brush :

I usually use this brush to blend any harsh line from eyeshadow, to make it appear more natural

Angled Crease Brush =

I use this brush on my outer V or apply eyeshadow on my crease

Highlighting Brush =

I use this brush to apply highlighter on my browbone

Smudge Brush =

I use this brush to smudge eyeshadow, apply eyeshadow on my bottom eyes, and also put highlighter on my inner tearducts

Where I Got This and Price =

I got this from Zatura Shop for only Rp 99.000. You can purchase it HERE if you live in Indonesia. The price is not bad in my opinion, because you will get 5 eye brush and 1 pouch of it. So it's less than Rp 20.000 for each product




Final Opinion =

Although I can't say that I am impressed by the quality, but I think it's not bad either. It's pretty decent, and I would recommend every make up beginners to start their brush collection with this product. Although if you're pro, this is not for you because I think it's difficult to use these brushes to put make up on someone because the handle is really short. It's more for personal use and travelling

Pros :

  • Affordable

  • Eco-Friendly

  • Picks up products nicely

  • Travel Friendly

Cons :

  • Not suitable for professional use [Handle is too short]

I am quite satisfied with it. The price is not bad, and the quality is pretty decent. Don't say that it's as good as MAC or other high end brushes, because obviously it's NOT. But considering the price, it's really worth it to get this product to start your own make up collection


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  1. I just bought this set too yesterday! :) Along with a few more Ecotools brushes etc

    Cheers, Fiona

  2. always nice clearly review!
    stella..klo ada waktu, request video tutorial eye make up pake brush ecotool ini dunk..(^0^)

  3. Okay dear will do!
    I've been meaning to make one, but I never got time to do so because it takes long time to make a video T___T
    When I have time, I will sure make one!

  4. Are you satisfied too with their brushes? :D

  5. Stella, be careful of FAKE ecotools brushes! They have been known to be sold online, on ebay, amazon and various other online stores across the world. I'm not sure about your ones, but the ecotools logo on the brush handle is a bit faint in your pictures when it's supposed to be dark. It might just be the lighting though, so I'm not sure.
    There's posts on the internet on how to spot fake ones. Check them out! One of them is

  6. Thank you for telling me!
    I've checked and i think mine is genuine!

    I was so upset after reading your comment because even inexpensive products like ecotools also have fake? =_=)\
    Crazy grrrrr