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Hair 101 : How to Dye Your Hair Without Bleaching


Let me explain a little, before a very short tutorial about coloring your hair. I have asian hair, and my original hair is seriously pitch dark black, and very thick. My mom used to be so proud of my hair and always wanted me to become a hair model for commercial because it was very healthy, shiny, and black LOL . But I ruined her dream because I have dyed my hair since I was 12-13 [don't remember exact age]. I've done it at many different salons, and also at my own home by using many hair dye brands

And probably because I am the only Indonesian beauty blogger with blonde hair, many Indonesian readers asked me question about how to get my hair, or about hair dye process.

I am not a professional hair stylist nor  have studied it before, in here I just share my own tips about how to achieve hair color that you want, without bleaching. I know this basic tips based on my own experience. And this only works for dark / asian hair. If you have light hair, you're lucky because you can just get any color that you want easily. So let's start


So, ever wandered why the model's hair on the hair dye box will look different on your self although you use the same hair dye? That's because every models' bleach their hair first before coloring, or have light hair to begin with, so the color of course appears more prominent on them!

Got it?

So of course you won't get the same result!

The most common mistake is that people don't know that to get the exact hair color like on the box is to have your hair bleached before. But for those of you who don't want to bleach your hair, here's the mini tutorial if you have black / virgin hair

Coloring your hair with dark brown, will only make your hair become black brown with a hint of brown under sunlight

Coloring your hair with medium dark brown, will get your hair into dark brown

Coloring your hair with medium brown, will get your hair into medium dark brown

Coloring your hair with light brown / light blonde, will get your hair into medium brown


This mistake makes people can't get the exact hair color that they want, and blame the hair dye. The hair dye has nothing to do with it, it's just the matter of color that you choose! Many people don't want to get the blonde hair color, because they think their hair will turn into blonde as well. In fact, IT'S WRONG! Black hair will never ever be blonde without bleaching, so dont be afraid!

It's just a basic tutorial that many don't know, I suppose. And the result will also depends on your hair dye, and how long the process takes. You can also try it with red.

If you want dark red, get medium red hair dye. If you want medium red hair, go with light red hair. Because black hair can't absorb the color as nice as light hair since it's more pigmented, and black is the strongest color o_o Does it even makes sense?

So if don't be afraid to get blonde hair dye and go dye your hair with it, because it is NOT GONNA make your hair into blonde, but create a medium brown [that most Indonesians want?]


So, does hair dye takes big role in this dyeing process? I say, not necessary. Because most hair dye is just about 9-15USD, and I don't really see much difference between each brands, but people know that I love Palty Hair Dye.

Why is it?

Because I can't get the color that I want on other hair dyes. Said like Milk Tea Blonde, it's difficult to find that color in Indonesia. I know L'Oreal in USA carry similar color, but L'Oreal in Indonesia doesn't provide the color because it's not a trend in here. That's why I use Palty instead, since I can get it easier compared to USA L'Oreal.

So if you ask me, "hey stella, is this xxx hair dye brand good?", "which one is better, this brand or this  brand?", "have you tried the xxx by xxx?"

I honestly have to say, I don't see much difference, I only see the color. If it's the color that I want, then I grab it. I also dare to bleach my hair, so it's much easier for me. I don't suggest you to bleach your hair if you don't treat it properly though, and I really recommend you to bleach your hair at salon, because it can be pretty messy compared to hair dye, if you have never done so

Eh but doesn't mean sasha hair dye is good.. wtf it's just 0,5USD per box! How can you expect it to be good, im too afraid to use it lol

stick with L'Oreal, Wella, Palty, Liese, and so on la.. haha


Okay another frequently asked question is how about blonde hair like mine?

You can not have it without bleaching!

I bleached it like 3-4 times on the last time, and finish it with a hair dye, and not to mention that my hair has been under bleaching prochedure many many times before. I still do my hair by myself, and although you guys think that the color looks ok, but in fact on the back part, it's quite uneven, because I cant see it T___T If you have someone to help you is of course much better!

If you still find it confusing, just go visit professional hair salon, and tell them what color you want, I am sure they know at least this basic coloring process and can get you right. But for those of you who want to dye your hair at home, I hope this would be useful!

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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Flow said...

Sasha is not good! Hahahaha XDD
I was dyeing my hair purple brown when my mom joking about dyeing it with real purple color, like the one from sasha. And then the woman who always dye my hair said your hair gonna be really stiff after you use it. LOOL.

Stella Lee said...

nah, seriously, what the hell is the ingredients inside sasha so they can sell it so cheap! Rp 5000? are u kidding me >___O
But most hair dye around 9-15USD are same quality, and I dont know that there are 50USD hair dye per box so I guess it doesnt really matter lol ?
YEAH of course! dont try!

Farah said...

My friends are using Sasha and... instead of giving nice colors, it really ruins their hair.

Stella Lee said...

Don't bother using sasha, I don't even count it as a hair dye --"

Sanne said...

Great article! Never thought of it this way. i've been using henna for over 2 / 3 years and i love the way it dyes my half dutch half indonesan hair red and i think i'll stick with it!

Stella Lee said...

Great if it helps!
I dont use henna because it has no color that I want but I think it's ok!
And glad that you like your hair! :D stay pretty!

ella said...

Waah suka banget ma posting kamu yg ini. Cz dr hampir sebulan lalu pengen ngewarnain rambut tp takut hasil warnanya g sesuai ma yang aq pengenin. Jadi ini ngebantu banget. :-))

Stella Lee said...

senang deh bisa membantu! :D
Moga-moga cat rambutnya sukses yah! :)

Zara said...

is it possible to get unnatural hair color without bleaching? i bleached my hair when i was like 13 (i'm 16 now) and dyed it pink and the bleached part turned terrible o___o

Stella Lee said...

it's possibly because you bleach it unevenly
if you mess up on bleaching, it will turn out uneven and look bad after coloring process
idk about ur hair so i cant say much though

Nanda said...

Whaa i heard so many ppl rave about Palty. Where can I get one in Jkt? How abt Liese? Is it any good?

Stella Lee said...

I usually buy it when I travel overseas, or get it from , you can try check the site
Never tried liese, read my post thoroughly about my thought about other brands

ella said...

iya makasiih
tapi masih 2 minggu lg ngecat rambut cuz minggu depan kakaknya cowq maw nikah, takut gak cocok kalo pake kebaya tp rambutnya medium brown gt,h3 :-))

Stella Lee said...

haha dulu ak pas graduation pake kebaya pirang-pirang XD alhasil cuman bisa pake kebaya warna coklat XD

Nanda said...

Ok thanks! :D

ella said...

LOL :laugh: , iya makanya aq pending dulu ngecat rambutnya,cuz ntar kalo warna kebayanya g cocok bs2 lucu kliatanya,, :-))

Stella Lee said...

you're welcome :D

Stella Lee said...

Haha ayo ntar kalo udah cat diblog yah! :D

Melisa said...

Hai, rambutnya bagus banget ya pirang gitu. Aku si gamau sampe pirang, tapi mau coba sampe medium brown. Problem is, my hair had been dyed black before. You think it's possible to achieve medium brown color without bleach?? I bought 40% Peroxide and light chestnut (and it's like, medium blonde color) but when I did a strand test, the color barely changed at all. It only changed my hair from jet black to natural black. Ughh so annoying. :(

Stella Lee said...

Hello, I feel that it is possible :-o
How long did you left the hair last time? Did you heat it to fasten the result too? I will be waiting for your reply so we can solve it together! ^^

Melisa said...

Oh God, so sorry I didn't see the message much earlier!! Hehe, well yeah, but when I tried to heat it, it made such a huge huge huge change to the color processing in my hair. It actually got lighter and now am a proud brunette! :D It's nowhere near as light as yours, but it's pretty enough so I'll try to gradually lighten it to a pretty as colour like stylesuzi (who also doesn't bleach her hair). Stella, have you ever try to make your hair go ombre?? :D It'll be stunning since you're blonde.

Stella Lee said...

Hahaha it's okay! ^_^

Yeap! Through heating, the process become faster and easier to be absorbed by your hair!
It's impossible to go this light with asian hair if you dont go bleaching. Suzy has the lightest hair that you can achieve through light blonde hair dye [no bleaching]

Yea I want to go ombre in fact this summer, pink is cool! But my current salon has no pink hair dye :-(

Melisa said...

Loooll, so happy to see that its lightened. How do you manage to avoid all the attention you must be getting by having blonde hair in Jakarta btw?

Aww, that's a shame. Or you can try chalking your hair first, to see if the colors would fit? :D its a quite good alternative hehe

Stella Lee said...

hahaha.. I have been blonde for like.. 7 years? I think I am quite used to the glance already lol
The attention is still there. People look at me positively and negatively.. But it's such a waste of time if I keep thinking about what they think of me. They dont even know me xD Life is too short to be ordinary lol

Misa Lee said...

I feel you dear. It's my 3rd year now and the glance didn't bother me anymore, unless when they call me names I don't like or some wannabe artists I hate lol. And I agree, life is too short to be ordinary lol I keep saying that to all the people who judged and questioned me because of my hair... oh indonesians can be sooo negative when it comes to blonde hair lol I'm really glad I found another beauty blogger who happens to be a gyaru and blonde and more expert of course :D

mustangbeauty said...

Question, My daughter is a natural blonde, and has had black hair for a year, she went and hair all the Black lifted out of her hair NO BLEACH, its now a red color, they used a toner and ash light blonde to tone down the red, any suggesstions on what to do to achieve a blonde color? Since they lifted 6 levels from the black, but again it turned brassy red, they said highlights through out, but she would rather try and get it back to normal by summer

Ellice Tan said...

Hm, I have been thinking of dyeing blond. My hair is currently red, with lighter red highlights. I dyed it during Feb, and the color is now fading and becoming brown. My question is, I do not want to bleach and damage my hair, but is it possible to dye ash blond? How light will my hair be if I don't bleach it?

Laila Gonzalez said...

Your hair looks amazing!
My hair tends to be very dark almost black. Being that you too have grown up dealing with the challenge of coloring your black hair.....
Is there a product or a shampoo you can used regularly to add purple to hair with out the keep up of coloring?
My bangs are bleached and colored two shades of purple. While, Ive left the rest untouched. Ive been searching for a shampoo I used in the past to wash the color into my dark hair. I know it wont be noticeable on a grand scale but i am ok with that.
Any suggestions?
Thank you

Neverland89 said...

Yes.... My mom always get surprised to see the color other choose for her. She never remember it won't turn out as the box.

shangjie said...

I have asian hair too and its a very dark brown basically black, i want a chocolatey colour to it so can i just buy blonde hair dye and use that? if i keep dyeing my hair with the blonde dye will it eventually make my hair a lot lighter since im using blonde dye on lighter coloured hair?
also what if i want coloured streaks in it like a bright pink or blue or something like that, do i have to bleach my hair to get the brightness in the color?

Afrina Frezz said...

OH Thanks for the information ! I love u , arigatou ne , gomen gomen , domo arigatou !! >__<

Sylvia Iphie said...

Lol im i have black indonesian's hair too! I dye it to dark brown today with 1 bottle, does nothing at all! Basiclly i have virgin hair and virgin at dye area too, i thought about your technique before and i knew that 1 is obviously not gonna be enough but i was really scare that ill get too bright, i was laughing so hard after finished it, since nothing is difference, thanks for your tips i think tomorrow im gonna buy medium brown and try it again, second time is charm lol xx

Alicia Mah said...

Hey! What happens if you have black hair (asian hair!) and you dye it platinum blonde without bleach? :0

Mimi rose said...

i want to dye my hair purple without bleach. Is that possible?

VirYap said...

the color won't show up...

Jen Perez said...

Your hair is so gorgeous! I love the gradation from light to dark <3

Claire said...

After you dye it, can you go over that dye with something like Manic Panic (or other extreme hair color brand) and get results from that? How would something like blue or purple turn out on medium brown? What about if you're a tanner skin color, should you chose an ash brown/blonde to dye rather than a regular blonde? (sorry for so many questions) In your opinion, does a deep red look good on tanner Asians?

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