EOS Bubble in Brown Review

April 25, 2012

So here's another monthly lens review sponsored by Tomato Online Shop . They want me to review EOS Bubble because they said so many customers wanted to purchase it but still not sure yet because of the pattern. I said okay, let me try the brown one because I can't get enough of brown lenses!

diameter 14.80mm
B. C 8.80mm
water content : 52%

The color is really opaque and the pattern is, really flat for me. The brown color looks too light for my preference because it's somewhat look too fake. But probably it will be better when it's put on the eyes? Let's see!

Here's what it looks like on my eyes =

The color somehow turns out to be a little reddish, and it has no limbal ring or other pattern, which makes my eyes look flat, dead, and too anime looking

What's worse is I receive reddish eye [some kind of infection?] after 2-3 hours using it =_______=

You can see how red my eyes look like.. And I tried 3 times, all left my eyes with discomfort feeling and reddish eye. So I stopped using it, and promise to not wear it again. But when I use another lens, my eyes are perfectly fine, so I'm sure it's because of this lens -___-)/

I am really disappointed with this lens in fact. There's nothing from this lens that I love.

The pattern is too fake

The color is too pale, and reddish

The comfort is awful

The enlarging effect is so-so

WTF la -___-; Even if this lens looked so gorgeous i dont think i would use it because seems i got eye infection from this lens duh



Some already saw my photo using this lens and said that it looked gorgeous. I dont know, I just dont like it and dont recommend it. I still prefer my EOS Blytheeye compared to this, okay wrong, it's incomparable because the quality is really different for me!

But if you still insist on trying it by yourself, go ahead..

You can purchase other lenses from their stores  and get 10% discount when mentioning "stella lee". I'm sure other lenses are worth to try

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