Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Broken HDD, Latest Haul + Photos


In fact I wanted to make a continuation post about my trip to KL + Nuffnang Asia Pacific Award, but I accidentally dropped my Hard Disk Drive a few days ago and without a doubt, its broken . . . And I was like . .



For first and second days, I just left it like that, because it happened a few times before. Dont ask me why, I am never good in keeping stuffs. All my friends know that no stuffs in my home can be good after 3 months with me. .


But this time I think it just gets serious, it wont connect to my laptop, anddddd all my photos + datas are inside the HDD


I spent my holiday finding a way to recover all the data, and my twitter followers + friends are so nice since they help me, but the result is, zero. It's dead. RIP.. The only way to get the data is to bring it to service counter and I have to pay ridiculous amount, which in fact can be used again for trip to Singapore WTF so I had super complicated day, between choosing paying certain amount to get all the photos back, or let it go and prob the money can be used to visit Sochii, Lenne, and the others in Singapore FML

I have decided

Recover the data!


So I sent my HDD to a computer store in Bandung, I know the store from Kaskus, and it has great reputation there, lets not mention how much I pay, I just wished it come back to me safe and sound. I am seriously broke this holiday


So, these are my hauls this December that I purchased before being broke =


Order it through sasa online. Just a lipgloss from Candy Doll in Macaroon Pink, AB Mezical eye fibre, and Juju Aquamoist Bubble Facial Cleanser


And these are haul from Malaysia that I bought in Sasa and Watsons, not that many since I have no time to shop

I bought Biotherm Sleeping Mask, Hada Labo Cleansing Oil, Gatsby Hair Spray and Lucido-L gel in Watsons when I visited KLCC with Pupe, Kirari, and so on

Bough Sasa Masks and Canmake Cream Cheek in Sasa Pavilion + The Face Shop Nail Polishes when I visited Pavilion with Sochii, Yuta-Aniki, and Shintaro-nisan

And 4 masks on bottom right is Sochii's presents for me! Yeay! :heart:


And lastly, I decided to have a /cool/ and /otona/ photoshoot. I didnt wear my circle lenses nor put double eyelid tape. I even wore my dark brown wig. Not a gyaru make up or photoshoot, I just want something different this time. And no worry, I wear tube top, not naked ok! LOL



After all, I think I look better and more fun with Blonde hair, it makes me different haha. I think I am not ready to ditch all my gyaru make up and styles, I still cant get used to get my photos taken without big false eyelashes and so on LOL

What do you think about the photoshoot? Like my black or blonde hair more? :)


Ninoshka said...

Stella!!! *_* awwww you got lots of pretty stuff! and you look beautiful in your photoshoot *____*! but I like you better with blonde hair hahaha XDD.
Black hair makes you look hot though o__o! :heart: hope you can recover all your data soon :) lov ya!!!!

Stella Lee said...

Hahaha not as many as others, but enough to make me broke yeeah LOL
:laugh: I like myself with blonde too! LOL *gets punched*
thanks! T___T I hope it would be okay soon too *hugs*

Chino-chan said...

>.< sorry to hear that... btw you got so lots of interesting stuff :D I wanna purchase from Sasa.com but dunno how.. :(

And love your photo :) you looks different without your blonde hair.

Stella Lee said...

I mostly spend 75USD so i can get free shipping, just add products to your cart and pay with choices. I mostly use paypal but they can accept visa and other cards too. if wanna ask, you can go to their fb www.facebook.com/sasaonline and ask the staff there :)
Hahaha, I think I look different because of the make up, its just simple eyeliner and red lips lol
thank you though :heart:

Glow said...

wow i like this hair! but i like the blonde too! you look great in both ^^ i hope ur HDD can recover~

Stella Lee said...

I prefer blonde, a lot, though LOLOL
thank youuuuuuu T_________T hows ur day!

eve said...

so sorry for your HDD T^T
you look so different on the photo shoot >o< both blonde and dark hair really suit you, beautiful :D

tikka said...

i choose the black one. But i love that photo shoot ^0^. Nice Picture ^^

Stella Lee said...

Why you love the black one! lol
Thanks <333

Stella Lee said...

thank you T^T)\
haha, I cannot recognize myself either lol but thank you <3

severuslove said...

i can imagine how u feel when the HDD dropped....(O___O)
i'm so bad to keeping electronic stuff, really~

btw i like the black style...:D
u look hot and so much different...hehe
maybe bcoz ur icon is "blonde" for me..:D
but, you look great in both ^^


Stella Lee said...

*high five* T____T All the before photos when I did skincare review are also there (/T_T)/
Haha, thank you.. I will stick with blonde for a while LOL

yaoi said...

you're so pretty la
i really love your eyes,where did you buy dolly wink liquid pencil eyeliner? i live in Indonesia and i have found it once, it's about 180.000 .___. quiet expensive huh? but it's give an excellent result?

Stella Lee said...

I dont really like the pencil eyeliner, I purchased the liquid eyeliner because its so easy to use. For pencil eyeliner, I use MAC instead
I've reviewed about Dolly WInk Liquid Liner before, you can check my old post
if youre in tight budget, i think purchasing an expensive eyeliner is not a good choice, I prefer to invest more on face products

Anonymous said...

I think youre pretty with blonde and dark hair babe! I toned down gyaru a lot, becoz I felt ugly and couldn't recognize 'myself' without make-up. I never went out without full gyaru make, sometimes I even slept with my lashes (not contacts tho) =.= .. crazy eh i know.. that's why I try to let my skin breathe for a little while now XD

but i dun like it when you photoshop too much, you're super pretty already, u dun need it la! :-*

Stella Lee said...

I dont wear gyaru make for everyday either, Lotsa big reasons that prevent me from it.. Mostly I only put BB Cream and lip tint for everyday :)

pink said...

does bb cream make your skin damaged? -__- my friend said it can damaged your skin if you use it so many times, really?

Stella Lee said...

if you dont clean it properly, it will damage your skin for sure. BB Cream is a cosmetic product, therefore it's like foundation or powder. That's why you have to clean it properly or it will become bad to your skin. But in fact, it's much much better and lighter than foundation
just do double cleansing. First use cleansing oil to remove BB Cream, then clean ur face using cleansing wash. Follow up with your skin regime :)

Stella Lee said...

anyway, can you just write your identity same? u use so many different names to comment on my blog, i dont get the point :s

Duka said...

Hey Stella. :)
I like your blonde hair more.
and I love HADALABO stuff. I'm almost finished with my first bottle!

Stella Lee said...

Hello Duka! :) Thanks for liking my blonde! haha
And yes~!! Hada Labo is one of the best discovered japanese drugstore product for me! It lasts quite long for me, 6 months I guess? hahahaha

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