Review : Menard Beauness Lotion

December 29, 2012

 For the past few months I have dedicated my skin by using Menard Skincare. Menard is famous for its skincare range, and I always love Japanese skincare! My skin is very damaged because of trying too many skincare and make up products, therefore I decide to only use one skincare brand now

I use Lisciare Skincare, it is from Menard, and it is not available yet in Indonesia. Probably next year. The Lisciare comes with Pink Packaging, and it is a skin care series that focuses on moisturizing skin, and improving skin texture and firmness.  Basically just to improve skin condition :D

But, my skin is acne-prone, and mostly because of hormones, I get new pimples every month ;_; Ladies, you must know "that time".. ;-(
I also suffer from acne scar.. Therefore, my skin needs a boost.. !
That's why I add a product from Menard too, called Beauness Lotion, as an additional! :D

Menard Beauness Toner is one of the best selling products from Menard, and I can see why, because most of girls have unstable skin condition, especially during Time of the Month. Lucky for those of you who have beautiful flawless skin :(

The bottle comes with transparent green bottle packaging, and comes with metallic silver cap. It is in fact quite sturdy, although it is from glass, but it is quite strong. The beauness lotion although also works as a toner, but I mostly use it as second toner, or an additional serum boost for problematic areas 

It comes with 160ml liquid products, and recommended amount of per usage is about 2,5ml. Means it will last for 2 months if you use it every night..

The lotion itself is transparent liquid with very watery texture, almost like mineral water. It has a light scent that's, very difficult to describe. I can say that it smells like Lancome Vissionaire, but lighter~ It reminds me of a mixture of forest leaf and fresh water, very natural scent lol

It absorbs very easily into the skin, leaving the skin very supple and fresh. I usually pour adequate amount on cotton pad, and pat my face, especially the acne spots, with it. The liquid has cooling sensation that makes the irritated skin and acne areas soothed. 

After 2-3 months, I can tell that my acne scars are reduced, and less prominent. I also have less new pimples during time of month, it helps reducing but not entirely gone, because the acnes are from hormones / inside >.<

I also use this sometimes as a mask! Soak the cotton pad with the toner, as wet as possible. Then divide the cotton pad into 3/4 pieces, and stretch it so it will be something like this =

And leave it for 10-15 minutes, before moving on to your skincare regime.. 
I usually do this once a week, just for instant supply! :D 

Also, most of acne treatments will make your skin feels dry, but this one gives great moisture too! That's why I wont have flaky skin like I always did when using acne treatment ^_^ Very recommended!

I am on my 2nd bottle btw XD I think Menard is the only skincare that I used till the last drop of product haha

Final Opinion =

Pros : 
  • Comes with luxury but simple packaging
  • Suitable for any skin type
  • Watery texture, absorbed easily by skin
  • Gives supple and fresh feeling after usage
  • Reduces acne and acne scars
  • Soothing irritated areas
  • Moisturizing

Cons :
  • Expensive
  • Requires some times to see visible result

You may go to Menard counter to check this lotion. It is around Rp 600.000 for one big bottle, and I must admit it is very pricey T_T But it is very rare to get a product to treat acne, that doesn't dry your skin. Moreover, it works nicely, although for bad acne, it needs long time to see prominent result. But if you use it regularly, it will do your face good!

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  1. waaa,,kelihatannya bagus banget y menard >w<..
    kulit q juga sensitif,, jerawat dan komedo TT
    stella ada cara untuk menghilangkan komedo dan menutup pori2 bekas komedo?

  2. Mw tny stel, kl di jepang menard itu brpan y?mahal bgt di indo 600rb, ap krn ongkos kirim dr jepang nya :o ntr kl ke jpg, nitip sm kmu boleh gk >.< lol
    Mukaku ad bekas scar gara2 jerawat & gk cocok ke beauty center T.T

    Tx before...

  3. avail di Indo yaa? and ya, It's pricey... *sigh* kinda look a cheaper price than that... ^^