Japan Day 6 : Ebisu With Ayaka

January 16, 2013

Sorry for lack of update, I was sick because it's too freezing in Japan, and I was probably exhausted by all the activities, yesterday I even threw up while having dinner, 3 times, and I couldn't remember when's the last time I threw up since in fact I am a very healthy girl

Now i understand winter pain and feel thankful that I live in Indonesia T__T

And suddenly I feel homesick and miss my mom, I didn't miss her at all to be honest because Japan is just too awesome, but now when I am in pain, I want my mother to hug me and cook me something warm T___T Japanese food mostly are cold, especially sashimi and sushi and such T____T

I want warm chinese food T_____T

But I drank tolak angin and ginseng so it's getting better. 

Now I have 1 hour free time before dinner again with Menard Team, so I decided to blog instead.. Here's about day 6 in Japan, meeting up with Ayaka, who's Ayaka? hehehe

We had a meet up in Ebisu Area, she's a make up artist for Ranzuki, Popteen, AKB48, Komori Jun, and such!! We met through Shintaro, Ayaka wanted to know about my blogging career and I wanted to know about her job further so yeah

In the end we had a long long chat and I forced her indirectly to make her own blog and youtube channel to teach girls gyaru make up. I mean, she's professional!! Dont you want to learn from the real japanese make up artist??? So she's currently in the making of her blog and youtube channel, I will share it later when she's done with her first post ^.^

Oh and suddenly we talked about Kanno Yui. I told her my friend really likes her, and Ayaka shouted "Kanno is my best friend~~!!!" And I was like "Maji deeee??"

And suddenly she gave a call to Kanno Yui to ask her to join us and I was like O______O

I mean, Kanno Yui is a very popular model in Japan, and she's very beautiful and I was very surprised. In the end I didn't meet her though since Kanno doesn't answer her phone, Ayaka said probably sleeping, as models have weird time schedule LOL

So that's the story of mine when I am about to meet one of the most popular gyaru models in Japan

Anyway, do you know Kanno? XD

Then after that Ayaka and I just went to Shibuya for shopping and purikura!


Went to Shibuya 109 again 

Then at night headed home to eat Meat Loaf cooked by Maki-san!! 

Ok! Nothing really happened on this day but I enjoy every single day I have in Japan..
Though I must admit, I kinda want to go home and hug my mom lol

Considering the pain of winter, I dont think I will ever move here permanently. Now even think about to die T_T

Day 7 is the International gaijin gyaru meet up!! ^_^ Please anticipate!
Must go now, baiii~!

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