Japan Day 1 : Trip to Tokyo

January 01, 2013

First of all, happy new year everyone. I am typing this while listening to Kohaku, in case you don't know, it's a television show in Japan where all the promising artists of the year performed to end the New Year. Yes I am typing this on New Year's Eve, very hardworking ya lol My favorite boyband, Arashi, btw becomes the MC of Kohaku along with Horikita Maki, yay!

In fact I would like to include day 2 too, but in fact, I just noticed that there are so many things to mention on day 2, although I feel that I do not do much lol :sweatbubble:

Btw, the picture above is my picture on second day, but I decided to put it because I was in front of Shintaro's home :x And it's too pathetic to not put, myself, on the blog post lol

Okay so let's begin!

First of all, I always get trouble at so many events, so I was pretty ready about what might happen for me about this flight. And true, my luggage was overweight so I had to throw some stuffs away including some indomies and nyam nyam, but I also had to bring kerupuk and shoes by myself because it didn't fit!! T T:sweatbubble:

Including some clothes along with other electronic stuffs such as laptop, camera, phone, etc T T:sweatbubble:

I got so many bruises because I brought it for HOURS, and my body skin is very sensitive and easy to get red, so yeah.. :regret::regret:

These bags are not included with another bag again.. I also brought 2 coats and I decided to wear them because it's too troublesome to bring it all over, but it was very, hot .  . .:regret::regret:

In conclusion, it was, hell . . .:sweatbubble:

So I had transit to KL, and must wait about 5 hours. There were no rice, so I just got a doughnut and ice blended, very sad.. :regret::regret::regret:

Here are some of stuffs that I must brought by myself on that day. I tell you, very very heavyyy... I am in fact very strong to bring stuffs [cos I bring my mom's stuffs from supermarket a lot lol] but it was ridiculous T T:sweatbubble:

So I just spent 5 hours online without doing anything, and moved to Tokyo for 7 hours flight 

I got porridge only instead of food because I feel "bohwat" for paying 6USD for just a small flight menu, that I am sure will be not tasty at all. The 6 USD can be done for eating ramen in Japan and i don't want to bother every single money. So yeah, my whole day food are only doughnut and porride, Very sad T T:sweatbubble:

After 7 hours, I finally arrived at Japan
I thought I would cry in happiness because it should be very touching, but here's what I looked like in real, minus all the bags and stuffs

Because it was too tiring and my whole body hurt so much. I also tripped a lot and my stuffs were scattered around a few times because i dropped it. Also on duty check and walking to take my luggage, I didn't find any trolley so I must brought it by myself. Majorly tired

All the tourists were busy taking pictures, I had, NO TIME! I must either went out as soon as possible from the airport, or just found any trolley arghhhh

Still managed to snatch some pictures for a little pleasure of yours 

Btw, for all the flights and services, I was very mistaken as Japanese :sweatbubble:
On the plane I was given japanese form instead of foreign form, during interview with the airport staff, they asked me about my purpose and length of stay in japanese, and I was also pointed out to japan queue.. Very funny but I dont mind lol

This is Shintaro-nii!
He picked me up on the airport, very very nice of him! T T I put -nii after his name because I think of him as my older brother.. His wife, Maki-san, was on the car. Because it was the end of the year and it was so difficult to get the parking, so she picked us up therefore we could put all the luggage inside

I didn't have any chance to take her pic but you'll see her on the next day!

Here's my luggage! my pink luggage lol

Going to Yokohama by car.. It was pretty late already, around midnight.. 

Upon arrival, they showed me my own bedroom and in fact, they especially bought the bed because I am staying omg!!! Japanese people are too kind, I dont even . . .

The room is in fact more comfy than I thought. It's not that small in fact.. I think every Japanese home are very small yes, but the interior is very good, I cannot describe it, but it makes the home looks bigger than what it's supposed to be. Very smart indeed!! :up:

Everything is so simple yet efficient!! 
I feel like I am having holiday because of all the woods interior too haha.. Not to mention the cold weather, it was around 8'C, I felt like I was having holiday at old bandung :up: 

First time I worshipped heater!! I can die without it!! T T:sweatbubble:

I woke up very nice, and I usually woke up at 6a.m... And I woke up exactly at 8a.m in Japan time.. With a very very fresh air and weather.. I also swear that my skin is 150% getting better than before!! :hearts3::hearts3::hearts3: It's so so suppleeeee!! I dunno why, if it's the weather or the water or the air. It's just, I cannot describe it lol

I may be meant to live in winter or cold area.. When I was in genting, my skin was very nice too!! :hearts3::hearts3::hearts3:

That's how the scenery looked like from my veranda.. It's very very, Japanese! I see this kind of scenery on the japanese dramas a lot! 

I watched the TV while waiting for Shintaro and Maki-san woke up.. And so I cooked them Indomie Soto Mie for breakfast and they loved it so much yeah!! 

So after that, the journey on second day, began~ :peace:

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  1. OMG! So excited to see your trip! Can't wait for day 2 !
    Is it cold over there?

  2. Woo so exciting hahahha...
    Btw aku ke korea waktu lagi winter dan kondisi kulitku juga luat biasa. Lembut, kenyal, dan lebih cerah hahahaha... Brarti di Indo ni polusi banget ya...

    Nggak sabar nungguin next post.
    Btw stel itu tas kamu yg item beli dmn ? So cute for travelling hahaha...

  3. happy trip and don,t forget to send us beautiful picture ,,,,,,,,

  4. envy,,envy,,hahahaha,,
    rumahnya kliatan cozy banget stel >.<
    dan,,ya,,kayak di dorama2 jepang,,gerr,, *tetep envy*

    ditunggu posting selanjutnya yg pasti bikin makin envy,,hhaha
    jaga kesehatan ya stel,,

    happy trip ya :)