Review : DUP Wonder Eyelid Tape

December 16, 2012

Okay so this is just a short review about make up tools that's gonna help you to get double eyelids. We all know that there's eyelid glue, eyelid sticker, eyelid fiber, and such. But how about double eyelid sticker?? 

I have known about it for a while, and the most popular video on youtube that talks about this double eyelid tape is obviously Michelle Phan's video. If you havent seen her video, you may check it out below

So I got the eyelid tape that Michelle loves the most, it's DUP Wonder Eyelid Tape, and it is from Japan! I have never tried Eyelid Tape before, as I often use eyelid fibre, but I rarely recommend it to any of you guys because eyelid fibre is expensive and difficult to use. It takes practice to hang the grip of how to use eyelid fibre. I use AB Mezical one if you're curious

But sometimes when my eyelids become oily, the fibre becomes messy and fall off.. So I hardly wear any these days.. Besides, I already have quite good eyelids for Chinese people lol Most of my friends are monolids or hooded lids hahaha.. So I just use it to even out my eyelids or make it bigger :x

And so I am sharing this eyelid tape because it is very easy to use and it is very strong.. I wear it for almost an entire day, and I also tested it while I was sleeping. It is, pretty strong indeed! 
It contains 160 tapes, so it means 80 pairs of usage, should last you about 3 months!

The steps are almost similar like eyelid glue, but it's faster because you dont have to wait for your glue to dry, and also it wont crack. The main reason why I dont like eyelid glue ><;

So it comes with something like this.. It is double sided, so after you put one side on your eyelids, just peel off the white sticker to reveal the transparent glue

It also comes with pinset to create the crease!

So I make a mini tutorial about how to use it, just 4 steps la, so simple and easy to use, everyone can do it!

top to bottom =

1. my eyelids, normally it can go bigger and can go smaller, this one is just regular size :x anyone else has different eyelids sometimes?

2. Place the eyelid sticker on your crease, and peel off the white sticker.. It will be transparent and hardly noticeable. But you may still see some shiny line from the sticker, it's because of the lighting and flash, in real life, it's so natural

3. Poke the eyelid tape lightly with the tool, and open your eyes

4. It should look bigger!!! Very natural right :D

The only cons that I know from this eyelid tape is if it is worn alone without make up, it may look a little bit shiny after 5 hours usage.. Hence it will make your eye crease looks shiny and plastic looking.. So you can cheat by wearing a light champagne eyeshadow to set it up

But overall this is the best way that I know to get bigger eyelid!

I have tried a lot of ways to get bigger eyelids and this is the easier one I can recommend!
I got this from Onik Chan Shop, and I truly recommend this store because I dont know any other shops in Indo that sells DUP brand o__o mostly they only sell Dolly Wink, Kiss Me, KPalette, Canmake LOL

And the most popular eyelid maker is Koji Eye Talk leh.. 
DUP isnt popular I think, so yea, I only know Onik Chan who sells it LOL not because i am sponsored by them lol

Thank you for reading anyway, I hope it's informative! :D

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  1. Ah, yay. I've been looking for something to even out my eyelids. I will totally buy thissssss one day. Thanks for the review!