Seoul Day 6 & 7 - Last!

December 25, 2012

I am such a badass blogger, I just finished this seoul post after about half a year this trip has been done -_- I received so many complaints ordering me to finish this. But, but, I was busy with product reviews lol
Okay la before I get stoned, here I present the last days in Seoul!! 
Day 6 & 7 altogether! Cos Day 7 I just went to the airport la! :x So no need pic right, nothing interesting to mention too. But I can tell that my 6th day is very, memorable XD AND, entertaining! :up:

Go read till finish!

Erm, okay, so the day before, me and Sophie decided to separate on this day. Not because we had a fight, we enjoy each other company, but I wanted to visit the Korean Temple, being a good tourist and someone who loves history, it's a must visit. I mean, cos I was there already, and it's like tourist obligation to visit historical places la lol I only went to shopping stuffs with her, I want at least to do, decent sightseeing :lolpastel:

But Sophie being a hipster, said that it's too boring. Ya obviously hahaha! i am just the weird one. So the night before, she went clubbing with Bryan [her korean friend] so she woke up later than me. I decided to just walk alone, in seoul.. After observing which palace I needed to go, I took a screen shot of their subway route

Crazy or not -_-"

In fact, Sophie and I traveled by subway a lot, but Sophie is much much faster thinker than I am, so usually I just tailed her :lolpastel:

That day, is my first time, going alone!!! o_o And not to mention, I had only 1 hour to reach the palace. As the palace has english guide only twice a day, and if I missed the morning guide, I had to wonder alone, or wait for another 3 hours wtf

So I just hoped that I picked correct routes!! I must changed trains like 2 / 3 times, and walked again to the palace.. Out of my expectation, everything went better than I expected! I arrived 10 minutes earlier! :peace:

The palace that I visited is Changdeokgung Palace, and it also has "Secret Garden" [no, not Hyun Bin], and is said to be the Korean Palace that has the best garden, according to internet :x

So yeah, I went there! You may only came to the Palace only for 5000 won, but if you want to visit their Garden, you must pay 2 fees. 5000 won for Palace, and 3000 won for Secret Garden

Seoul on that day wasn't very friendly.. It's raining, and my hair was all wet and stingy :evil: nyehhh

The Palace!! looks, chinese lol It reminds me of Rooftop Prince hahaha

The Palace, Gates? :roll:


This is how it looks like inside!!

Got a tourist to take this pic for me. the background was blur and I looked like a ghost :evil:
But must put pic with the palace interior!

Was wearing the asymetrical skirt that was in trend last summer. Shoes and bag are from Korea Street Market. The rest are online shop products lol

Okay, so here's the funny story. There are 3 guides that you can pick. They have Mandarin, Japanese, and English guider! And I joined English.. To only feel ashamed of myself.. All the people that join english tour are obviously Caucasian -_- Either European or American, and I was the only Asian there..

My blood is Chinese, and I dressed to look like Japanese. But I didn't join those tours instead.. Lost Asian is Lost.. :evil:

I still remembered some of the china tourists looked at me strangely because I joined English Group.. Tsk tsk tsk

Since I was alone without Sophie, I just noticed how forever alone I was and this trip obviously would be boring without her. Imagine eating and shopping and playing by yourself for a few days, Too, pathetic ;-(:sweatbubble:

Though I was alone, I tried to make take self-shots, and I just noticed that there were a lot of my selcas :sweatbubble:

tried to look happy, deep down crying :sweatbubble:

Now I feel sad seeing my self-pictures, I looked like someone without friend :sweatbubble:

My only friend was cocacola that I bought. I bought friend with money T___T:regret:

Okay la kidding, I am usually very friendly and easy to make friends [now it sounds strange as I say it by myself :lolpastel:]
And my friends usually say that I can survive in any country alone -_-" 
So yeah, I made new friends in Korea!! Girls from US and Netherlands! They love KPop very much o.o

They're from English Group Tour that I joined!

So we talked and I said that I had no place to go anymore after visiting Palace o.o I was thinking to just go back to Hotel but they offered me to join them to visit Fish Market! And I was like "oh really? Sounds fun, Ok I go!" LOL

My mom scolded me after that cos I joined some groups that I never met before, and didn't even know the direction. What if I was kidnapped?!!! :omg::omg::omg:

But it's ok la, they're nice people! I trust people easily ya, my bad lol

Cos it's raining so hard, we decided to get bulgogi for lunch instead!!!

Decent food for me!!!! :hearts3::hearts3::hearts3::hearts3::hearts3:
Must say it tastes nice!!

After the rain stopped, we went to the Fish Market, although it's still very very cloudy and dark

dunno what the market name was, sorry :regret:

OMG FISHHHHH~~~!!! LOTSA FISH!! (  :icon_eek:):whaaa:

EVERYWHERE!!! ( :icon_eek: ):omg:

And so the main item we're going to try is, Sannakji, Or Live Squid (:o):sweatbubble:

One of the girls' friend who happen to be living in Seoul on that time, joined us. She's Thailand but she's raised in Netherlands!

There were only 3 girls [left to right = Liseth, Me, and Neng] who's dare enough to accept the challenge to eat this Live Squid!! The others were busy taking pictures and recording it

I intended to upload the video but it will be sooo useless to upload a video of me eating a squid leg tingling, and it will be watched side by side with my make up tutorial -_-"
So I just put the pictures!

We were very hesitate at first, and very very nervous!!!! 

Bought the Live Squid for like, 10USD per piece? And must pay about 5/8 USD to get seat -_- ridiculous!

That's the live squid. In real life it giggles giggles like worm and I was like O____O)

In case you cannot stand, better close this post now

Neng and I tried to get one leg!!
Took us like 5 minutes to be able to pick it up! :?: Because the squid sticked their legs very hard on the plate. And yes, they're still ALIVE when we're eating it :omg:

Dunno why I looked so damn happy -_-

aaaaaammmm :evil:
Must say I am very brave...

Like I said, I do whatever it takes as a good tourist. When you're in Rome, do it like Romans.. They said Korean people eat live squid so ok I try.. I didn't even like spicy food but I ate. Live squid is.. easy lol;;


1 - 2 minutes later . . . . 

Still tried to chew it, very very chewy and difficult..

I was thinking very hard to imagine what it tastes like o.o 
In the end, to be honest, I LIKE IT!!! O_O

I miss this food the most from all my Korea trip, and I want to go back to Korea again just to eat this!! 
It's just, like Korean Sashimi??? ( O3O)

Though it's tasteless cos it's raw, you can add soysauce like I did. And to be honest it is very, OKAY!
Much better than spicy bibimbap or dokpogi what la --"

So I ate it again, as most of the girls gave up after seeing and trying.. Doesnt matter, get nice food! :lolpastel:

After that we went to another area, called.....
I forgot 8):sweatbubble: but it's area where so many foreigners go.. Probably similar to Kemang. If anyone knows what it is called, please let me know!

A reader told me it's called Itaewon!

And I just spent my last night by chatting with Foreigners who live in Seoul #LostAsian

Oh in case you want to know, the greatest point that I got from the conversation is,
Foreigners get paid a lot in Korea! And almost all of them work as English teachers!

They have pretty decent amount of salary compared to any other asian countries. The payment is about same in Japan if I am not mistaken, but the living cost is much much lower, and they also have their apartment rented from the school that hired them.. So they can save quite good money and send to their family too!

Sadly Korean schools only accept English Teachers from countries that English is their first language. Besides, I think they prefer Caucasian teachers lol

I wonder if I could get good money too by teaching Indonesian language in Korea lol

The night ended like that, and I went back to hotel and bought some breads for Sophie and I. And the day after, we went back to our own country, and that ends my Seoul Trip, in Summer 2012 :peace:

Sophie has blogged so far 3 days of our trip, visit her blog HERE
She's right now in Europe, having her winter holiday!

Anyway, so here are some basic points that you need to know if you want to travel in Seoul =

  • Travel by subway is the easiest and cheapest way. One way costs you around 1000won, which is like 1,5USD.. 
  • Taxi is not expensive in Korea, it is around same price with Jakarta, but subway is more preferred, unless you're lost
  • Shopping clothes in Korea isn't as cheap as I thought, the only place I can recommend is Ewha University, Sophie and I bought most of our stuffs there.. 
  • For cosmetic lovers, Myeong Dong is your place. They have A LOT of cosmetic stores there. Even there are 7 Etude House stores in that area
  • It is quite difficult to haggle in Korea, and the sellers are mostly rude too. so dont bother to
  • Koreans dont speak english that well, but most of sellers can speak Mandarin or Japanese a little.. Just hope that you wont need to ask anyone for direction that much, as most of them won't help you 
  • Korean food usually cost you around 6-7USD per portion. But most of them have big portion, so if you go with your friend, you can share the food!
  • Hotel in Korea is not that expensive. Sophie and I booked love hotel as it's cheaper too, and it costs us like, 80USD per night? You can look around , as we were looking our hotel from them
  • The sign systems have english, so worry not, you will be able to read it! Like on subway, they write the place's name in alphabet too, along with Hangul

Hmm... okay, so a lot of people messaged me for itinerary and my budget
To be honest, my itinerary are all mentioned on my Seoul post, so you can go read them all over again
As for budget... 

My plane ticket is sponsored from Etude House, and I got 2 nights hotel from them. The rest of it, I paid by myself. But the plane ticket is around 750USD return from JKT-Seoul

For 7 days and 6 nights, I only paid for 4 nights hotel, and it's also paid 50:50 with Sophie..

In total, I think I spent not over than 350USD for my Korea trip! Including hotel, food, shopping, theme park, and such.. Having my flight sponsored obviously saves a lot of money.. And have a friend to share hotel fee, also helps!

So if you want to travel to Korea cheaply, try to get discount flight, and have an accompany. It will be lonely if you travel alone too T_T

I also didn't shop that much, so yeah.. 

I hope you're entertained with my Korea Trip.. Soon it will be all about Japan Trip!
Happy christmas!! 


Btw, bonus =

The squid's eye wtf

No one wanted to eat it la.. very disgusting one

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  1. lol, post nya lucu bikin ngakak. Tapi keren ya berani pergi sendiri di negara asing, kalau aku mesti udah takut T_T
    Cocok banget buat live abroad la. :D
    That squid's eye looks disgusting X(