Lampung Beauty Class Report

December 02, 2012

Second beauty class is held at Lampung. Thanks to my reader, Johana, who helped me to make this beauty class possible. I held 2 sessions of classes on that day, 10th October 2012!

Total of participants are 33 women, and the beauty class goodies and door prizes are sponsored by Lancome Indonesia ^o^

If you're interested to know, go ahead and read more :3

I am quite happy because the enthusiasm of the participants are very high because of so many questions that I got.. It means that they really want to learn and I am far than happy to share all the knowledges that I know through books, internets, my MUA friends, MUA from many beauty events that I attended to, and so on.. 

It was very fun day, mad exhausted, but I was happy! :D

Also cos I was too focused in teaching, I didnt take many before and after photos, sorrryyy T____T
But here are some of it =

Though I couldn't teach them one by one completely, but I am happy that they grasped and learned things that I shared on the class. Obviously one class wont make you become genius, so practice practice practice after that is all the matter. I hope from now on they will start sharpening their skill in make up 8D I hope one day more and more girls will put care on their appearance cos it's just fun la! lol

Anyway, each participant received goodie bag from Lancome randomly. They might get skincare, mascara, perfume, and so on.. But as for door prizes, it's very very tempting! Even I wanted to join the class and won it LOL

Best make up won Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation, Effacernes Concealer, Rouge in Love lipstick, Artliner in Black, and Eyebrow Kohl.. All are from Lancome thank you ^.^ 

Here are some pictures of the winners!

Thank you Lancome Indonesia for the presents. All girls are so happy with their bags ^.^ I have been using Lancome for a while too. My favorite product from them is their Lip Creme Brilliance :D
What's your favorite Lancome products? 

It was my first time going to Lampung and never thought that I would do it for something called "job"
I went there with my mom because she insisted that I could be kidnapped duh.. So that's why I had to pay double expenses for this trip T___T And she insisted to eat good food, visited interesting places, bought souvenirs that I didnt want, as well as stayed at expensive hotel mehhhh

I am in fact very okay to sleep at low-grade hotel and eat instant noodle, because I want to save money for my holiday. If I came to Lampung for holiday, then it's ok la, but it's just for 2 days 1 night job lol But mom wanted so yeah -3-)\  being a good child, must follow her demand lol at least she said that she could sleep well ok la haha

I was very exhausted on that day and couldn't feel my legs anymore, So I called their foot massager but then turned out all of them were sent to Jakarta atm omg -_-" I come to lampung to get your massage, but you go to Jakarta instead? LOL

so I ate all the fruits served by them, must-not-waste-money.. Mom took the shot secretly while I was busy nom-ming grapes.. :x

I ate like a boss omg lol

It's a valuable experience.. Thank you for everyone who came to Lampung Beauty Class, and thank you for Lancome Indonesia. Also thank you mom for accompanying me though she's busy with job. Next is Surabaya beauty class report :D 

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