Maybelline Indonesia 1st Beauty Blogger Event

December 19, 2012

Last friday, I came to Maybelline Indonesia 1st Beauty Blogger Event! They had sent me invitation from weeks ago and I was planning to come along with my blogger friends such as Gabby, Bella, Silke, Franky, Endi, etc.. But in the end, only me and Endi showed up because on last friday, there was a demo, and it's raining, and the traffic was super ridiculous.. -_-"

But after all I managed to come! So let's see how the event was like! :D

Btw The traffic was super bad, I reached the place which usually only took 30 minutes, by 2 hours and half! oAo so I put my make up inside the taxi, I didnt even bother to put my lens on that day T_T 

Sorry if i look different lol

I got a masquerade mask too!!!! >v<)/ Chose purple with gold because it looks very gorgeous!

Btw, I wore my Japanese wig on that day. Seriously guys, looks like my real hair right? 

So basically on the event, Maybelline Indonesia just wanted to know us personally and also let us try their products!! ^.^ Also they want to let us know as well that although Maybelline is veryyyyyy popular with their mascara, and it's probably no 1 best-selling mascara, they also offer various make up items!!
Remember their BB cream and powder pact that's super affordable??
Also their phenomenal Baby Lips lip balm??

And recently my most favorite product, eyeliner XDDD
They come with various type of eyeliners recently, pencil, gel, liquid, spidol. You can come to their counters directly to try it out XDD

So on that night, we're very busy dolling up ourselves with their products! 

And I just darken my eyes using their eyeshadows and eyeliner. To be honest, I love love love their sharp eyeliner as it reminds me of dolly wink liquid eyeliner. The tip is very very fineeee 

And it's just a chit-chatting with bloggers and Maybelline staffs. Turned out that the junior brand manager of Maybelline just came back from her trip to Tokyo, and she knew that I'm going as well, so I spent a lot of time talking with her to seek advice XD 

No pictures sorry, because that's what girls mostly do, just talking lol


By the time the event finished, Endi and I decided to do some make over to one of the staffs, and we decided to do smokey eyes for her. Endi brought his make up brushes and I also bring handful cosmetic items. The eyeshadows and eyeliners are from Maybelline, it's so fun to make over someone with him! We feel like connected lol

I cant get enough of my japanese wiggggg aaaaa!!! <3 <3 <3

Endi Feng looks so pro here lol 

Just help defining her eyes ^.^ 

Oh btw, Endi also won best make up on that day ^.^ Happy for him!

Anyway, Maybelline Indonesia is very generous to give us each set of goodies, consists of 3 eyeshadow palettes, 4 eyeliners, and WHOLE collection of their mascaras o___o <3
But unfortunately my most favorite mascara from Maybelline is discontinue already. It's their Maybelline Cat Eyes, do you remember?

But they also give their new mascara that I want to try, see the purple mascara? It's their falsies mascara and promises you to give false eyelashes effect!! o.o

I am gonna give it a try!! ^.^

too many cameras at the same time, dunno where to see or what to pose lol

got some polaroids too XD

Thank you Maybelline Indonesia for inviting me, it's a very fun night! I look forward to your next event ^.^ 

Btw guys, what's your favorite Maybelline products? Let me know!! :D

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  1. my fave Maybelline are All in One compact powder n babylips :))
    havent try Maybelline's mascara, is it okay for sensitive eyes? ><

  2. Huwaaa~ Stella..

    I want the wig also..!