Japan Day 4 : Shopping New Year Sale in Shibuya 109

January 11, 2013

So, Shibuya 109 is closed on the first day of January, but one of the main points I come to Japan during Winter is their new year sale!! That happens from 2nd January for 7 days straight!

Although I mention 'SALE', the price is still very expensive for Indonesian. But it's much more affordable compared to buy a top with 7000-8000yen! Usually they cut down the price and it will become around 3000-4000 yen! And sale in japan means, real sale. They never have other sale, unless summer sale, and winter sale has better discount

So imagine yourself buying stuffs in Japan with normal price, I dont think I will be able to do that.. It's so expensive.. But since it's sale, so okay I go !! 

Anyway because I was busy shopping so I didn't take many pictures neither I brought my DSLR, So it's all taken from my phone, I apologize ><

This is my usual breakfast when I had to hurry from home to a place and have no time to cook Indomie.. The cheapest food in Japan, Onigiri for 105 yen! 

I was supposed to meet Tina at 10 in Shibuya and shopped! :hearts3::hearts3::hearts3:
I've been friend with Tina for over than a year, she's from France and living in Japan currently. She came with her Korean friend named Su, whom you've seen a lot on my facebook [she said to me that she suddenly received lotsa friend requests from Indonesia lol] 

And when we wanted to step inside 109, this is what we saw

Hundreds of girls selling stuffs from their fukubukuro bag or swapped

And the crowd was madness, I have never seen people that crowded in a mall, you hardly can walk, you hardly can speak, everyone screamed, and ALL the sales assistant stepped up on the chair and screamed with loud speaker to earn more customers inside their stores. It's so loudddd!!! 

But like I said, no pickpocket lol

Su was opening her fukubukuro bag, she got one from MA*RS

Tina, Su, and I got each fukubukuro. And because it was so crowded we decided to have a nice air and see the bazaar happened outside the Shibuya 109.. Then suddenly Fuji TV Crew wanted to interview us, foreigners in Shibuya 109 o_o 

Well to be honest I think it's because of Tina cos she's French so she stands out. Su and I blended so nicely in Japan because we're asian hahaha

They interviewed about what we're buying and why we come to Japan, the purpose, length of stay, why shop in Shibuya, and such..

And they're so interested to us so they got the interview like 1-2 hour and all of us were almost died from freezing because we had to do interview outside, and it's MAX COLD! 

 Unfortunately I don't know Japanese that much so Su translated mostly for me lol 
And we were kinda upset because we spent so much time in the interview so we didn't shop that much..

We appeared in Fuji TV Super News Program LOL

Tina with her DURAS, Su with MA*RS, and me with EGOIST.. 
I looked so short next to them T___T:regret:

Tina, Me, and Su

After the interview we were super tired and hungry so we just got back again inside Shibuya 109 and got our lunch! 

Tina saw a girl stole a bag from a store, and she told the staff but the staff was like "oh, she stole?" and didn't do anything.. Well, after all there's always a bad person anywhere in the world.. Then we tried to run after her but it's too crowded and we lost her :regret:

Then I noticed that suddenly I lost my phone too!!! And I was very horrified and searched all over my bag, and I was sure I still had it in restaurants because I took food pics, we searched for 30 minutes and I almost gave up.. Then Tina shouted to me,

 "OMG I Lost something too!!"




And although Shintaro told me that there would be no pickpocket, and I was so careless about it, the feeling of its-too-safe-till-you-dont-notice is so strong.. And I thought cigarette box is similar with phone so probably there's pickpocket when we're shopping?

15 minutes after that, Tina found her cigarette -_-" It's inside her bag

And 10 minutes after that, I also found my phone -____________-

So we were worried over nothing. Because we saw that girl stolen a bag so we got kinda paranoid I guess..

But lucky us we don't lost anything in the end, end of the stealing story~!

Su & I then decided to separate with Tina since she got stomachache, and we went to Harajuku Area. But it's so dark already and my hands were loaded with shopping bags so I didn't take many pictures. So I made a promise again with Su to come back again the next day to Harajuku with her! :hearts3::hearts3::hearts3:

And on that night, Maki-san made Japanese hamburg yayyy :hearts3: 

I also cooked them kerupuk udang that i bought from Indonesia and they like it yay!! yokatta!! 

That night ended just like that.. 

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