Japan Day 7 : International Gaijin Gyaru Meet Up

January 23, 2013

Sorry that this post took so long.. I finally had time to edit the photos and make it as a blogpost. It was a very very fun night, indeed. We drank a lot, but as you guys see from my picture that I held orange juice instead LOL

I am not good in drinking.. so yeah

If you dont know, Gaijin gyaru means foreigner who are into gyaru style.. And we sometimes know each other and have facebook community lol So it's kinda like an international meet up considering so many countries involved :x

Anyway it's like one of the highlights of my trip. I have never seen other gyarus from other countries and I would love to know them more.. So on Facebook, Steffie from luxembourg said that she'd come to Japan around same time with me so I said why not meet up :D 

Then she invited the other girls to come along.. And I also ask Tina & Su, & Ayaka is also interested so she tagged along ^.^

So here's the story =

All the girls come to in front of Shibuya 109.. When i was there, there were only 2 girls but then more and more people coming. There's a Japanese among us, which is Kayo-san. She helped organizing this event because she has a lot of gyaru events before..

Then we went to 10sion cafe in shibuya [pun name o.o] to have a chat, and as some TV Crews would like to interview us and put us on TV.. more TV lol
10sion cafe is a gyaru cafe where all the waitresses are gyaru. So it's just perfect!

I forgot her name sorry T T, Tina from France, Su from Korea, Steffie from Luxembourg

Forgot her name too T T, Ksara from England

Steffie, Me from Indonesia lol, and Michi from America

Kayo-san and Michi

To be honest i didn't like my make up. I was trying the new bottom lashes but it is too long for me and makes my eyes super droopy T___T 

Su, Steffie, and I

Kayo was talking to the TV Crew about us lol

After finishing shooting we then decided to get some purikura and some girls such as Tina and Su already left, while some new girls joined us again!
We went to Studio Sega in Shibuya to get pics taken!

After purikura, then Michi was in panic because she lost her 5000 yen money for dinner and she's like "aaa my husband is going to be mad at me" but i said calm down la, where did you drop it

And she said she was sure she dropped something in 10sion cafe as her bag dropped there

So kayo-san called the cafe but they didn't find it.. They're still looking for it but in the end we decided to come directly to the cafe

During the walk Michi was holding my arms very tight as she's very scared lol I was like "calm down.. Japanese people are so honest and nice, if it's yours and it's dropped there, they'll give it to you"

And then Ash and Steffie also said the same thing.. Steffie said that she even forgot her bag in Harajuku while she's already in Shibuya. And when she came back again, the bag's still there

Japan is just tooooo safeeeee.....
So when we arrived there suddenly the staff screamed "We found it!" And gave it to Michi

That's her expression lol

So yeah, girls, if you'd like to come to Japan.. you're really really safe.. 

After that we went to Izakaya for having dinner, it's all you can drink so Kayo-san went a little crazy by ordering a lot of drinks LOL

That's Shernise and Ash.. 
Lotsa people on my facebook asked about Ash as she's so handsome lol but she's a woman girls, sorry to disappoint you..

That night was spent with just drinking, chatting, and laughing..

The conversation is all too funny and very nice. Ksara is really the mood maker as she has so many stories to tell about and everyone was like "EEEEEE??" "HEEEEE" "MAJI DEEEEE"


Some foods that we got btw =

All in all, it was a very fun night. We had to leave because it's very late already and the time's out.. But I had a really good time

 I wished to meet the girls again later~ They're all such Lovely..

But then, worry not, 2 days after that I went to Disneysea with Su, and then Disneyland with Michi. So you'll see them again ^_^

That's it!!

Thank you for the amazing memories!

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