My Giveaway Winners

December 26, 2012

I was very, disappointed on myself.. I forgot that I had to announce the winners on Christmas *kills myself* T____T

I thought it's supposed to be on 27th.. My brain seriously reached high level of error
I, Apologize, to all of you T____T:regret:

thank youuu, very much for ALL the comments and emails regarding the giveaway!
Instead of additional followers or hundreds of tweets mentioning my giveaway, I appreciate more about the critiques of my current readers. I am happy with the amount of my readers now, and the love that they shower to me. And mails, saying about how I am inspirative in terms of beauty and life, are worth more than 10.000 followers :hearts3::hearts3::hearts3:

It is in fact, very difficult to choose the winners. I almost shot myself too :lolpastel: Because, most of are well-written! I had a thought to just pick randomly but it would be unfair :lolpastel: so yeah, I read ALL your mails, and comments. I don't count the total mail but is it hundreds, or does it reach 1000? I dunno T_T but thank you everyone :hearts3::hearts3::hearts3:

I will keep the emails from you all to improve my blog and myself.. It also motivates me a lot in blogging, never in my life I thought I could do it this far

Oh anyway, so many mails say "stella pls dont be mad but xxx xxx xx" and says some good critism, and I was like "NO LA I AM NOT MAD" XDDD
why should I??:regret:

I asked you guys to critique me, so how come I could be mad when someone pointed out something that they dont like about my blog?
I know you give me suggestion to see my improvement to become a better blogger and person so yeah. I state this, truthfully, "I accept all the good and bad comments/mails/messages" whole-heartedly :hearts3::hearts3::hearts3:

So here are 13 lucky winners =

3 Dolly Wink Winners = --> Dolly Wink no 2 --> Dolly Wink no 5 --> Dolly Wink Eyeliner

10 Naris Up Winners [randomly given, either mascara or body cleanser] =

I will be sending you mails tonight, as I am going out to get my hair done today, and I expect the winners to reply me within before 27th Dec ends, because I will pack all the stuffs on 28th, before I go... Or even better if the winners can send me mail first >_<

Mostly the readers mention these points =

  • They love me because I stay the way i am, always state honestly if i do like the products or not --- > Thank you! Thank you! :hearts3::hearts3::hearts3:
  • They hate my simple blog layout LOL and want something more vibrant and colourful --- > Ermm.. :regret: I changed my layout this time, what do you think? Got some cute icons too in my blog post now.. I still prefer simple layout though :lolpastel: 
  • They pity my hair ---> ermm.. thanks? T_T:regret:
  • They feel that I am very hard working, and it inspires them to become better too in person ---> MY HONOR!!! ( ;-()/ :hearts3::hearts3::hearts3: 
  • They want me to blog more ---> and i was like "wtf, didn't I blog a lot already??" :lolpastel: Some even asked me to blog like 3 times review a day:regret::regret::regret:, you want to kill my face ha? :lolpastel: 
  • They ask how come I can try so many products, wont I get skin problem? --> Seeing other mails demanding product reviews, and now some concern about me. Now I am confused :lolpastel:
  • More local beauty product reviews --> I am sorry, local brands dont suit my face, their eyeliners and lipsticks are ok, but the foundations are meh :sweatbubble: they're too thickkkkk too. But I'll see if there's some local products worth to try
  • More tutorials --> :makeup::makeup::makeup: buy my book :lolpastel: 
  • Make blog posts in Indonesia --> In fact, I always state how i do not like writing in indo, because of so many factors. "I" in indo has so many types, saya, aku, gue, etc. And so are other words. It is, more difficult, and can be taken as very very different meaning, contrary to english :regret: English is in fact, simpler, and I have been writing blogs for about 8 years in english. It's just, I am too used to, writing in english..  Also if I do not write in english, my english ability will be going worse [my speaking has been worse and worse], annddd.. my blog isn't only read by Indonesian.. :regret: English is the universal language, so yeah :( tapi aku udah masukin google translate di pojokan kiri atas blog post, jadi kalau kalian gak ngerti soal postingannya, ditranslate aja yah ke indo :D 

Thank you so much for all participations,
and I promise next year I will come up with better giveaways :)

Anyway, for those who dont win, it's not like because you dont touch my heart with your words T___T no, it's just.. I have to pick the best 10 mails out of hundreds T__T:sweatbubble:

Probably next time I hold my book launching event, those who come will receive free make up.. Who knows.. :P

Btw, just to "show off" a little, last time I announced a giveaway, I reached 6000 views per day, this month i got, almost 10.000 views a day!!! *heart attacks* T___T


Next year, will I get 20.000 views a day? ;-(

In fact i dunno where these people come from omg.. 

Once again, thank you! 

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  1. Congrat for the winner .. And for stella for page viewer your blog