Diamond Lash in Pink Box

December 24, 2012

A great way to enhance your eyes is through false eyelashes. And so many people save money just to buy 2 pairs of Dolly Wink to obtain dolly lashes. But I always say, it is too expensive T_T

With the same price, or lower [depends on where you buy it] you can get 5 pairs of Diamond Lash, from japan as well.. And it comes with various box types.. The purple one is the one that I love so much, because it is very glamorous and thick.. But pink box, has more natural look!

Unlike Dolly Wink that's veryyyy soft and fragile, Diamond Lash is stronger.. Dolly Wink though, isn't shiny unlike Diamond Lash. Because Diamond Lash is made from plastic. But the difference isn't that obvious..

This one comes with a clear band, for more natural look.. That way, you can wear this false eyelashes alone without eyeliner.. 

Here's the close up look. As you can see that it kinda gives sultry effect because the lash end has longer lashes, so it will make your eyes a little seductive ^.^

And here's how it looks on my eyes =

Without eyeliner / Make up =

I use clear lash glue so there's still some white glue.. You can go over with pencil eyeliner to cover it up if you want.. 

With eyeliner = 

I personally think that it's a worth to try. Good japanese false eyelashes are very very different than ordinary lashes.. And Diamond Lash in Pink box can give quite natural length but dolly enough!
Also it is curled perfectly so it instantly lifts up your eyes :D

I got my lashes from Onik Chan Shop... You may come to their shop if you want to have same lashes like me :D

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