The Panic Before Heaven Trip

December 23, 2012

My final exam wasgoing on for weeks and meanwhile my friends were doing their exams at home [ art students do most of their exams at home cos it takes looooongggg time to finish :x ], I found myself hibernating most of the time :yayblush:

Whenever I opened my laptop, instead of making exam, I suddenly felt sleepy and slept with my laptop open. It happened like TWICE in a day :x

Although I say I am panic, but it just happened inside.. Some of you must have known that I have weak stomach, so when I feel depressed, nervous, or panic, I have bad stomachache, and so that's why I lose weights a lot.. But then I become very happy of the weight loss and end up eating a lot again so it's useless.. and because I eat a lot, I sleep a lot.. And my exam was abandoned!! That's hell's cycle :x

So conclusion is, when I am in panic I suddenly become very lazy.. My friends were instead panicking on my place because it takes them like 1-2 weeks to finish 1 exam, and I started making it like 4 days before exam #nyarimati :oops::oops::oops:
It's because I am so addicted to Line Pop game and I put my heart and soul to reach no 1 :lolpastel:

But it's ok dont worry, my grades are ok :lolpastel:And it's finished already so doesnt matter now!


Because my current luggage is too small for 3 weeks trip so I had to buy another one. Find 70% discount but still expensive, next year must work my ass off again to fill my bank account otherwise I wont be able to eat.. #truestory :evil:

Oh anyway my luggage is in pink, though I wanted to get black one... But the black one are all so expensive dunno why. And this pink luggage is very light, so it saves so much space!! :D

Also it's so huge to the point it can store myself wtf :cheery::cheery::cheery:

next time IF my mom goes overseas, I wont have to pay for extra ticket anymore...



By the way, the panic hysteria is also because my Japan trip is only less than 1 week and I dunno what to  do :omg:.. Like you want to bring this and that but ughhh!! I must also bring my gazillions skincare and make up because all Japanese girls must be so stylish :regret::regret::regret::regret: and I cannot look like shit there, unlike my Korean trip:regret:

Also must bring all the hair care stuffs as well cos my hair needs it.. And I have bought like tons of omiyage [souvenirs] for Shintaro and Yuta

Obviously my love toward Indomie cannot be doubted. Everytime I meet foreigner i always promote Indomie and give it as souvenirs.. I've sent indomies before for them and they loved it! So I bring more hahaha!

I bought 2 big boxes of Indomie Mie Goreng and Soto Mie [MY FAVORITE :loveword::loveword::loveword::loveword: ] so total I will bring 80 packs :?: dunno can fit or not. I also buy Nyam Nyam Rice Cracker what la, for Yuta's son.. Not to mention bought dozens Silver Queen, and Kerupuk Udang and Emping :roll:

And obviously as a good Indonesian *ahem*, I buy their family batik! So each person get one! My wallet cries ( ;-()\


I've also talked to a few of my friends in Japan about my trip there and we're so excited to see each other. There will be gaijin gyaru meetings too, means that foreigners that love japan and gyaru fashion, to gather and just hang out together la.. It is also said that a national TV will interview us o.o This means I can appear on Japanese TV :omg:

Also *ahem* すきなひと is in Japan as well on that time, and every time I think of it making butterflies inside my stomach fly everywhere and feel like a 12 years old teenager again T3T
cos すきなひと is too long [it's read : suki na hito], so lets call him.. O?:lolpastel:

Anyway, a panic hysteria strikes again because O is the most person that I want to hang out together with in Japan, and he has clash schedule with me wtf, So I contact my flight to get my schedule changed but they charge expensively ;A; another flight drama.. :heartbreak::heartbreak::heartbreak:
And when he's free, I have Menard Trip, which can be called a job.. and I cannot abandon it

So both of us also dunno what to do, and in the end got small fight and havent talked to him until now :regret:
I dunno can meet him or not in Japan, arghh:regret::regret::regret:

okay who's O I cannot reveal, at least I still mention a little bout him, so in case in Japan I have emo emo alay geje posts, you know it's about him :up:

Anyway, I dunno what to blog in Japan haha, this blog will be very random in January so I warn you beforehand..
the blogpost can be as random as this one:heartbreak:

Jakarta has been very rainy these days btw, i cannot have a good nap because the thunders were pretty strong. how about your area? D: 

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