Star Beauty Tips : Helena Chan, Asia's Next Top Model Hong Kong Representative

December 05, 2012

I am so excited to let you guys know that I have opportunity to interview one of the best contestants from the hottest TV Show at the moment!

Do you know about Asia's Next Top Model?

The latest TV Show that appears on Star World every Sunday, a remake of the famous America's Next Top Model. And in this show, there are a lot of beautiful girls represent their own countries. Mention, Japan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Nepal, etc. And it is hosted by Nadya Hutagalung, famous model from Indonesia

If you haven't watched it, I suggest you do to so!

America's Next Top Model has always been my favorite TV Show ever since I was a little. I watched it from its first season, and I bet most of you also know that. So, when it comes to Asia, I am more excited than ever! Because Asian beauty can finally shine through as well! 

Helena Chan, Hong Kong Representative for Asia's Next Top Model is kind enough to be interviewed by me. She's very nice and kind, and I do believe Asia's Next Top Model Show will be boring without her :)

If you want to know Star Beauty Tips section from Asia's Top Model, Helena Chan, you may read this post more :)

Good day Helena Chan, thank you so much for spending your time to be interviewed for this blog. Could you tell us a little bit of yourself?

"Hi everyone, my name is Helena Chan and I am Half Chinese and half Swedish. Growing up, I was always encouraged by my family to respect every life on earth, which is why I became an outdoorsy girl. I have always loved hiking, diving, swimming, biking, sailing and the list goes on. I feel free and at peace when I surround myself with nature. 
One thing I always stand by, is that I am loyal to my family and friends. I value my relationships and feel so lucky to be surrounded by wonderful people everyday. 

I’m a very outgoing person. I love going out with my friends and meeting new people. I’m also an animal lover. I have 3 dogs who I love more than anything."

Everyone knows you as Hong Kong representative for Asia's Next Top Model. What's your motivation to join this competition?

I know it sounds cliché, but I’m being completely honest when I say I have always wanted to be a supermodel. Ever since I was a little girl, I would force my mother to take photos of me while I dressed up and posed. The artistic and unique side of the fashion industry has always fascinated me, which is why I started modeling. I joined ‘Asia’s Next Top model’ because I wanted to elevate my career and experience something magical, as my family didn’t have much money growing up and I never had a chance to travel.

How do you feel when you know that you're representing Hong Kong?

"Representing Hong Kong is an honor. I’m proud to say to my people I will try my best and make them proud."

Do you prefer to use Asian or Western cosmetic brand? And why? Do you have any particular brand that interest you?

"When it come to cosmetics I tend to keep it very minimal. I try not to wear much make up as it keeps my skin healthy and fresh. Although when I do use make up I use rather mainstream bands such as Revlon, Max Factor & Benefit."

What's your favorite beauty product on the go, and why?

"Mascara is something a model should always have in her purse. Its quick and easy to apply , and it makes such a difference. It makes your eyes pop!"

Do you have any secret tips to maintain your clear and flawless skin?

"I take very good care of my skin. My tips are as such; maintain a healthy diet-you are what you eat. And if you eat healthy fruits and vegetables your skin will have a natural glow. 

My other tip is to moisturize twice a day with 100% natural aloe vera. I spend at least 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night rubbing in the aloe of my face and body. This hydrates your skin in a natural way."

What's the most common make up mistake you see from girls in Asia, and do you have any tips for it?

"I feel that in the Asian community there is a fixation on being pale…well in Hong Kong there is. I feel that most girl cake o too much foundation. My tip is to keep it light and fresh. Natural is beautiful."

Your hair and face must have gone through a lot of procedure for photo shoots, how do you deal with it and keep it healthy?
"It’s true that with the amount of photo shoots & runway show I have to do every week, my hair suffers. I tend to condition my hair a lot in the shower, to make sure all the knots are out!"

Do you mind to share what make up do you usually bring for traveling?
"Traveling & day to day, my make up bag consists of; mascara, bronzer, foundation and lip gloss. I’m a firm believer in less is more!"

How do you feel about Asian beauty and fashion compared to Western?

"I believe every person is beautiful. No matter where they are from. Everyone is different which makes us special."

Last but not least, Helena Chan is also inspirational in the way she lives, she said to me "It's better to be hated for someone you are, then to be loved for someone your not" and it's something that I always keep in mind too. She dares to be different, and it's a proof that she shines brightly in this competition :)

I hope she would continue her journey as model as she is very promising, and I wish all the best for her competition in Asia's Next Top Model. If you'd like to support her, you may like her facebook fan page HERE and don't forget to watch Asia's Next Top Model every sunday on Star World ^^

All in all, thank you so much for Helena sharing her secret beauty tips with us. I hope her tips are useful for you all!! 

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