Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wedding Dress!


Okay this is a short blog post because I am under hectic schedule to work on my assignments, but I feel bad if I dont update my blog once every 2 days so, I just cheat it with my daily life post

Yesterday I went to Kuningan to take my prize for winning writing contest hosted by Revlon! I will go to Japan in January next year so this ticket will really help me to reduce the cost. And if I cant use it for my flight, I will probably sell it with cheaper price to get the cash. Whatever is fine

And after that, I went to try bridesmaid dress

My elder cousin from my father's side, will be marrying my best friend's auntie. Does it even make sense? LOL

So my cousin is 35 years old, and my best friend's auntie is around 31. While my best friend is at the same age with me, which is 19. Well, things can happen. But my best friend is in Taiwan for studying, so she will not be able to attend it with me. Therefore I'm the one who become the bridesmaid in her behalf. In fact if she's here, we would not be bridesmaid but pagar ayu

It's quite exciting to see that my bestfriend and I will become one family! :heart:

but, she's gonna call me auntie then? noooo!!! ;__;

So here are some of bridesmaid dresses that I tried =


It looks same to me, I dunno why wtf

and considering that I must not look prettier than the bride herself, I must not wear thick false eyelashes and blonde hair at that day o_o otherwise I will be more eye catching than her, it's just, culture...

So for one day, I will have black hair, 20th May..

I will use temporary hair spray, which I hope will turn out nicely because mostly it will look like a crap, but in fact I dont really care

this is her day, not mine

And I have chance to try her dress too hahahaha!  Though it's too big for me T____T

Drop dead gorgeous!!!!

It's the most expensive brides gown at the store, and it looks so fabulous! *_____*

I dont know whether I will be wearing brides dress too in the future for real, I have no intention to get married haha


Sochii said...

Why dont you use a wig for that day instead of hairspray >A<lll it might risk staining the dress if the spray runs.

benjaminvai said...

oo, a blogger who fancies Gyaru Kei , that's awesome!

Stella Lee said...

coz I dont have black wig, and wigs in the salon that will do my make up and hers, are uglyyyyyyyyyy

Stella Lee said...

why is it awesome? haha
thanks tho

aichan said...

I like the first dress for brides maid, it made you seems taller and good body contour.
The bride's dress so pretty! Love it! Try to buy wig? Temporary spray may damages your hair..

Vheii said...

congrats on winning ^0^!!
the first dress better on you than the second ^ ^
yeah y don't you use wig? >_< pity your hair la haha maybe your friend own one? :D

Fenn said...

choose the first one, stell!!! the 2nd look a bit dangdut to me, and that just won't do. and if its possible don't go with white, it would make you looks paler, i guess.. ivory would be a better choice :D

noniq said...

Waaa... So beautifulll... Iya, sis.. Jangan ngalahin dandanannya sama yang nikah nanti .. She should be a queen for 1 day :)

And when is yours?

Stella Lee said...

I dont think I will ever marry someone haha.. it's too hassle

Stella Lee said...

Oh really? My mom loves that one too, but the bride says she loves the second one haha
I will see more dresses next time ^^ if not, i will go with your choice!

in fact it's not that white, it's broken white

Stella Lee said...

Really? I guess I should go with it then? Thank you!

Coz the wigs available are so tante-tante la -_-
and it will make me like a drag queen wtf

and no, most of my friends dont even wear make up haha, they usually borrow beauty stuffs from me, i cant depend on them about this matter hahaha

Stella Lee said...

seems everyone love it, okay I will go with the first one ^^

Coz I dont want to buy one, no money LOL and the bride said I can just use wig from salon, but it's bad la
IDK, i will see if there's cheap wig available :x
thanks ai!

aichan said...

Anyway de, how I can contact you besides using twitter, blog or email...better using any IM or any new mobile phone?

Stella Lee said...

I dont use YM or MSN anymore, I have no time to chat there );
I use Iphone, and using LINE application there #ifyouknowwhatImean
my BB is under service, please wait ya >.<

KarinZhou said...

Such a xiaxue wanna be -_-

Stella Lee said...

wtf, i have been blonde long before i know her -_-

Marcelle said...

I think the first bridesmaid dress looks prettier. The half skirt on the second dress makes it look weird. Anyway, can't wait to see you with black hair!!! Make it jet black. I bet that'll look stunning on your complexion.

Stella Lee said...

Alright ce, thank you! So many loves it so I think I will stick with it if no other choice :D

Hahahaha.. Dont want, will look so... normal? lol

aichan said...

Nyeh I don't have I phone :(...give me ur iphone no? Or using what's app??

Alien said...

OMG! that wedding dress is so freaking gorgeous!! love it to max! =D

Mada Foe said...

You don't have intention to get maried just YET, imho hahaha..
Things change in the future dear, who knows.
Best of luck XOXO

Stella Lee said...

haha, you wanna get married tooo??????

Stella Lee said...

my BB is ok already!

Stella Lee said...

IDK mwahahahaha.. let's see... if someone like HYDE proposes me, I will accept la LOL

Sanne said...

I think you should go with the first one! Compliments your body more and enlongates your look. Because the second one has a half skirt it choppes the long line :) Also the body of the second one makes you look more full than the first one (I don't know if you consider that good or bad, everyone has a different opinion on whats beautiful! I just say what I see :)) Good Luck!

Stella Lee said...

thank you very much for your concern!
I will go with the first one as what you suggest to me!
Thank you for caring!! :heart:

jessicabharata said...

first one is betterrrr!! (Y)
i had my fitting last week and still cannot see any dress that caught my eye in the bridal. all too bling2... *sigh*
you know what, the whole thing about being less eyecatching to the sight of everyone than the bride is so trueeeee.
i gotta wear flat shoes because my sister is shorter than me!

Mizutama said...

You should totally order a black wig now instead of temporary spray since you have almost 1 month+ before the wedding. :D
Although you are not suppose to be beautiful than the bride but you also have to look good, order a wig :D

karinzhou said...

wow. seriosly? such a xiaxue wanna be -_-" :no:

Stella Lee said...

Thanks! Will tell her to get the first one!

You're gonna become a bridesmaid too? awesome!
why too bling bling a? I thought bridesmaid dresses are supposed to be simple lol
I have to wear flat shoes too! LOL

I guess short genes run through my family's blood. My cousin is so short, so his bride cannot wear heels
Although I am not that tall, I am supposed to not wear one either lol

Stella Lee said...

Yes but I will only wear it once, kinda, waste? :x
and especially bcause temporary only lasts for a day, so i guess it doesn't matter?
or do I have to?

Stella Lee said...

tell me the reason why I am a Xiaxue wannabe

severuslove said... annoying person.. kick this guy out...(*___*)

Stella Lee said...

hahaha Let her/him be.. I don't even care :D

jessicabharata said...

on one side, i feel happy since my foot won't get any blisters from the whole hectic day because i'll wear flats. however, heels DOES change the way we walk, correct our posture, making us look taller(obviously) etc. garh.

yes imma be a bridesmaid for one cousin and the angpaokeeper(LOL) for the other cousin. i don't knooow. i don't like dress with those sparkly beads and all. if i choose something too plain, the bride herself complaints. said i looked like going to a seventeenth birthday party, doh.

Stella Lee said...

couldn't agree more, that's why I love heels, because in fact I am a little hunchback? LOL it helps! and I run faster too! LOL
goodluck on your family's parties! let's work hard!

you ought to come to ii's wedding loh!

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