Peripera Grand Volume Mascara Review

April 08, 2012

Have any of you heard about peripera brand before? It's a Korean cosmetic brand that hasn't made any appearance in Indonesia. As Korean wave all around the globe, Korean cosmetic companies also become more competitive, especially with the appearance of new beauty companies, such as Peripera. I never tried this before, and I got their Grand Volume Mascara in travel size.

I am a big fan of false eyelashes and the only mascara than can impress me is only Lancome's. I have high standart to give great review of mascara, but let's see if this pass





The Peripera Grand Volume Mascara will help stubborn short lashes stay volumized long after it has been applied. Contains high quality deep color pigmentation to brighten your eyes. Just a light application will help define eyes giving the false lash look...without the application of any falsies!




Packaging :

I got this in travel size so probably it will be different with the original size. The packaging looks like any other mascara, a sleek black packaging with their brand and product name printed on top

Application :

I start using the mascara from my root, then brush it with zig zag motions to avoid clump. I usually put 2 coats to

Before & After =



Result :

This mascara does give a really black color on my lashes, so it becomes more noticeable. But I don't think it gives volume as much as I expected, in fact, it makes my lashes droopy and like spider. I only use 2 coats, when I use 1 coat it doesn't give much difference. Also it's a little difficult to remove.

Where I Got This and Price :

I got mine from Zatura Shop , and this is sponsored as a review purpose

Final Opinion :

Pros :

  • Looks natural

  • Gives a really pitch black color on lashes

Cons :

  • Doesn't give much volume

  • Clumps easily

  • Makes my lashes droopy

  • Difficult to remove


Not impressed with this mascara, for me this one works just like any other drugstore mascara and I don't see any point why you have to buy this compared to other mascaras outside there. Or probably my wrong verdict is because I am not a fan of mascara. But again, a review is a personal review. You may want to try this by yourself if you're curious. But for me, nah, I don't like it


Anyway, just for info if you happen to be Jakarta residents, Zatura Shop will have their 1st Bazaar! They will sell so many products imported that are not available in Indonesia such as Ecotools, EOS, Lioele, etc!

9-10 April 2012
Jam :10.00-20.30
At Plaza Indonesia Lt.2 multi Function Hall, Booth no.5


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