Review : Innisfree Camellia Magic Styling Shampoo & Rinse

December 20, 2012

Many of you have commented on my instagram or facebook, that my hair looked better.. Well yes, thank you, my hair is more manageable after I slapped dozens of hair products, and changed my hair shampoo! I was sent this Innisfree camellia magic styling shampoo from riebutik, I think she sent this because when we were chatting, I mentioned about my hair condition so she gave me this T_T

So as you can see, that these babies stay on my bathroom ever since, NEVER ever leave my bathroom anymore. I am also planning to bring this to Japan.. So btw, this post is just for sharing my current hair shampoo and conditioner lol

So I got their shampoo and conditioner, and the shampoo is 300ml while the conditioner is 200ml. And what I always mention, about high quality shampoo or body wash, compared to drugstore products.. Is, although they carry same amount or less amount of products, they LAST LONGER!! o.o

Not so many products used for entire head, so it last longer la.. I usually finish my drugstore shampoo like loreal or sunsilk for 2 weeks? but this one has been used for over a month and still not half of it used I think.. 

Therefore yes, the price may be slightly more expensive than your drugstore shampoo, but think of it as investing for future lol

The brand ambassador is Yoona from SNSD, and it has her picture attached on the pump lol I usually use 3-4 pumps for my hair and it smells SOOOOOO GOOOODDD *______*
The camellia flower scent is just too good to resist and everytime I finish showering, i cannot stop smelling myself.. 
My mom also compliments my hair because it smells so nice! She sniffs it a lot LOL 

And I also feel that by using this shampoo, my hair is much more manageable and tangled free than before, it also becomes smoother and softer XD 

Although it doesnt heal my hair completely because my hair is helpless, but even my super damaged hair is much better. So imagine if you, who have better hair than mine, use this shampoo. must must must try T____T <3

And I also got their conditioner. For me, the shampoo works amazing while the conditioner is just, good, pretty decent, but not impressive. Obviously it makes my hair knot-free and smoother, as conditioner has a great part in smoothening hair. But for me, I can just use any conditioner and the difference is only minimum lol got what i mean?

of course use both of them can make your hair smells much much better and last longer, but i recommend the shampoo the most!!! <3

left to right = shampoo, conditioner

top to right = conditioner, shampoo

The conditioner is quite thick like every other conditioners, while the shampoo is in transparent gel but very watery and glides smooth and easily on hair ^.^ Creates nice bubbles too!!

Final Opinion =

Pros = 
  • Last long, a little goes a long way
  • Smells very good, camellia flower scent
  • Moisturizing dry and damaged hair
  • Makes hair more manageable
  • Hair feels soft and smooth

Cons =
  •  nothing lol

I got these from Rie Butik, my sponsor.. Korean brands are not so expensive, and if I am not mistaken, the product is about 10usd each? 
You may want to try this hair care because it's just so so amazing T_____T
Now all of us can have camellia fragrance on hair T__T <3 <3 <3

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  1. why there's no photo about your hair after using this? i really wanna see the different T------------T

  2. Innisfree Camellia Magic Styling Shampoo is truly a game-changer! Its enchanting blend leaves my hair feeling irresistibly soft, shiny, and effortlessly styled. The delightful camellia fragrance is a daily indulgence, making each wash a spa-like experience. I appreciate how it tames frizz, adds volume, and enhances my natural waves. With its nourishing formula, my hair not only looks healthier but feels it too. Innisfree has created a magical potion that transforms my hair care routine into a pampering ritual. Say goodbye to dull days and hello to the radiance that Camellia Magic brings!

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