Charity Sale Update

December 18, 2012

I just finished all the calculations from the charity sale and words cannot express my gratitude towards everyone who support this event. whether you be the sellers, buyers, or those who just gives the money for charity. Thank you, thank you

I know it's not for me, but I think after this event, I can say that my faith in humanity is restored T_T
So many nice people in fact.. 

And here are some transactions from the sale =

From my sale = 

considering that it's included the shipping as well, nett is = 400rb + 180rb + 100rb = 680rb 
I got to sell 2 BB Creams, cleansing oil, as well as hair spray.. 

And here are the money collected from each seller.. They received the total money from the buyers and at last they transferred the total to my account, which will be transferred again to the one who needs it

total from the others are = Rp 2.320.000

So the total is Rp 680.000 + Rp 2.320.000 = Rp 3.000.000

o_o the money is exactly 3 million rupiah!

update = 

a new transferred money, happened to be a miscom

So total is Rp 3.212.000!

I cannot expect that the response is pretty high so thank you thank you
As I talked on facebook, the money will go to a child from Yuni's colleague.. Or as you know her from Miss Katie. She messaged me a few days after the charity is open, and ask whether the money can go to her friend's child. As her husband has passed away and her son has to undergo a surgery and she has no money

Anyway here are some photos and here's her Facebook

that's his tumor... 

So I met Misskatie a few days ago and she said that the surgery has been done, but the problem is that this child cannot go out from hospital because the mother has no money to pay for the hospital fee that's so high.. 

Although this money wont be enough, but we hope that it can lessen her burden a little
And next time I wish I could do something like this and earn more money to lessen the burden of the others.. 

I thank EVERYONE!!! 
Whether you get chance to buy or not, whether you buy a lot or not, whether you buy cheap or expensive products, whether you sell a lot or not, whether you share the blog post or not

Anyway, I have contacted her mother on Facebook, and dunno if it's better to take a visit to the hospital and give the money, or just transfer it to her.. 
I will update you guys again, thanks!


Update =

Have transfered the mom, here's the screen shot from my mom's phone.. Because I use her bank account, she has BCA but I only has BNI.. Therefore I use her M-Banking..

Wish all the best for the family :hearts3::hearts3::hearts3:

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