Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Well Hello There Kuala Lumpur! Attending Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards 2011

If you guys followed me on twitter, you must have known that I was away last weekend for attending Nuffnang Award Party! Yea, I am still on my exam but I adjusted my schedule to be able to attend it! Lucky that last Friday I had no class, but still, I have so many projects for exams therefore I have to finish all of them before I fly to KL, right? So for the past week I lack of sleep, only like 3 hours each day, its just for, Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Award!

If you dunno nuffnang, youre missin out ok! Hahaha.. Nuffnang hasnt opened any branch in Indonesia, but I know the founder, Timothy and Boss Ming, and so Tim asked me to come there, also can ask other blogger friends of mine. I mailed many bloggers, but mostly couldn't attend because they were going overseas at that time, had work, or even had time to attend in their own town. Oh well :(

Soooo... only Cilla who could come with me, basically she knew Nuffnang too so it's really easier to ask her to join me because I dont really have to tell her what nuffnang is, while others ask me to explain nuffnang. Well, complicated y'know lol Indo bloggers still dunno Nuffnang yet so its kinda difficult haha

Oh and its Sochi! Sochi is Singaporean gyaru and we talked through whatsapp a lot before the event, we know each other because we individually made post about nuffnang and keep in touch up to now. I am super excited to meet her because she's the first gyaru that I encountered in my whole life! She also likes visual kei, especially Miyavi, but I am more into Gazette haha. Well nuff of the story, still have so many things to write about so I really have to divide my trip to many posts ok! :D

now move on!

Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Award is an annual event of Nuffnang Company, this time located at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and we're staying at Putra Jaya Mariott. I have to catch my flight early in the morning so I dont even bother to put make up, that's what sunglasses are for! lol

So I was drinking starbucks while waiting for the plane, I drank cappucino lor! I never really liked coffee before this but recently I am addicted with the taste! o_o FML am I old already?

A lot of my friends also sent me texts to take care in KL and bring them souvenirs lol! All so nice! Mom even got worried a lot though this is the second time I went abroad without her, last time was in Taiwan but I went out with my friends and teacher. This time, Mom doesnt know anyone who I go with so she's practically really worried :( But I can take care of myself, and Im pretty much sure that all the bloggers are nice, so I accept the challenge wtf!


I arrived at the hotel around 2, and amazed by the lobby. Putra Jaya Mariott has this big christmas tree to show their Christmas spirit. Also the building is really huge and awesome!


Ok no make up face wtf. Prepared to take a shower and doll up, I have 4 hours to do my make up and hair! Must do best best best~! I looked pretty tired, didnt I? lol




Finished look! 4 hours is not a waste, I'm inspired by Sakurina Ageha style, look good or not? LOL


So went down to the main hall but my bad habit is, when I get nervous or stressed out, my tummy becomes really cold and I get painful stomachache after minutes! I was super worried because nobody knows me, and I'm sure everyone knows everyone, while I'd be left behind, and just sat on the corner, singing song by myself FML

Because y'know, I was never really a Nuffnang Blogger, I was super afraid LOL and my english speaking is never good, especially because I havent talked to anyone directly in english for the past few years therefore I wasnt confident :S




With Tim! The co-founder of Nuffnang! Just got engaged with her super pretty fiancee! Haha!

See my face, super nervous, tried so hard to smile but ended up like that >___>;; I looked so stiff

I told Tim about how nervous I was and he was like "oh that's fine that's fine, I will introduce you to some bloggers!" But I almost fell on my way there and couldn't handle the pain on tummy wtf! LOL;;;;; I was worried would be rejected like "oh hello, Indonesian? uh , ok  . . . . *turns around and talks to their friends again*" LOL




I met with Malaysian bloggers first and they asked me to take photos with them and even asked me a lot about my blog, my flight, my hair. So many afterwards asked me to took picture together with em I am touched, why u wanna take pic with a crap blogger from Indo T_____T




Stomachache gone! For a while! Haha! Sorry I cant remember every single one of you because I have short memory, but I have given em my name card so I hoped they would email me [some already did] and could keep in touch! :D

I also took photos with a lot of other bloggers such as from Thailand, and Sing, but I didn't have the photos with me because using their cams, so yeah :(

And the longer I stay there, the more I see bloggers, of course, 550 people from all around Asia Pacific. Named Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Australia, Hong Kong, etc


Then I saw someone with pink hair, which of course the super big blogger XIAXUE la! I really wanted to take pic with her but I was super afraid because she's so petite and cute, so pretty, her hair is awesome too! After 15 minutes arguing with malay bloggers whom supported me to take pic with her, I dared myself to ask her, and she was like "sure" kindly! T___T

She even told me why I looked so nervous. well, coz youre so pretty, Xiaxue T____T


Cannot stand up properly next to her! ;_;

Then Malay bloggers told me that there were Cheesie and Aud on the corner, and I was like "WUTTTTT!!!!" So I sneaked out to see em from far away and amazed because they have amazing style and so pretty! Aud hair looks so awesome at that night, love the color and its super smooth! While Cheesie's fashion was really captivating, and I didnt dare to look at em!! T_T

What surprised me is Cheesie is quite petite in real when she looks super tall on the photo! Amazing lor! She has nice body figure and proportions which make all of that happens. So after kept panicking, I asked them, legs shaken, "could I take pic with both of you?"

Cheesie was looking at me and asked "Are you Stella, right?"


Aud was like "Oh youre Stella?"


How could you know!! Then they told me because i have tweeted them before a few times and my hair is blonde, so they remembered. Okay then, thank you my blonde hair, everyone knows me for that *kiss the split ends blonde hair*


I look shit next to em, PS myself like crazy because I was super nervous and both of em are super pretty, Beauty and the Beast in real life T_T

Movin on, I was still looking for Sochii, then I saw mori gyaru hair from far away, so I approached, and its true! It's sochii yeayyy!


Not as nervous as when took picture with XX and the others lol Sochii is super pretty and skinny! Envy envy! So tall as well! Asked her to lower her body so I didn't look that short


Then I also met other singaporeans, Lenne, finalist for fashion blog, and also Jean. All have good styles, awesome!


OH And I met Ce Leony from ourverydaythings! She's a singaporean nuffnang, nominated for best parenting blog! But know what, she's in fact an Indonesian like me! And Her home used to on same area with my old home!! Well hello there neighbour! XD


Then I met Janice! Mostly known as Chaigyaru! I know her even when she's on her youtube channel s0rmu1. She's really tall and pretty, her dress is gorgeous as well! And she's super kind too, she told me that my lashes almost fell, and even lend me her glue and mirror! T___T Super nice!! And her skin is mad gorgeous, she told me she had never had any acne before, how come! :-S Jealous! lol

Ok why everyone sounds tall in my blog haha, Guess I'm super short then? lol


So last photo is with Xiaxue and Cheesie again, this time I was much more well behaved and calm so the photo turns out better than before! LOL

That night, there was more stories and this is just the beginning, just want to share you a few stories behind the Nuffnang Blog Awards in 2011! And more posts and interesting stories will be coming! Please stay tuned, and have a nice day everyone ^_^u


stellalee_92 said...

sochii keliatan lbih kurus mgkn karna dia lbih tinggi, tapi si cheesie aslinya lebih kurus, itu serius kurus banget o_o ah tapi smuanya kurus, im the only fat one there LOL

sorry for makin u jealous lol but there are still a lot of stuffs to be written about which will make u jealous XD *gets slapped by you* lol
makasih, its an old dress though ^.^

stellalee_92 said...

haha yea gotta be, I would too if I were you lol
prob next time you can join it as well! :D

stellalee_92 said...

it\'s an old dress in fact LOL thank you for loving it! :D

Rachel said...

I love your hair!! and your black dress is awesome!!!

xx, Rachel♥

nindy said...

Huwaaa stella jahat, aku gak diajak T_T

Nonton napbas live plus foto bareng super blogger se asia pasific. Good job stella, im jealous here. lol. no, seriously.

itu si sochi kurus banget ya, lebih kurus dari cheese ternyata.

love your dress dear, cantik :)

stellalee_92 said...

Because Nuffnang has no branch in Indo? hahahaha, ok la im pretty negative and low self-esteem in fact, sorry lol
guess its because of the camera >D y\'know, photos can cheat!
nice to meet u too! ^_^

LEon said...

Why do you think people will turn around after they know you are an Indonesian even when you are in Malaysia? Funny.

Btw your photo of the hotel is great. Make it better on photo than the real thing. LOL

It's a pleasure to meet you Stella. :)

stellalee_92 said...

YEA RIGHT :heart: why all of u so kind! T________T *hugs malay*

Vince said...

See, told you we bloggers are all very friendly! :D

stellalee_92 said...

Yea I\'m really thankful to be invited by Tim there! ^__^ <3
I put so much effort at that night to have my hair look gorgeous haha, I even dyed the roots 2 days before, the color is kinda uneven in fact in real, but lets say that the camera helps me LOL

Yeah she\'s so pretty and petite! She\'s also really nice and sweet. Love her!

stellalee_92 said...

It was really nice meetin u too, unfortunately only can meet once because u didnt join the tour. Next time can meet again! ^_^
Hahaha, thank you, im really happy you like it :D

stellalee_92 said...

hahahaha, hello P\'Gab! Sawadeekab! :D
YEAH! That\'s because everyone so nice to me! Wouldn\'t have made friends that many if it wasn\'t because of everyone\'s kindness :)
Youre my friend too <3 Thailand bloggers are awesome!
No it wasnt ur fault, it is the hotel\'s fault, which I will blog about it on my next post! also about the toothpaste lol
When will u blog about it? ^____^

Isaac Tan said...

I see myself! Lol , and it was awesome getting to know you. Lol! I like the way you did this writeup. Very funny and nicely done!!

Gabby said...

Hey Stella, like a star, lol

You look so glamorous and after all you made tons of friends there! Sorry that we almost got into your room while you were dolling yourself up. Can't wait to check out later posts about the trip :)

stellalee_92 said...

HELLO!!! *hugs*
yeah she\'s priscillaclara.com :D
How are you! Missing you <3

Glow said...

Stella! it's me the Malay lols...actually Malaysian. May I have your friends blog link? want to link both of you in my blog^^

stellalee_92 said...

khop khun kha! :D I am in fact never really good in meeting new people, so I talk a lot of nonsense especially with bad english lol
yea, especially about the water and such :S wonder if others notice it as well
HHAHAHAHA! such a waste! Next time u should just call the room service and ask them to send it for you ^__^
Ohh, you all had meet up in thai first? awesome! want to read want to read! :D make it soonnnn *shakes you*

Sochii said...

lol. two corrections >A<;;; its Sochii and I PREFER GAZETTE MORE THAN MIYAVI. llolololol. Aoi <3

Yo She Phine said...

OMG.. lucky you ><

i wish i were there O.O but even i was there, they wouldn't notice me.. who the hell i am --"


thanks for sharing~~~~


Dreamy Princess said...

What an amazing event. There are lots of gorgeous ppl.

You look awesome. I love your hair so much!^^

Xiaxue is really cute and petite. I would be nervous too if I had a chance to stand next to her xpp

I also love the hotel. What a spacious space and beautiful xmas tree <3


Dreamy Princess

stellalee_92 said...

Hello Ginny! Yea everyone were dolled up for this big event, too bad we couldn\'t chat at that time!

Go for the style! i wanted to do otona but since I\'m not otona yet, I guess I will stick with the usual, y\'know, lovin my soon-to-be-gone-youth lol or else will regret haha

stellalee_92 said...

I guess that\'s really mainly the reason. You all told me when we were eating nasi lemak as well right? that the water\'s like tap water
But I am fine, so i guess im strong LOL
HAHAHAHAHA No la you breath just fine, i dont smell anything, is it why u speak less? LOL

Ginny said...

Hei Stella, this is me Ginny!

Awww... you girls looks so pretty!

i must work harder to show my effort on otona kawaii style too! :))

stellalee_92 said...

hahaha i thought they wouldn\'t notice me either la but everyone were so nice and kind to me!
I gotta thanks my hair, just be active and talk to em first, dont be shy lol

stellalee_92 said...

why double i? LOL
oh yea i totally forgot about that im sorry! LOL My memory is bad, lyk seriously lolol
prob if u go to jap, ask yuta-san to bring u to aoi, go to gazette concert instead! :D

Gabby said...

Sawasdee krab :)

You are really friendly as well, so that helps! The hotel mix-ups (and all the bad stuff) were quite horrendous. I will blog about that for sure ;)

The toothpaste was left in the room, sadly. P'Pat (my IT blogger roommate) and I used it for only three or four times altogether. Poor Colgate toothpaste! It doesn't get to live to its true purpose.

I'm writing the first part of the trip in Thai. Still have all the Thai parts AND the English version left to write. Might take a few days :-?

Gabby said...

Hmmm... the water. Like drinking water? Are we thinking about the same thing?

Silly me for not realizing that the front office should make it happen. I went on a whole day not brushing my teeth. Sorry if my breath somehow offended you guys haha.

Anonymous said...

Shit la i'm so jealous! XD
but eh glad you had a good time! :D

Isaac Tan said...

i do hope there will be a 2nd time though.. maybe sometime in the future. I have linked your blog on my blogroll, so whenever you update I will be here. Hehe :)

Gabriella Olivia said...

omg you met cheese and xiaxue! i envy you soooo much! but you look good, esp the eye make up, lovely! <3

Gabriella Olivia said...

gah i mean cheesie >.<

priscillaclara said...

Hello Stella! ^^
Wow, you made the post already a! So fast.. T___T
So happy that I have the chance to go Napbas with you and be your roommate, hehe.. :-*
What an adventure! Can't wait for the next one.. :clap:

Lenne said...

Nice makeup! You looked very pretty in person too! ^^

My name is Lenne not aetienne la! Hahaha.

Stella Lee said...

Coz I am excited :3
Yea hopefully there would be this kind of event again sooner!

Stella Lee said...

OKAY SORRYYYYY LENNEEE *blows kisses* coz I saw your blog url only! I am super bad remembering people's name LOL sorry la ok ok xD
took me 4 hours, i am ugly w/o make up, youve seen me before. Your skin is really gorgeous! Share the tips with me! T_T

Stella Lee said...

Thank you! I've liked ur fb right, so can see it through there, I'm much more active on fb in fact haha

Stella Lee said...

YEA I MET THEM AND THEY'RE SO NICE AND PRETTYYYY >.< :heart: :heart: :heart:
If I were a boy, I would fall over them wtf

thank you for the compliment! :D I look shit next to em though coz theyre awesome, hahaha

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[...] นั่งโต๊ะเดียวกับผม ก็ได้เขียนบล็อกเรื่องงานประกาศรางวัล Nuffna... [...]

Jean said...

Hello there, oracle.

Lenne said...

WHERE GOT?! My skin is in pretty bad shape ;___; Jean, on the other hand, really has perfect skin. #envy

You're not ugly without makeup don't say that!! Also, teach me how to paste bottom lashes without tearing my natural ones off please ^^

Stella Lee said...

what girl, u miss me already? lol

Stella Lee said...

my skin was disaster w/o make up in malay, the weather cracks it. yea jean's skin is really smooth. why o tell me why T_T
sure can a! when i visit sing ok! i wanna visit sing next month in fact, our jap boys go there for work, but i have no money for hotel LOL so, dunno where can play again T___T i miss ya lenne

vheii said...

happy for youuuuu it must be sooo amazing there! so many amazing ppl, many beautiful blogger *___* be confident lah, body situ juga bags >______<

Stella Lee said...

not only beautiful but also famous! hahaha
naaahhh... I'm in fact pretty kuntet and gendut in real LOL

Angels said...

I was waiting for you to do live tweet about the event but u didnt hiks T__T

But.. so happy for u, Stel to be able to meet a lot of bloggers from around Asia! ^^

Stella Lee said...

I couldnt do the live tweet because I took out my sim card or I would get charged LOL sorryyyyy
Yea I even made some good friends from there! Unfortunately I cannot talk to everyone as there are too many people, still manage to keep in touch with some though ;-)

Jess said...

Hello babe !!!! U looked absolutely goegeous like superstar with your blonde hair, I bet everyone will remember about you from that night !!! Anytime come to KL for shopping, give me a call babe!!! If am going to Jakarta will call you out for shopping too! Nice meeting you, you are so cute and pretty too!! Glad you enjoy your trip to Msia :DD :inlove:

Stella Lee said...

Hahaha, not reaching superstar la but thank you for being so kind at that time!
Sure sure I will let you and other bloggers know if I visit malaysia, and whenever you come to my city, just send me mail ok! :hearT:

Jess said...

Ah I am going Medan next week and Bali in Jan and Bandung in May. Now i got a good reason to go to Jakarta....shall plan one nowww

Ginny said...

Haha! Good for that! Since I am otona already! I should give it a try! ;)

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[...] Hello There Kuala Lumpur! Attending Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards 2011Well Hello There Kuala Lumpur! Attending Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards 2011 .recentcomments a{display:inline !important;padding:0 !important;margin:0 [...]

kei said...

wooo, invited into napbas...
never know if there's an indonesian blogger too in napbas (since all I know nuffnang ga ada di indo kan)
I wish someday I could meet asian pasific famous blogger too :).

btw, you look really pretty ^^.

Stella Lee said...

Hahahaha.. Yeap! Tim invited me! He is so nice!
And he said I could bring some friends also, I invited a few but only Cilla who could go with me :(

Go ask him to make nuffnang branch in Indo X) hahahhaa

Thank you, but I am seriously nobody compared to the others, all are so pretty! <3

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