Japan Day 3 : Hatsumode + Asakusa

January 09, 2013

On my 3rd day in Japan, it's 2013 New Year!

Every Japanese people will do hatsumode for New Year. It's like their traditional stuff, and I really want to experience that too! So Shintaro-nii and Maki-san would be bringing me to Shinto Temple near our house, and then Asakusa that's famous for its shrine, though it's for Buddhism lol

But for new year, they usually have osechi and we're lucky because Shintaro-nii's brother came to our house the night before and gave it to us. Since osechi usually costs you like 50.000 yen T-T very very expensive!!!

But we're lucky because we have some, and it's soo sooo pretty so I took lotsa pictures of it *0* :hearts3:

The osechi usually have 3 big boxes stacked, and it's filled with so many foods, mostly are seafood [fish, sea urchin, fish eggs, etc] :hearts3::hearts3::hearts3:

I wont speak much about Osechi, please see the pictures and dont forget to wipe your mouths lol

And they include chopstick that has kanji "New Year" lol so we must use it to get good luck for this new year! :up:

Maki-san also made Zoni for New year! It's a mochi soup!! And when you eat it, it stretches ! 

Shintaro-nii told me that in fact youngsters dont really eat osechi or zoni anymore.. Because they dont like the taste. But I am not picky for food so it's ok for me haha, besides it tastes good la!! 

One thing I dont eat is only chili 

Then we go to the nearest Shinto Temple to pray for this year. But we must wash our hands with their water.. Very freezing!!

Btw, almost every place I go, demand the visitors to queue. You eat you must queue, you go to toilet you must queue, you pray you must queue, you shop you must queue, everything must queue lol
But at least the queue is very nice in Japan lol :hearts3:

In Japan, everyone queue very nicely. Nobody cut the queue and they make one line straight.. No one push nor even bump you! I love queuing in Japan LOL :hearts3::hearts3::hearts3:

If it's in Indonesia, I will be pushed to death I believe. Thats why I tend to avoid crowded places in Jakarta 

That's my real hair right now. I did my hair at L'Oreal Academy Salon before I went to Japan, ash blonde yay! :hearts3:
But I didnt curl it since I hadn't bought connector for my curling iron T_T

Must pay to get the Omikuji, it will show you the fortune of this year. I am in fact not really interested with fortune telling but since I am here, so why not?

Omikuji has so many levels of lucks, and even on each luck, what's written is very different.. Shintaro said that I got the second highest luck so YAY!! :hearts3::hearts3::hearts3:

And here's my fortune for 2013 = :up:

The wishes will come true but it takes time
If you're waiting for someone they will call you and they will come
If you lost something it wont come out
Traveling is not good 

You shouldn't do any business because you dont know what's going up and down
You have to study hard
Any fights, just be calm    
For love, be careful of so many rivals
Don't do any moving
The sickness wont be heavy so you shouldn't worry about it
If you have omiai, if your heart doesnt change it will come true

Mostly it says good and very very true hahaha! Especially about love XDD

With Maki-san, Shintaro's wife! She's super super skinny in real i envy her body T_T

Oh anyway the day before when I went to shibuya I bought the lenses of Secret Candy Magic which I adored! Turned out I bought no 15 instead of 16 because Tomomi wears it on CM LOL :hearts3:

And this is how it looks like =

Very very very pretty and seductive, and SUPER COMFORTABLE!! :hearts3::hearts3:

Japanese lens are awesome! They have the same comfort as Acuvue!! I tried acuvue before I went to Japan and the comfort is same, but acuvue has ugly patterns LOL

I dont regret buying this lens!! I wish they would sell it in Indo T_T 

Then after that, we went to Asakusa, and I think it's like the most popular and the biggest shrine in Tokyo! You may have heard about this a lot if you love Japan. It is said that there are hundred thousands people visit this temple on New Year! And i have never seen so many people before!!! I queue for like an hour and so just to throw coin and pray for 30 seconds wtf lol 

The queue was probably 1 km -_-

Queue Queue Queue...~

Snap pictures in front of the gate, to at least prove that I was truly there lol 

Inside the gate, must queue again, but there were some shops, and we bought manju and amazake [sweet sake] to fill our tummy! 

The queue line moved little by little and there were so many people

If it was in Indonesia, there would be so many pickpockets and so many stolen wallets and phones. But Japanese people are the most honest citizen in the whole world.. :up:

No one steals in here!! According to shintaro and my friends who live there, no one will take what are not theirs.. Usually they will even bring it to police station and give it to the owner

And stealing phones are useless here because everyone use iPhone 5, so mostly are rich lol, and each phone is registered to its owner.. And it's just that, Japanese dont really have bad thoughts!!

Every foreigners that I met in Japan also said that Japan was very very safe!! :hearts3::hearts3::hearts3:

So I can easily shove my phone inside my coat pocket and let it be, and no one steal although I dont see

About to arrive at second gate after 45 minutes

Looks so Japanese, but the fashion is wtf hahaha sorry! 

Okay so this is inside the temple, we just threw away the coins and prayed, and it's done omg lol
If it's not Japan and I wasnt tourist I wouldn't want to do that haha, so cramped XD

And then we gotta go back to our next destination.. Tokyo Sky Tree!! Wait for Japan Day 3 next post! ^_^:up:

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  1. Looks like u're habing a lot of fun, dear! Love the Japan entires! May i know much the lenses costs?