Clarins White Plus HP Whitening Velvet Emulsion Review

April 02, 2012

I got this product when I attended Clarins Indonesia event, which you can read HERE if you havent :D Ever since then, I've been using this both day and night in routine. Skincare takes longer time to review, and I need to make sure about the product first before write it. I dont want to write a half-assed post on my blog, just to let you all know :D

Because I have used it for quite a while, I am ready to serve you with my honest review!

In fact I have never used Clarins before because I thought it's for adult women, or middle-aged, lol because my aunt uses it haha. But they said that this one is suitable for all age! If you're wondering, Emulsion is the eastern name for moisturizer. Basically it has same function, but Emulsion is more used in Japanese products name ^_^

Whitening Velvet Emulsion is a milky emulsion with an incredibly lightweight, soft texture to be applied morning and night. It ensures bring, comfortable skin and enhances it with a youthful, transparent rosy glow. Resulting from Clarins expertise in Institute Beauty Treatments, this skin care combines the wonderful sensation of a texture that caresses skin with powerful brightening effectiveness. Enriched with extracts of sea lily and alchemilla, it provides reinforced protection against dark spots and darkening of the complexion

Packaging :

It comes in a metal-like pump packaging. Nice point here because it's pump, I always love pump packaging for hygiene issue, I can't  stop telling people about it. Although it may be look simple, but it is elegant and classy. The white color packaging also helps to tell deeper about how this product will help you achieve whitening result. I pump usually half to cover my entire face. I find one pump is too much for me, I wish they would make the dispense more efficient so we don't take too much products. It comes in 75 ml


Things to highlight :

It claims as the improved version from their last whitening range, and it uses the latest technology from Clarins that are believed to stop non-neuronal dendrites called melanocytes exporting and extending melanin pigments into our skin, resulting a flawless clear skin and prevent dark spots. Moreover, this skincare combines the sensation of a texture that caresses skin with powerful brightening effectiveness

Sea lily extract controls the extension of melanocytes, while the alchemilla extract and a vitamin C derivative effectively slows all factors responsible for hyperpigmentation. It also claims to brighten up the complexion and restores a youthful glow.


Application :

Apply morning and/or evening with light pressing motions. I usually divide the product to 5 sections, my forehead, left cheek, right cheek, nose, and jaw, then begin massaging my face with circular motion. It glides smooth, and by I mean smooth, it is really SMOOTH but doesn't feel greasy like most moisturizers.

Scent :

It is enriched with Sea Lily so obviously the scent of it is the point. I seriously love their scent and can't stop smelling it! It has light aroma that relaxes my tired face, it's kinda similar with Lancome Vissionaire scent which I love as well because it uses natural ingredients to create an awesome aroma. I believe everyone will love it. The scent is not strong but enough to rejuvenates your tired skin with its relaxing fragrance

Texture :

the texture of emulsion is slightly runnier than usual moisturizer, it comes in light fluid, and is not sticky at all. It absorbs nicely and quickly onto the skin. It glides easily on the skin, and leaves it with dewy finish

Result :

Even after the first time using it, you can already see a great improvement. The above picture of my palm shows the before and after using Clarins. And no, it's not because of the flash. The skin with Clarins emulsion looks brighter, dewy, healthy, and much more radiant!

After I use it, I can't stop believing how smooth my skin is! It has never been this smooth before!

I used to have super dry skin on my cheek but now it has become much much better. So I don't have to use smoothing primer to prevent flaky skin! Also I can tell that my skin is brighter, not white, but bright aka not dull. It's become supple and firmer. My oily t-zone is also more controlled, as I think it locks the excess sebum. I have no dark spots so I can't tell how it works on combat it. I neither experience break out from this product nor less acne scar. So I think it doesn't work for acne matter


Where I got this and the Price :

I got this from Clarins Indonesia, and the price is Rp 640.000 based what I see on the internet. Although it is pricey but not as expensive as I expected it to be [based on my experience with other high-end products]. And this is a really good moisturizer that has a lot of benefits on my skin, so it's always a good investment!


Final Opinion

Pros :

  • Comes in elegant pump packaging - hygiene issue

  • Contains the latest technology to protect skin from melanin

  • Glides easily and smooth

  • Has relaxing sea lily scent

  • Skin looks brighter, radiant, healthy, and translucent

  • Moisturizing and soothing

Cons :

  • Expensive

  • The product comes out too much in one pump in my opinion - wasteful product, must be careful

  • Only contains 75ml

It has become my holy grail emulsion, defeating Hada Labo that I used to love and rave so much! I can't wait to try more products from Clarins as it gives promising and obvious result on my skin! I love love it! I wish they would come with more than 75ml, as my Hada Labo emulsion is in 170ml, much more and much cheaper. But the result that I get from Clarins is undeniable so I think it's fair :(

Have you ever tried Clarins before? What products from them do you love the most? :)

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  1. I've never tried any Clarins product before. and IMHO its too pricey for a mere moisturizer though the price don't lie. I'm happy that you found your HG moisturizer! I'm thinking of trying out Hada Labo though XDD

  2. i always think skincare is supposed to be more expensive than make up lol
    i dare to buy Rp450.000 foundie just to look flawless, so why dont I try to invest something to be a good care for my skin? XDDD

    The hada labo one, is only moisturizing, while clarins have more effects such as supple, brighter , radiant, small pores, healthy looking skin