Japan I am coming!!

December 14, 2012

I just got my Japan Visa YAAAAYYYYYYYYYY
*cries in happiness*

Seriously when I went to embassy today, my legs were a little shaken as I was so nervous, what if I were rejected TT____TT And this morning I had a dream I ate taiyaki with my friends wtf

But I pass yayyyy

Hide my face + last name :x

It's been my dream since I was a child to visit Japan

I have always loved Japan ever since I could remember. Something about this country captivates me, completely. But all this time I only could dream that someday Japan would give me free ticket or get my parents pay for me.. 

Because seriously, Japan is very expensive, and it's not like my parents can afford family trip to there as we have other things to take care about :x and getting them pay for my own personal trip, while me having fun and they're working hard, is just not on my list

but then, I met friends from Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Award year ago from Japan, and they offer me their nice hospitality and say I can stay at their home. And though I am afraid will trouble them, but they're so nice and kind and so I shamelessly will be staying at one of my friend's home to reduce the holiday cost

left to right = Shintaro, me, a guy that I dunno wtf, Yuta

So it's like the major point why I can go to Japan! Because it wont be that expensive anymore, since hotel in Japan is ridiculously expensive T___T

I cannot describe it in detail but it is seriously very difficult to the point I can cry and feel that it is almost impossible... Because besides collecting money for Japan, I have to pay for some stuffs as well and I take so many jobs till my body almost cant survive :x

I still have to finish my homeworks, and try my best, so I dont fail. Also I take art & design faculty so the homeworks are A LOT. Then I go working after that la.. Not to mention still maintain my blog, and I need time to, play games :x *uhuk*

Probably some of you will say "just chill it out, you can always go later"... Well, if I can do it as soon as possible, why need to delay it?

Also, I always want to see snow so winter is perfect. Not to mention that I have always wanted to shop in Japan but the prices are ridiculous, so I must go in New Year where they sell fukubukuro [google it if you dunno]

I just hope that The mayans are wrong, otherwise I could be hantu penasaran cos the world ends on 21st Dec 2012 LOL

After all a year with hard work, tears, sweat and blood, I finally managed it!! T____T
Cannot write everythings because it's very drama-ish, as so many things happened to the point I could think "probably I should just not go to Japan, maybe I am not meant to"
But in the end, I do!!

I have told all my sponsors that I am going to Japan so I reject all the sponsored items for the time being :D Also that means I wont be updating my blog about beauty review while I am there, cos I want to have holiday to the fullest T___T please understand

I will still be bringing my laptop so I will update my life in japan, but if you are not interested in my Japan trip, then you can probably come back again on Feb! XDDD But I cannot promise either haha.. If I have so many things to talk about Japan, probably gonna have lotsa lotsa posts! Who knows!!

I am going to Tokyo, Japan, from 30th December - 20th January!!! ^.^
I am staying at my friend's, Shintaro's home.. And in case you say "eeuuwww Stella spent a night at a man's home" and some bad rumors will spread again, please keep in mind that he has a wife already that lives with him lol and I will be eating her wife's Japanese cook that I dream of *___* Homemade japanese cookingggg <3 <3 <3 It's the best way to experience the real Japanese culture and cuisine!!

Yuta is also from Japan but I decide to stay at Shintaro's instead because Yuta has a son already, and her wife is pregnant at the moment. And by the time I come there, she's supposed to give a birth awwww. I wanna visitttt T___T Hopefully both mother and the child are safe and healthy!

And there will be 4 days and 3 days from 15-18th January 2013 where I have SPONSORED TRIP from Menard Japan yay!!! 
Menard Japan knows that I am going there so they offer me hospitality to visit their office and salon in Aoyama-Nagoya!! :D 
Also I will be staying at their super luxurious resort called Menard Aoyama Resort & I am super excited!! Experience the real Ryokan [japanese hotel] and eat their sashimi and such!!! T____T

So within this trip I am gonna experience the homestay and tour feeling, in one lol
With the cheapest price you could imagine :x

And no, I cannot help you to buy stuffs that you want. So please dont ask "can I ask you to buy you this...?" because = 

1. My luggage is only 20/25kg's?
2. winter clothes are thick and heavy
3. I will be staying for 3 weeks!!! o.o  Imagine how many clothes i must have ugh

Not like I do not care about you, but I want to enjoy my trip to the fullest please T___T Cos, it's my dreammmm T____T

I am writing while still feel surreal that I am going to Japan in a few weeks.. I told my mom I probably could kiss Haneda Airport's floor when I arrive -___-
Because the feeling for working so hard for something that you want to, is really, unthinkable..

My itinerary for 3 weeks are quite packed, yet dunno what to do either lol Cos, seriously? 3 weeks? o.O Longest holiday trip ever!

I am just going for New Year Shopping at Shibuya-Harajuku-Omotesando, Disneyland Disneysea are a must, visit Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Sky Tree, Akibahara, Roppongi, Shinjuku. Also I am going to visit Kyoto area as well with Shintaro's family, her wife is from there so she suggests to visit it as well, Not to mention Menard trip yey :p

I will be updating my instagram or twitter more I guess, so if you're interested you may find me at stellalee92 for both account, follow me there to get updated with my Japan trip! ^.^

Also today I was invited by Shunji Matsuo to try their cutting!!
Impressed cos it's so detailed and neat!! But I asked the stylist to cut my bangs higher than it's supposed to be, so I wont have to come back again before my Japan trip :D

My hair is getting better yes, thank you for all the supports!! :D
I used new shampoo from innisfree *review soon* and also treatments from L'Oreal professional. It helps my hair a lot, still damaged but much better than before :x

Okay I am off now! It's so late already! Must wash face and do my final exam!! Bye now!

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  1. bravo for stella lee ,,bring lots of pict about harajuku style and make up,,,,,

  2. Congrats, stella^^ finally u got what u want and hv a nice trip ^^
    shalom, yunita =)