Japan Day 2 : Supermarket and Kaiten Sushi

January 04, 2013

Either I am too lazy to edit the pictures altogether, or I find the pictures on day 2 are too many so it's better to separate the post, I dont know.. But I had so many activities the day after I came to Japan and it's really awesome!! So now I will share my day 2 in Japan, the continuation of my journey!! 

After we had indomie for breakfast, we went to the nearest supermarket to buy some stuffs for New Year's eve. It was 31st December 2012.. And it was very freezing. Being someone who lived her entire life in tropical weather, winter is really painful. Especially because I dont really have winter clothes

Btw, I threw away my circle lens water so i didn't put lenses at all :sweatbubble:
And because it's just supermarket, I do not bother to put lashes either haha...Too lazy.. And my hair iron doesn't work because the plug in is different so I must buy from daiso later  :sweatbubble:

Btw, did I mention that my skin was better than in Indonesia? It's so soft and supple! I also notice my acne scar is reduced every day, becomes more flawless!! :hearts3::hearts3::hearts3:

Here's a picture btw = 

Holika Holika BB Cream, Dolly Wink Eyebrow Pencil, Maybelline Sharp Eyeliner, Etude House Miss Tangerine Cream Blush 02, Revlon Kissable Lip Stain

Looks nicer right??? o___o
Ok now move to the story!

So we're going to the nearest big supermarket, it's called OKE.. And they sell cheaper stuffs than other markets.. Still expensive compared to Indonesia though lol

Mikan!! Japanese orange! It tastes sweeter and more water inside!

Salmoooonnnnn... I love salmonnn 

I buy some pastas and candies, the rest are for their family, because it's new years eve, and mostly people eat at home, and we're going to have nabe, that's why shopping for the ingredients needed

Then we went to Kaiten Sushi, means it's a sushi restaurant that serves sushi on moving rail, so you can pick anything you want

And I was like "woooo" "waaaa"... I mean, japanese sushi please T T:hearts3::hearts3:

And suddenly shintaro said, "go ahead, eat anything you like, this is your welcome food!" omg how far his family can go nicer?? Sushi is expensive and I said no, but he insisted so yeah, omg thank you :hearts3::hearts3::hearts3::hearts3::hearts3::hearts3::hearts3:

Shintaro-nii, and Maki-san, his wife

Expensive right :regret::regret::regret:

But then, it is made very very fastttttt, and all the sushi are so good, it melts inside my mouth, andddd so freessshh.. And everytime they gave us the plate they always say "arigatou gozaimashitaaaa" :sweatbubble:

I think I got 'arigatou gozaimashita' like over than 100 times a day wtf
Every japanese are so polite and they say thank you and sorry a lot, way too many, seriously!!!!

Everyone smiles when doing that too and I felt a little bad, and Shintaro asked why, cos obviously I should be happy cos everyone are so nice

But I said no, since I didn't do anything but they said thank you repeatedly many many times, feel awkward please lol :sweatbubble:

Okay, here are some of the foods!!!

tuna salad!!

special fish set :hearts3::hearts3::hearts3::hearts3::hearts3:

And everytime I shoved the sushi inside my mouth, I feel like crying because it's soooo goooodddd.. I ate one, I stopped, and smiled wide in happiness :hearts3:

The sushi are.. so gooodddddd T T :hearts3::hearts3::hearts3::hearts3:

I dont think I will ever eat sushi the same way again...
Shintaro-nii said making sushi is difficult and you need to at least train for 5 years to become a professional, because it's all about technique.. And I dont think sushi makers in Indonesia do it that long la please... 

Sushi in japan is in perfect shape and balance, and obviously perfect taste too!! :hearts3::hearts3::hearts3:

We ate a lot, seriously... I was very full, and oh, the miso soup is also very very damn niceeeeeeeeee... Everything taste good in Japan. Even I usually dont drink ocha at japanese restaurant in Indonesia, but I drink lots and lots of ocha thereeeeeee.... :hearts3::hearts3::hearts3:

With Maki-san, Shintaro no waifu! She's such a lovely and very perfect housewife!!! Finally you see her face lol

Okay, that's all for day 2 part 1 now.. I still have another post for day 2
Hope you envy my first kaiten sushi experience

Come to Japan, and eat sushi in here please :hearts3::hearts3::hearts3:

You wont, regret, I promise :hearts3::hearts3::hearts3::hearts3:

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