Japan Day 5 : Shopping at Harajuku

January 14, 2013

Sorry for taking so long for Japan Day 5.. I was in Maki-san's parents house and they had no heater inside my room so my laptop was freezing T__T

Right now I am in Nagoya Hotel, provided by Menard Japan. So I can blog. Say thank you to them for this post lol

Sooooo... Because I wasn't satisfied with the day before's shopping, Su & I decided to go again to HARAJUKU, for shopping!! Yay!! Tina couldn't join us because she had stuffs to do with her boyfriend.. 

Then we walked around the famous Takeshita Dori to shop, then we decided to take purikura before lunch! My first purikura is with Su ~ :hearts3::hearts3::hearts3:

There are so many purikura machines to choose from! With different template, layout, and effects!!

But then we decided to go with Kyari Kyari Pamyu because Su said that it's very good!

Turned out that it's very very good! 400 yen for each purikura, and Su & I shared so each only paid 200 yen. Also the machine knows that there are 2 persons so they gave 2 purikura too! Not bad not bad! :hearts3::hearts3:

Su said that my first purikura was very very good, my poses dont look like someone who just took purikura from the first time. Well, that's the ability that you get from too much camwhoring of yourself :lolpastel:

Headed to Yoshinoya for lunch, as I intend to save money on that day since I will be shopping a lot lol

Then we just walked around Harajuku - Omotesando area for shopping~ 

Suddenly in Takeshita Dori I heard super loud sale from Liz Lisa staffs that they got TIME SALE! 
The staff was standing on a chair and throw away sale stuffs that you wouldn't be able to get in other places.. Well, considered cheap for Japan price.. dress becomes 3000 yen.. from 8000-9000 yen.. And you have to fight over it and it was crazy!!! :regret::regret::regret:

I even had to fight with girls to get my stuffs! There's also this little girl who keeps taking stuffs that I got! :regret:
 I mean, I already caught it before her but then she pulled it away from me several times. after 4/5 times, I shouted at her "IT'S MINE!!!" cos I was pissed off by her act.. Then the staff who saw it said "it's the onee-san's, give it to her" lol :peace:

I got like 10 pieces on my hand but I only bought 2 pieces in the end cos still expensive for Indonesian lol
But it's a fun experience!

Su laughed at me because my hair was super messy haha

If you go to Harajuku, like or not you also must try their famous crepe! There are a lot of crepe shops in Harajuku but everyone says that this is the oldest and the most famous one so we tried it!

I got Peach Melba, with Strawberry Ice Cream!!

Su got this strawberry with chocolate ice cream!

We sat on Harajuku Street while eating crepes like any other Japanese girls.. It was freezing but it's all worth it, the experience~ :hearts3::hearts3::hearts3:

We had Japanese pasta that Shintaro-nii cooked! 
And as for the dessert I got them cakes that from a shop near our house! It was delicious! Everything in Japan tastes very nice! :hearts3::hearts3::hearts3:

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  1. Following your story just like reading a princess tale, so beautiful, world like works so nice, dreaming, and fun.
    You're such a charming girl, hard worker for sure, but nice and funny too.
    How you telling your journey, not just your vacation, is flows so light,,,joyful!
    Thanx for sharing your life with us :-)