Review : Jumily False Eyelashes no 01

December 12, 2012

Sorry for the lack of update, I am in my final exam and usually it takes 3 weeks. And since I am an art student, my exam is usually held at home, so basically I have been drawing drawing drawing. No time to check any social medias T__T
But must update my blog, cos it's been a while, must not neglect my responsibility lol

This time, I am gonna share about this Jumily False Eyelashes that I got from Reine Doll Shop as a surprise gift. I have heard about this brand before, but never took very good look cos I super love my diamond lash :x But since i got chance to try it, why not? :D

This Jumily False Eyelashes real price in Japan is 840 Yen and it only has one pair of lashes with one false eyelashes storage. And for me it is very expensive, comparable to Dolly Wink's price o___o;;

This falsies comes in a bulk packaging that attracts everyones, and is supposed for mature look 

The false eyelashes is seriously the lightest, softest, and most natural false eyelashes I have ever tried so far. It is so light to the point I feel like not wearing any eyelashes at all! It feels like my natural lashes already. And the length is just so natural, so it will give you more defined lashes and dont look like you're wearing falsies at all

But since I am a big fan of dramatic eyelashes, I dont really like wearing this pair of lashes because it doesn't make very much difference on my eyes in pictures. It gives you the volume and length as if you've done eyelash extension, so natural, too natural for me lol

Although to be honest, it is very high quality indeed!! But because of its softness, must be careful when  using it as it's quite fragile

They also come with this cute plastic pink eyelash storage with heart decoration all over the cap. 
What I love is that it comes for 2 storages, one is for upper lashes, and second is for lower lashes. Because Japanese Gyaru make up mostly consists of lower lashes as well to complete the whole look. I love this because it can keep my lashes neatly, especially when I am traveling :D

top storage, for upper lashes

below storage, for bottom lashes

Final Opinion =

Pros :
  • Provides high quality fiber lashes
  • Gives very natural look
  • Very light and soft
  • Not shiny when using flash photography, isnt made from plastic
  • Comes with efficient eyelash storage

Cons : 
  • Expensive
  • Only comes with 1 lashes
  • The lashes are a little fragile

Though I admit that this eyelashes is very high quality, that's why I love japanese lashes, but for me false eyelashes is something that suits your preference. I think this lashes will be so much loved by those who love natural looking make up, as for me, I prefer dramatic eyes make up XD

You can order the lashes, or other japanese stuffs from Reine Doll Shop :) 
Talk to you guys later~!

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  1. why there's no photo with you wearing it? :(((((((((

  2. kurang suka aku sama volume bulu mata nya ka..