Secret Candy Magic Lens With Tomomi Itano

December 23, 2012

Recently, Tomomi Itano from AKB48 just made collaboration with my most favorite lenses brand in Japan, Candy Magic!

I swear that it is by far the most comfortable lens I have ever tried, and gives very good result! But the price usually is quite pricey.. And it is very difficult to buy if you're outside Japan

But as I am coming soon, I am planning to buy these lenses!!!

Tomomi Itano is probably the prettiest girl in Japan in my opinion, and IF I want to get my face done, probably her face will be the face that I want the most  :hearts3::hearts3::hearts3:

The box is very dreamy and cuteeeeeeee :star::star::star::stars:

Anyway, here are 16 lenses available from Secret Candy Magic range. The price is 1680yen for a pair of contacts that will last for a month.. 

The DIA is only 14.5mm so it looks natural, yet still gives nice enlargement. For me, 1680 Yen [20USD] monthly is quite pricey considering Geo lens sell it for the same price for yearly lens. But I cannot stand wearing geo lenses for over than 5 hours, while for candy magic it could last for a day!! Therefore I am planning to buy it on my own when I come to Japan :D

I was thinking to go with Acuvue Definee in fact, but the price is about same with Candy Magic! And Secret Candy has wider selection of colors and pattern! So obviously I am going to stock some of these lenses for future usage! 

Besides, who can resist Tomomi's beauty? She's just, perfect! I am definitely going to buy this!

My favorite lenses from this series are these 2 =

No 6 and no 16!! No 6 is for dolly look and 16 is for mature sexy look! Tomomi uses no 15, which has same pattern with 16 but different color, but I think this blue-ish grey is just too sexy to deny T_T

They also release their one day disposable lenses, for 5 pairs with same price, 1680 Yen

Are you interested with this lens? What's your favorite? ^.^

Visit Candy Magic Website for more info! 

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  1. huah..pengen nyobain >.< ols indo nggak ada yg jual yak...?