K-Palette Shiny Star Eyes Review and Swatches

December 09, 2011

K-Palette is super popular with its eyeliner, but I never knew before that k-Palette also produces other beauty stuffs as well, and one of them, is eyeshadow palette. Comes in many shades to choose from, I got 2 pieces to try from BeautyCarousel in Black Star and Safari Star!


An eye colour palette with excellent texture and graduating tones to create different looks – metallic, smoky, luscious. Mix and highlight to bring out the contour of the eyes for a fascinating effect.

The palette comes with its dual ended brush which is too small in my opinion, and the packaging is different than any other cute japanese drugstore beauty products. It looks cheap, so I kinda underestimate the result a little, but since it stands under K-Palette name, I think I should give it a try. It comes without mirror so if you bring it when youre traveling, make sure you have your own mirror



Surprisingly the eyeshadow is pretty vivid and super smooth! It stays really long, and pretty easy to blend so you can create smokey eyes with this palette easily. The color turns out pretty nice much more in real life compared to the photo. Unfortunately its somehow too shimmery so you have to careful when using this palette unless you want to look dramatic. I wish they would come with one matte eyeshadow instead of 4 shimmery eyeshadows though


Safari Star looks really pretty and vivid, but the third color is much more pigmented than the darkest brown color there. I like how glamorous it is when I used it to create my Sakurina inspired make up tutorial! ^_^


Black Star is an ashy grey color which looks so cool and gives frosty finish, I believe smokey eyes would be pretty awesome when created using this color, cant wait to make a vid of it!

Build up the intensity is really easy in this palette so you dont have to worry about less pigmentation with this palette. The color doesn't fall out easily neither smudgy. It stays really nice on my lids, and although I always recommend eye primer, this palette can stand on its own because of its consistency so its really promising

Final Opinion

Pros :

  • Goes on smoothly

  • Last long

  • Easy to build up the color

  • Affordable

  • Doesn't fall out

Cons :

  • Cheap packaging

  • Too shimmery

Overall, I love this product so much despite the cheap packaging, as expected from a drugstore make up. It 's somehow too shimmery for my taste but unexpectedly the color turns out pretty well and pops your eyes out a lot. It looks gorgeous if you wear it on night out, especially as new year is coming closer! You can create any look with this palette and look enchanting. Get everyone's eyes on yours! :)

Beautycarousel is having Christmas Sale up to 70%, the original price is S$26.90 [around USD 20USD] but it's reduced to S$17.90 [around USD 14] for each palette. So its definitely a good deal!  You can buy Safari Star HERE and Black Star HERE . Or probably you can browse around to find color that you like, they offer free shipping worldwide!

How are you going to do your make up this new year? :)

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