Review : Too Cool For School Jolly Jelly Lip Gloss

December 09, 2012

I love collecting lip glosses in fact. Compared to lipstick, I love lipgloss more because it is more moisturizing and it has lighter texture. Also the colors are mostly more wearable! :D

Recently I was sent Too Cool For School Jolly Jelly Lip Gloss by Zatura Shop. They sent me a lot of Too Cool For School products which I have reviewed a few of them before.. This time it's their lipgloss time! Their packaging is designed with pretty pastel pink box, and the girl illustration character gives American vibe

The main ingredients for this lip gloss is Honey & Papaya, as you can see from the box. But the rest of descriptions are written in Korean. The color number isn't written on the box so I feel that it is useless to save the box. Although the box is pretty, but it's just for first attraction toward customers then it becomes somewhat, pointless to keep :x

The lipgloss comes in professional looking packaging, unlike other Korean beauty products. It comes in plastic transparent bottle that shows the color of the gloss, letting us knowhow much product remains as well. The black cap is printed with "Jolly Jelly Lip Gloss" to enhance the decoration a little

It contains 4,7ml gloss, and I am surprised that in fact it contains more liquid compared to NYX Megashine gloss that only has less than 4ml. It may be perfect for traveling as the size is pretty handy but considering the price is about 12USD per bottle, I would say that this lip gloss can be categorized a little bit pricey :/

It comes with 10 shades to choose from and thank you Zatura I was given all of them, so I can compare all the colors for you! I love swatch picture because it gives me picture which color should I buy for my collection. It is really helpful :D 

Below is the picture of the swatch comparison in order from number 1 to 10!

left to right = Pink Holiday, Baby Strawberry, Nudy Orange, Peach Pink, Pinky Essence, Glam Gold, Milky Lavender, Fanta Orange, Mission Pink, Water Red

The texture reminds me of Candy Doll Lipgloss, although this one is slightly more sheer. I feel that this lip gloss is also quite sticky, which I dont like. The colors are very wearable and most of them give similar result on lips, there are only a few memorable colors from this collection and I wont recommend to collect all of the colors either

When I swiped it on my wrist I love the texture because it's very pigmented and juicy, but when it's applied on lips, I feel that it doesn't blend very well on my lips. I find difficulty when applying this gloss because it creates thick coat instead of blend nicely on lips. 

Instead of naming it as a lipgloss, I would say that it works better as a lip plumper o.o It makes my lips look plumper and thicker. As for moisturizing, it is so-so, it has jelly thick texture to coat the lips but because it doesn't blend very well on lips, it may emphasize your dry lips. So make sure to moisturize it before hand

As for durability, I think it is so-so, the glossiness doesn't stay that long but the color still remains for 2-3 hours

Final Opinion =

Pros : 
  • Sleek packaging
  • Handy, good for traveling
  • Comes in 10 wearable colors
  • Gives plumper lips

Cons : 
  • A little bit pricey
  • The colors result for each gloss is not that different 
  • Doesn't blend with lips easily
  • Sticky texture

Overall I think this product cannot be categorized as a must have product. Sure I will keep using 1/2 shades that I like to give plumper lips when I feel like to, but I wont use it on daily basis simply because the sticky and thick texture are not my preference :x

I feel like I am wearing jelly coat over lips when using this gloss. And it is not a good thing, I tell you.. Some may love it, but I prefer glosses that blends easier with lips. I dont really like candy doll lipgloss either that's why I hardly use it hahaha... 

I dont recommend this product.. But Zatura Shop opens Cosmetic Pre Order for Korean and USA, and they sell it for very cheap price so if you want to order beauty supplies, you can try the service!

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