Introducing You Brightlele Wig!

December 21, 2012

Probably the most requested post this month is to make a review regarding my newest japanese wig which I love to die, probably this is the best find this year, or probably in my whole life TxT *lebay*

And I have tried other wigs before for the past few months.. But being a good blogger *ahem*, I do not edit the bad photos or lighting that much to give you different perspective about the wig, though I looked quite meh T_T

I know that those wigs can be manipulated by good lighting and avoid harsh flash to get nice pictures.. But I think that it can lead you guys to wrong opinion, or I am just too lazy to over photoshop my pictures... But in the end you guys also notice that those wigs look fake.. So no need my explanation  :lolpastel: 

Pinkcoco is in fact very good in real life, but must admit in flash photography it looks shiny cos it's synthetic T_T and I am blamed a lot because I use wig cos it doesnt look nice

So one day, I ordered Japanese wig.. in fact, I never wanted to because my hair used to be nice, and japanese wig is expensive... But because I cannot stand it anymore, I finally ordered one.. :x

Considering that there are so many emails regarding events, sponsorship, giveaway, charity, also I had crazy exam weeks, I think my brains got error at some point and in the end I am sponsored the same wig from Hazelnut Cawaii , and I kind frustated because I also purchased it and blamed my stupidity, so in the end i got 2 wigs o_o

I apologize in this matter, at least now you know where you can buy this wig [because I got dozens of questions "where do you buy that wig" :lolpastel: 

Hazelnut Cawaii is so nice, because Christmas is coming, she wrapped the package with christmas theme paper ^.^

Sells so many hair items including wig, hair clip, half wig, bangs, ponytails.. Doesnt only sell japanese wig but also some china and korean wigs... Also sell Pinkcoco XD

But let's forget about those wigs because I am sharing BRIGHTLELE WIG <3

It's from Japan and it's made from Japanese high fiber, not ordinary synthetic. And it can be re-dyed and curled and styled.. Other cheap wigs also claim that but I dont trust them  :lolpastel:  I trust, Japan.. #biased

Oh anyway, I picked this wig =

I chose AP color, which is like ashy brown with a hint of lavender highlight.. Want that color because it is very difficult to obtain in asian hair T_T

The wig package comes with a wig cap / hair nett as well!! :D 

Just for comparison, here I show you side by side pictures of Pinkcoco wig and brightlele wig...
You can see that pinkcoco is a lot shinier than brightlele.. And I swear in fact there are other wigs that's worse than pinkcoco and I thought that pinkcoco is comparably nice among them

But after I got brightlele wig, it's just... awesome...  ( :icon_eek:)
Pinkcoco is not bad, but Brightlele is just beyond amazing T__T Although it's not human hair but it feels like my real hair.. Ok, my real hair has been bleached a few times, so it feels like that..
If you have virgin hair, obviously it feels different lol

 It is very very light, matte, and has nice colours!!!!  :loveword: :loveword: :loveword:

Also there are a lot of things I say out loud when I first touched and wore this super high quality wig

"OMG, this is the real wig"

"OMG, I was cheated so far by China wigs"

"OMG so light! Mom, MOM! I dont feel like wearing wig!",

"Mom, dont you think it looks better than my real hair?"

"OMG It doesn't feel hot at all" 

"So this is japanese quality....~"

And such T____T

I cannot stop being impressed by the first time I tried high quality wig.. It's probably like someone who only eats steak in fast food for 3USD, and then suddenly try high quality angus beef or what..

Here's the close up of the wig color =

It's ash light brown color with a hint of lavender strikes through the wig.. It makes the wig sometimes look kinda purple-ish at some lights, but in a good way! Very unique and japanese!

Also have I mentioned that it is sooooo soft and smooth T____T

I cannot feel that it's wig T_T After this my standart for wig will be different

So here's on the model... Model looks good and pretty T3T but usually when we take pictures of the product, it will end up different right

It looks EXACTLY like on the picture. And the bangs and cutting are just perfect!!! o___o 
Btw I think the model is taller than me though, so the wig looks longer on myself

I never feel so good on wig before... My mom also never liked me wearing wig but this one is approved! Good job brightlele!! Now you gain my trust!

And there are a lot of pictures before this post which showed my wig.. I am sure you guys have seen it right.. so I wont spam this post with my pics too much  :lolpastel: 

I just want to point out a lot of positive things from this wig =

  • looks and feels really really natural, like real hair
  • Comes with soooo many hair shades to choose from, and the colors match the pictures 99%, also the colors are all very Japanese  :lolpastel: 
  • The cutting of the wig is good!!
  • Feels super light!!! The wig is easy to bend and fit on my head, unlike China wigs.. You just have to try it out by yourself. Also, I can wear this wig ALL day, while on china wigs, after 2-3 hours, it hurt my head already
  • Also doesn't feel hot, unlike china wigs
  • Not shiny! Although yea you can see that there's some shine on the pictures, but real healthy hair also has shine la..
  • Made from japanese high fiber, so can be re-dyed and re-styled or curled
  • Instantly look like japanese girl, I swear -_- My friend wore my wig and she suddenly looked so japanese and everyone though she was me although she didnt use make up

This is a very improper post because I am too excited to share this wig T_T
The only downside is that it is expensive, but it's all WORTH IT! I promise you it is T_T  :loveword: :loveword: :loveword: :loveword: :loveword:

Now I talk as if I sell this wig haha. no guys i do not sell wig nor I get commission based. It is simply just too amazing to be kept for myself..
The price is about twice than Pinkcoco, but japanese wig is expensive.. not to mention the shipping and tax.. But the quality will surpass any china online shop wigs  :lolpastel: 

I'd rather to have a good high quality wig that doesnt look fake and can be used a lot, compared to china wigs that's cheap but will regret after 2/3 times usage T_T 

Ok btw in case you want to buy it, you can place PO on Hazelnut Cawaii..

I dont know any other shops that sell Brightlele wig. Everyone's selling china wigs right now LOL Or other japanese wigs that's over 1jt rupiah. Prove it by yourself la the quality T____T I can only let you know through pictures and words, but you must experience it by yourself.. 

I hope you guys have a little insight about wig thingy after reading this post XD bye for now! ^o^

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  1. pernah beli dari olshop yang sama. tp di sini yang u dpt bagus bgt Stel, kmrn ini gw beli yang pinkcoco. hasilnya beda bgt ama yang di model. Tp itu ksalahan dr suppliernya mungkin yaaaa katanya =/ dan yang gw kecewain lagi pakcagingnya. gw dapet cuman dibungkus plastik bening aja. plastik beningnya di 'staples' doang ke kertas coklat tipis yang udah kucel =( jd wignya dateng berantakan gitu, krn ga dibungkus lg. gw kecewa bgt sih T_T

  2. bagus banget stell. aku pengen banget punya wigggg tpi sayang duit terus T___T huaaaaa *cry

  3. Lovely wig! I'm liking the colour very much :)

  4. Stella wig ini tipis ndak ya? Mudah rontok ndak

  5. U.Me★(秋本弓美) @LiSAッ子July 6, 2013 at 12:05 PM

    beda mungkin mba :D . ini kan Brightlele~ pinkchoco beda merk kan? :3

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

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