Kanebo Raphaie Moist Up Concealer Review

April 17, 2012

Nowadays I've become more and more lazy to use foundation. It's because the weather in Jakarta has become hotter, and foundation melts easily. And all my make up magic will disappear -_-

So I tend to use concealer instead, just to cover imperfections, and avoid cakey face

And recently, I've been using this Kanebo Raphaie Moist Up Concealer, so it means, time for review! :D

Packaging :

It comes in a mini cream packaging jar, it's really petite and easy to bring when you're going out. The Raphaie Line is more into feminine, therefore besides transparent packaging, it also comes with peachy pink border to emphasize it's feminity. And because it's in cream type, I strongly recommend to use concealer brush to pick up the product for hygiene issue

Application :

This concealer is really moist, and easy to blend. Although the texture is creamy, but this concealer is more into light - medium coverage, because it's more for daily usage not for camera ready

Result :

It blends beautifully onto my skin, and looks so natural. It helps minimize redness around my nose and cover my dark circles, it also helps covering my acne scar. However it can't cover my bump acne on camera. I prefer to use this lightweight concealer for my dark circles instead, and use a heavier concealer to conceal my acne




Before & After

left = without concealer, right = with concealer

As you can see, it really helps minimize my dark circle, and it looks so natural to the point I look like not wearing concealer! It's thanks to it's formula that makes it easy to blend onto the skin! :D


Where I Got This and Price =

I got this from Kanebo Indonesia and the retail price is Rp 170.000, which is a little expensive, but not as expensive as I thought compared to other high-end make up




Final Opinion :

Pros :

  • Tiny packaging - easy to bring along

  • Gives natural finish

  • Blends easily

  • Minimize dark circle

  • Covers redness and acne scar

Cons :

  • Can't be used to cover bump acne / not camera ready

  • Pricey

  • Comes in only 2 shades

I love how it can make my dark circle look less obvious, in natural finish! Because not many concealer that can do its job as nice as this. Mostly they only focus on covering acne, and when I use it for under eye, it's too heavy and look fake, not to mention it's gonna be cakey if I don't put it properly >_>

If you're interested, you can go to Kanebo counter directly to try it by yourself ^^

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  1. Nice! Blends well with your skin :) First I thought it was too light, but seeing it under your eyes it changed my opinion!

  2. cee.. bagusan concealer itu cair pa padat?
    kmrin aku d tawarin merk NYX dy bentuk ny cair :)

  3. wahhh bagus ya jd concealer buat mata panda.. :)

    btw i give you an award: http://purplelyhazelly.blogspot.com/2012/04/blogger-appreciation-award.html ^^

  4. Yeap! You can see that the dark ring under my eyes are concealer perfectly right :D with natural finish yay! :D

  5. Yeap! Though kalo di foto masih tetep keliatan dark circlenya, tapi ngebantu meminimalisir :D
    Thanks for the award dear! Checked it already! :*

  6. Kembali lagi ke preference, kalo cair hasilnya lebih ringan daripada padat
    kalo NYX, bagusan concealer in jarnya stauku daripada yang cair

  7. Hello! I'm a new reader and I love your blog! Just wondering, what shade this you purchase this in? Thank you! :-)

  8. there's 2 shades and i got this is LB -Light Beige :)