Lancome L'Absolu Creme de Brilliance Review and Swatches

December 04, 2011

Introducing Lancome L'Absolu Creme de Brilliance, a lipgloss that gives pigmented color like a lip creme, but glides easily and give plump lips effect on your own lips. It claims instantly replenished lips and give hydration up to 10 hours. And let me get you a hint, this product is my holy grail lipgloss! Interested enough? Go read more to know about this product further :)


 Experience the most complete and powerful anti-aging molecule from Lancôme research, ten times more concentrated in a shiny cream for visibly replenished lips


It comes in 10 shades for Indonesia, and all of them can be purchased at any Lancome Counter. I did some research and it seems the color in each country is different in others, and there are some shades in indonesia that are not listed in Sephora nor Nordstorm. All the colors available in Indonesia are chosen to match Indonesian skin tone perfectly, I gotta say that the colors are pretty safe and wearable

The pretty packaging is a plus point, as expected from Lancome, but what I like the most from Lancome lipgloss is the tip! It's bent and it makes the application way so much easier because the tip becomes sharper on the edge, so you can reach your cupids bow and outer's edge of lips perfectly, leaving it adjusted to your lips shape perfectly!


I got the shade that I love the most to try on the swatch, which is 320 Rose Sorbet!

Swatch on Lips



half done


As you guys can see, the lips look plumper, and healthy! It's glossy but not overly done, unlike other glosses that tend to make you look like after eating fried foods. The application is pretty easy thanks to the unique tip, and the color blends pretty nice on my lips. Also the color is pretty pigmented for a lipgloss. This product gives a luminous effect and smoothes out lips

The color stays for 2,5 hours on my lips, but I feel that it still gives a little color on my lips after it fades, although not much noticeable, just gives it healthy looking lips. And I notice that in 8 hours without re-touch of anything, my lips feels sooooooo hydrated , even my lips is categorized super dry,  but this product keeps the promise to lock the moisture on lips! Amazing! I'm sooo impressed :heart:

Swatch on Skin

These are all the 10 available shades in Indonesia of Labsolu Creme de Brilliance swatches, all are in pretty shades + so pigmented

Photobucketwith flash


without flash

Final Opinion :

Pros :

  • Stylish packaging

  • Hydrates and moisturizes lips up to 10 hours

  • Pigmented

  • Plumps lip out

  • Glides easily in application

Cons :

  • Really expensive for a lipgloss

If you ask me whether I'd like to buy it again, I definitely want it! I always believe you get what you pay, and the price does equal its excellency. I love my Rose Sorbet the most, but I'd love to get Coral Delight and Rose Mythique in the future. The price is Rp 270.000, but I checked that other Lancome stores in foreign countries sell it around the same price, gives a point that It's expensive in every countries.

If youre looking for a lipgloss and willing to pay for the high price, I suggest that you check this one because it's my Holy grail lipgloss currently! I just can't find any lipgloss that are as pigmented, glides easily, moisturizes as this Creme de Brilliance. And because I love the after result so much, I'm gonna tempt you with my lips after using it again! >D


Which shades would you like to try the most from this product?

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  1. holy grail lipstik deh buatku ce :yes: harganya emang selangit tapi hasilnya menakjubkan >.<

    wah sayang banget dapet 2 gratisan kaga dipake, *comot* LOL

    wahahhaa, sexy soalnya di zoom up, dirimu kan yang lbih sexy aslinya :3

  2. hmm, aku kemaren beli juga product ini (sudah aku pake ini 2bulanan) dan aku suka banget productnya... sebenernya kan bibirku sensitif ga bisa pake lipgloss dan lipstik yang berglitter.. tapi pake ini ga masalah sih.. aku pake no 320 dan itu natural banget di bibirr..

    kmrn dapet free-an juga dari belanja 3jeti dapet ini 2pcs nganggur abis warnanya yang free kurang menarik.. *pengen 320 lagi*

    hahahhaha *sukur2 dapetnya free..* payah nih.. tar kalo ga ada yang mau di keluargaku tak freein ajalah :D LOL

    BTW, bibirmu sexy banget deh say... mumuachhh :D

  3. harganya Rp270.000 perbuah, kan ada di postingannya? mahal sih, tapi sebanding sama hasil yang didapat :yes:

  4. I really like Coral Delight, Rose Empire & Rose Sorbet :)

  5. your preference is same with me :heart: all those colors are so gorgeous

  6. beige tropique and rose sorbet looks good :3

  7. I like Coral Delight, Rose Serbet, and Rouge Cerise :D Looks really good

  8. 220 beige tropique... ak belinya itu, agak nude dan klo lg ada bibir merah jadi ketutup hehehe. ringaaaan bgt kyk air. top bangettt :laugh:

  9. You should try it dear, you can try it at counter ^^

  10. iya kan gak boong pas aku recommend ke dirimu hehehe.. bener2 mantap, harganya sepadan sama hasil yang didapat :heart: aku jg pengen deh sama 220, keknya natural banget hasilnya :-D

  11. I agree, that\'s the most wearable color! ^_^

  12. sangat natural malah nude, tapi bisa menutupi bibir yang merah2 kaya terkelupas hihihi, jadi yang punya tangan gatel ngelupasin kulit bibir ampe merah, ini senjata penutupnya. untung beli pas di beauty class hehe :-D

  13. moisturizing siiihhh, bibirku juga kering en pecah-pecah pake ini bisa tahan 8jem lembabnya, oke banget :heart:
    aku juga meracuni yang lain beli yang ini hehe, abis emang oke abis gak nahan :yes:

  14. Colors are gorgeous *__* I think I'm gonna buy "Pink Sorbet" it looks great on your lips.

  15. Its Rose Sorbet dear ^_^
    My lips look sooo gorgeous with it, you can hardly see wrinkles on lips that we usually have, it\'s just that pigmented and smooth :-D
    I cant wait to see it on you! ^_^

  16. the rose sorbet one is so tempting! gonna get it soon >..< apalagi moisturizing makin pengen <3

  17. Rose grenat~~~~ but i rather save up for a esprique though 83

  18. Hahaha, I know! You see, my lips look super smooth and healthy, when in fact its chappy when using other glosses, amazing lor!
    Rose sorbet is my favorite, lucky me I can get a piece of it ^___^
    When you have it, please share the swatch for me gab :heart:

  19. arrrggghhhh racun bgt stell!!!! pengeeeen >___<

  20. emang berapa kak harganya? *pengen tau ?:-)

  21. I have one in rose grenat. It's my lip gloss to go if I'm in a "want to look bold" mood.
    Very gorgeous color and really pigmented. I have to use light hand in case I'm overdoing it and will look like a clown.
    I have to agree tho that It's very expensive for a lip gloss -___-"