Review : Sigma Beauty Mr. Bunny Brush Set

December 30, 2012

I have wanted a set of sigma brushes ever since LOONNGG time ago T.T Now I got it!!
Well, it is in travel size so obviously it's cheaper, and Zatura Shop is having promotion and best price at the moment, so the price can be a little, better xD

In fact, Sigma isn't that expensive for me, but the shipping to indonesia is ridiculous.. How I wished I lived in US before.. Anyway, I got Sigma Travel Kit in Mr.Bunny. I love Mrs.Bunny too, the blue-purple one, but I think it doesnt suit me that much lol also, black looks more pro haha. So yeah, let's see this together ^-^

I got the travel size kit, so there are only 7 brushes [3 face, 4 eyes], and the size of the brushes are obviously relatively smaller. The brushes are powder brush, large angled brush, foundation brush, small angle brush, pencil brush, tapered blending brush, and eye shading brush. All are versatile for those of you who just start learning make up, or just start expanding your make up collectin

I also bring the whole brush set to Japan because it also includes the brush holder that can be divided into 2 holders to store your brushes. The holder is made from leather [I am not sure if it's real leather or not..] and comes in sleek black and glossy packaging

The brushes are all made from synthetic fibres, and pretty handy when it comes for traveling. Unfortunately if you're a make up artist, I suggest you to get the original size instead since it will be difficult to apply make up using this brush to the clients

F30 - Large Powder Brush

I usually use this to swipe some loose powder on T zone and cheek. The brushes are very soft and dense, it picks up the products wonderfully

F40 - Large Angled Brush

This brush can be used to give contour or bronzer on your cheek, and I always want this angled brush! Because not so many brands sell it, and when they sell it, usually the price is pretty high. But you can also use this to apply blush on your cheek!

F60 - Foundation Brush

To be honest, I am not a fan of this kind of foundation brush. I prefer using their F80 brush or sponge because the finish is more flawless.. But overall, this brush is good. I'm just not a fan of it.. 

E55 - Eye Shading

This eye shading brush is perfect to contour your eye socket, or when you want to do cut-crease make up. The brush is very dense too, and the size is just perfect! 

E40 - Tapered Blending

I love using this brush to blend my outer-V eyeshadows, it blends my eyeshadow nice and quick. Also, I sometimes use it to contour my nose as well because it blends very beautifully

E30 - Pencil Brush

Always want to get the high quality pencil brush! This brush is perfect to smudge your eyeliner or eyeshadow to give smokey effect, and the brush is quite stiff so it's pretty nice!! So if you want to get nice smokey eyes, I really recommend this pencil brush, it's very easy to use and works amazing on smudging the eyeshadow

E65 - Small Angle Brush

This brush is quite thin yet stiff, so it's really good to be used for filling your eyebrows, or you also use it as gel liner brush to get more precise and sharp winged eyeliner! :D

Overall quality, this brush is very very good, and i am always satisfied with Sigma brushes. Also if you know, investing in beauty is always better if you invest on brushes and make up tools. Because the more high quality it is, the longer it will last. While for make up, all the expirations date are about to same.. 

So although it's a little bit pricey, think of it as long-term investment.. And if you divide the price with the brushes you get, in fact per brush is about 10USD.. Much better than purchasing MAC brushes which price is 3-5times more expensive

In case you dont want to purchase sigma brushes on your own, or dont know how, if you live in Indonesia, you can use Zatura service for it
But if you're from US, I must say you're very lucky XD

Bye nowww!!!

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