I'm Rich, Fuck Yea

April 20, 2012

Just to show off my money, nah im just kidding




Okay la in fact I bluff you all, that's all still my money, but it's ALL MY MONEY, and I am going to be poor after this. Because it's all for my japan trip

And I almost choked to death because I shopped too much last year and wasted on unnecessary things, but then I already told you all that, "I WANT TO GO TO JAPAN IN JANUARY 2013" And I really mean it

Once I've settled my goal, I can't be disturbed by anything, Anything comes to my mind this year is money for Japan

In fact I wasn't really sure where my confidence came from, I told my mom, "mom next year I'm gonna go to japan ok! I will stay with my friend, and meet xx and xx and xx" and she frowned, "do you have money right now?"

I told her still have la like about some amount to spend on, can manage somehow, but then L'Arc~En~Ciel is coming to Indonesia and threw a concert so almost all of it is used for buying VIP Ticket coz it's my 10 years dream! I also bought an Iphone because I wanted it for years, also coz of my crush as well T_T

Which Means, I am totally go by zero money to spend on this year!



So I almost thought, "no way can fly to Japan, I am not rich, all my money goes for VIP ticket, and if I save from my allowance it is still not enough"

Please note that in fact I only have like 100USD per month for allowance if I go to campus. January doesnt count coz I have no class, Febuary only got half money, coz I still had 2 weeks holiday. So this year I only receive like 250USD from my mom wtf!

And 250USD is used for paying my transport to campus, my food, my weekend money, stuffs for my assignments and all my shopping! If you ask whether it's enough or not, in fact not enough at all la! And flight to Japan is expensive! At least I need 700-800USD for return ticket! It's if I buy it long before the flight!

I also want to play in Japan! So I already plan to visit Tokyo Disneyland and Disneysea! I also want to play ski, and most importantly is shopping fukubukuro in NEW YEAR! [That's why I go there in early January]

I thought I could save some money by bringing instant foods and eat bento there, but when my friends sent me Japanese food, I can't resist the temptation to try more of their foods because it's so damn tasty T____T So yeah, my cheap tour is failed lol, I now go for a middle-class tour! Not so poor, yet luxurious. That still requires a lot of money




And yes, I've begun working again, as jewelry designer, I used to open an online shop to fulfill my beauty needs, since beauty products are expensive, so gotta buy it by myself. But now I find a job from my mom's friend, the payment is so-so..

I also cut some allowances by stop going to campus with bus, I join my friend's motorcycle as it's cheaper!


And I almost broke my own promise because I was offered a really good deal from a high-end Japanese Brand, it's 70% discount! T__T and it's so cheap, cant reveal where I got it from, but in the end though I had like 2 weeks thinking about it, and ended up ready to purchase, there was bad thing happened that prevented me from going to the venue to buy it wtf! So even GOD helps me to not waste my money O___O|||

So yes, up to this time, I still don't buy anything

And then besides job as designer, I also have some money from working on this and that, blogging income also.. Until I manage to get this much money within a short time

4 months to be honest, and I dont even know where all this money comes from again wtf, I still have some inside my wallet for food this month.. I am quite amazed by how fast I can earn money though I am seriously not a real worker o_o okay this may be not much for some of you, but I'm just a poor student duh

Now what's left is to save some more money for shopping and have fun in Japan!

I'm pretty sure I can do it!

If I can do it, everyone can also! Just set your goal and be positive!

I'm sorry if probably this year I always say I am busy and get angry easily, it's because of all the stresses working hard haha

When it's finished I am going to be normal, and be poor T___T

YAY JAPAN :heart:

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