Friday, December 16, 2011

OPI No Spain No Gain Review and Swatches


OPI No Spain No Gain is an amazing color from OPI Espana Collection, It's a dark plum color but if you take your photos with flash, it turns out into beautyiful red berry color! Duniakutek sent me one to try this and share it with you all! :D

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The color is pretty opaque and has glossy finish! Not every OPI has great color consistency but this one offers a great coverage, in this swatch I only use one coat! Believe it or not! :O See with your own eyes !

the photo above is using flash, therefore the color becomes a gorgeous dark red color. See the color is prettily vivid and gorgeous even only one coat, if you want better coverage, you can also use 2 or 3 coats!

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While this photo is taken without flash, showing of its glossiness of dark purple color. It's pretty elegant, and can be pulled off in many occasions. Also it will look gorgeous if you combine it with purple lips as well, look gothic yet feminine? why not with this nail polish? :D

You can order it on , check out their website as they also offer a great amount of branded nail polish collections, you can order the ready stock or place your order for pre-order items if your wanted products are not in stock!

Personally I love the color but I think it's too mature for me, it would look great on my mom's fingers though! I think I shall give it for her on mother's day! You can also order it for your mom! hehe

Mother's day is coming soon, what do you think you will give to her?

P.S OPI No Spain No Gain is a nice choice though! :p


stellalee_92 said...

Yes I\'m from Jakarta ^_^ haha, yea, the style is not popular here and nobody follows it :S
thank you, will do a lot of reviews after this!

stellalee_92 said...

Of course I do remember you dude! SUP! :D

stellalee_92 said...

thank you dear! are you a gyaru too? :D

Lia WP said...

wow so glad to see a lovely gyaru in jakarta <3 pls do more posts on beauty cos I'm enjoying gyaru style a lot! x

stellalee_92 said...

Yea! I can\'t believe that it\'s really that opaque either at first! :D

sure you can check! Besides they have a lot of color collections right :3

Isaac Tan said...

thank you for dropping by my blog Stella! much appreciated :) have followed you on Twitter, and also this blog :) Do keep in touch. And it was great meeting you at NAPBAS! :)

Flow said...

Wow, for one coat, the color did come out strong. It's a very mature color I think XDD But my mom didn't like dark color tho, so maybe one from femme de cirque collection? Hahahaha

Vince said...

Ohhhh hello. We met at the Blog Awards, hope you still remember me! :P

stellalee_92 said...

Keep in touch dear! It is really a great time at NAPBAS! Awesome stuff! I hope we could meet again in the future! :D

Anonymous said...

Dear, you are living in Jakarta? can't believe there's such a beautiful gyaru here! Always love love gyaru style <3 Hope to see more beauty reviews! x

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