Kanebo Lunasol Three Dimensional Eyes Review

April 19, 2012

Another review for Kanebo Lunasol! Kanebo offers a lot of brands under its famous name, mention Kanebo Kate, Kanebo Impress, and most famous is Kanebo Lunasol. Lunasol range is a prestigious cosmetic brand which is more for medium-upper consumers, that's why the packaging is classier, the finishing is more natural, and the price is slightly more expensive. Now let's take a look for it's Eyeshadow palette from this range that comes in Fall 2011

A four-color eye shadow set that creates well-calculated three-dimensional eyes through colors inspired by skin-colored beige and the gradation of different lusters.
Highlight Color and Shade Color consists of three different levels of luster to manipulate light and shadow more precisely.

Packaging :

The packaging is really classy, and the color packaging is really neutral. Although it's slightly bigger than ordinary eyeshadow palettes, but it's still easy to bring along when you're going to work, party, or travelling

Colors :

It comes in 8 eyeshadows in one palette that is divided into 4 wells, and it comes with some glitters, only two highlighter colors are matte. I got this is 03 Mysterious Beige, while there are 5 colors selection available in counter. I love the lavender purple color the most from this palette, because it makes this palette still can be used for spring look :D

I also love how there are 8 colors in one prestigious palette like Lunasol, as mostly it's only eyeshadow quad, and if I want to have a lot of colors in one palette, it's too big to get into my make up pouch. With this palette I can create day to night make up look as there are a lot of possibilities to work with this palette. It also has LUNASOL prints on the lavender eyeshadow, make it even more classier

Application :

I also love how Kanebo gives 2 dual ended brushes for this palette. There are 2 ordinary eyeshadow sponge tips, 1 eyeshadow blender, and 1 smudge brush. I usually apply the shimmery beige eyeshadow with the sponge tips, then followed by putting the lavender color on my outer corner with another sponge tips, then smudge my lashline with the smudge brush with darker color, finish it off with putting highlighter on my brown bone with the blender brush, blend all the colors together with this brush too

Impressive applicators as it's really thoughtful for them to give quite a lot eyeshadow brushes in this palette, that way the color won't be mixed up! Usually there's only 1-2 eyeshadow brush so have to use front and back side, sometimes the color's mixed and cant tell which color is which T_T

The texture of this eyeshadow is silky and easy to apply, it glides smooth on my eyes, though there's still a little fall out so I have to be careful with it


without flash

with flash

 Result :

The colors are not as pigmented as western beauty cosmetics, as Japanese eyeshadow tends to be more natural and shimmery so it can be used for daily uses, as well as gives fresh and natural finish. The color doesn't pop on eyes, so for those who want to have an everyday eyeshadow palette and not end up like a drag queen with vivid eyeshadow, this may be for you

Even myself find that I can use it everyday because the color is very natural and the finishing is never gonna be "too much". Though for those make up junkie, they will not be satisfied with this palette

Where I Got This and Price :

I got this from Kanebo Indonesia and the retail price is Rp 540.000 which is really expensive for me. But Kanebo is a high-end brand make up, and it offers 8 colors in one palette on the go, so yeah. But the price in Japan is 5250 Yen, and on ebay it's around 75USD not including shipping o_O I always wonder how come Kanebo products in Indonesia seem cheaper than other countries or online shop, unlike other brands? hmm





Final Opinion :

Pros :

  • Classy packaging

  • Comes with 8 colors in 1 palette

  • Easy to bring along

  • Has great applicators, 2 dual ended brushes

  • There are 5 shade available

  • The texture is silky smooth

Cons :

  • Expensive

  • The colors are not that pigmented


Whether I will purchase another color from this range for my own collection is still under my consideration. Although the packaging and the applicator are impressive, but the colors don't show up as better as I wanted, as expected from Japanese Cosmetics. Asian people dont really like heavy eyeshadow as they're more into natural

So again, it's a preference

How about you? Do you love natural finish or a heavy make up?

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  1. its a shame that it's so expensive and yet the colors are barely noticeable..

  2. As always from Lunasol, their packaging is simple yet elegant. Thanks for the review~ Now I want one.. -_-"

  3. Hahaha, I don't really think every good eyeshadows are supposed to be pigmented like hell.. Because you can't expect thick make up with asian brands
    Asian make up are more into natural, and they love shimmer eyeshadows a lot o_O Especially korean and taiwanese, so i think this eyeshadow will work on them, it's their main market
    As for indonesian, i think it will work for someone who wants to use it for going to work, it's not heavy like MAC or MUFE
    This eyeshadow doesnt crease either though i dont use primer

    But as for myself, I want bolder colors as I want it to appear on my photos, it's back to everyone's make up preference i guess

  4. Hahaha you like it? X) It's high class quality if you can tell.. I love their elegant packaging :D

  5. what blush did you wear on that picture stella? that's pretty..

  6. Canmake Cream Cheek in 03! Bought them when I was in KL! Wanna review it ever since but no time :(

  7. 8 colors in 1palette I think is a good buy and according to you a high end brand make up that I think you are lucky enough to afford such expensive stuff.

  8. Hahaha not rich, it's sponsored as a review purpose!
    I havent purchased anything this year because I am saving for a big dream X)

  9. Good finishing there! Love your lips color! what brand did you wear on that picture?? :)

  10. I use baviphat lipstick in nude color. forgot the exact name T_T sorry.. any nude lipstick will do, i also love maybelline lipstick in natural nude